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  1. The Nike equipment did alot for the younger guys in hockey...It brought an attraction to the game, and for the benders in HS hockey or whatever, even if you sucked, you were still looked at as a cool guy for having the top of the line bad ass equipment that everyone wanted...Hell they still make white skates today and Nike started it. I dont rock anything like that as my ice equipment, although I do have a complete set of stuff for inline hockey - partly because I dont really take it anywhere near as seriously as I do ice, and inline is all about being flashy with the equipment, so I say "hey, ill be flashy with a throwback style" so I have my ALL white zoom air with white wheels and a polished chassis, black with red Ignite 1 gloves, white Nike 4000 or whatever helmet and a few different nike shafts. I also have a pair of ALL black something or other zoom air skates set up for outside roller durty
  2. Here are a few pics of my current outdoor skates. We have an outdoor rink that we built like 10 years ago where a bunch of us just get together and play for some fun, and these are the skates I've kept around to get beat up on. bought these babies new forever and a day ago and love em.
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I already have a brand new medium vangard, Guess I will sell this one and order a large, It sucks because apparently the sizing is JUST over the "medium limit"
  4. ok so here's my deal...im trying to put a new vanguard on my pair of old pure white nike zoom's, and am wondering about the sizes. The skates are a size 10, and read somewhere (cant find it now of course) that with the older skates (nike and bauer specifically) that a medium mission chassis will fit size 10, but then I have been told that it doesnt matter and a size 10 skates will need a large. Any input?
  5. wheels: back and forth between one90's and pro stock quest mitts: NBH pro 4-roll lid: Bauer 4000 w/ oakley half pants: rbk pro stock "8k" shins: rbk 8k elbow: Jofa 8055 Twigs: one95's, dolomite's
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