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  1. Hello, 1 want to try the ccm super tacks stick but i play the p91a or drury curve since about 10 years and dont want to change. But i cannot find a similar or exact same pattern in the ccm Pattern list. Can anyone help me thanks.
  2. Similiar flex and exact same curve. I know the felxpoint is different but i thought for my style of playing and shooting the vapor should be better.
  3. Hello like i said in the title. This year i tried the TRUE 5.2 and loved it first but my stick handling was not the best with it, there was just something missing. Then i tried a Vapor 1x and my Stickhandling came back, it was like a miracle. The feel of the vapor is superb you know erverytime where the puck is. BUUUUTTTTT my accuracy and shot velocity was much better with the TRUE. Not to say that the vapor is a bad shooting stick. I usually takes wrist and snap shot and the vapor should be shining in this category but the TRUE just feels better when loaded and releasing and causes a for me better shot. So my next stick should be a TRUE 5.2 hybrid that feels like a VAPOR 1x. So i need any recommendations i get get. THANKS
  4. Hello guys, i skate now for 3 months on zchannel. At first i was very impressed of the noticable better glide and the bite. I usually have a 3/8" ROH sometimes switching to 1/2" ROH. But now i think sometimes you have to much of bite. Sometimes i feel stuck because of the bite. i dont know how to explain. You have to be spot on with every stop and crossover otherwise, you loose Speed or the ice catches the skate. Especially at the end of games when stopping power and skating power are reduced because of fatigue. Now i wanna go back and look if i will miss the zchannel. But how?? Do i just sharpen the desired hollow. And after a while the channel get smaller and disappear or do i have to grind it down and do a new ROH. Thanks
  5. Can anybody take photos of the difference between the new and old LS4 steel. THanks
  6. Is it right that the 7k seems less bulkier. At this time I'm in 10k's but they are so bulky. I want to stay with RBK/Jofa so the 7k would help me.
  7. He got a contract in an other country and left all his sticks he doesn't need here. Good luck for me :-)
  8. hey, just got a little present from a friend who is Pro Player :-)
  9. @rocknrolltakeover I want to see bigger pictures those are exact the gloves i want to buy. Please better pics. Thanks
  10. Hello!! Does anybody know if there will be a customizer update with the Cuff options, and if yes when will this be. Thanks
  11. What size is it. Is it narrow or normal fit. Can you compare it to a common glove. I want that glove too but i'm not sure about the fit, because i prefer tighter fittin gloves like Eagle or Warrior narrow. THanks
  12. So through which shop should i go if i want special things in Canada with USD prices?? I'm from Europe but a friend of mine go to canada for 3 months and i hope i can get such a Franchise
  13. Hello!! Is it right that PSHG deal with warrior canada and their prices on the site are US Dollar or Canadian?? Do they send from Canada or US?? I emailed them but i think the answer here is much faster. LG
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