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    Bauer RX 60
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    CCM V 6.0
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    Mission Wicked 3 Black
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    Bauer 5100 Black
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    CCM PF8 + Mission
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    Easton Stealth S5
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    RBK 6K

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  1. Hello guys, I have a question regarding the holes in the chassis, do they align with the holes in a roller boot for a direct swap without drilling new holes? And in a ice boot?
  2. Hello, I got the same price for both models(340€+-), watched some review but still some doubts. What should I go for? Thanks
  3. @flip12 That's exactly why I want to try 11, the dragging effect, bracking, turning, all that. i have a hi-lo chassi 76mm front 80mm back, before i was using a straight chassis all 80mm, and before that bauer with rocker chassis, love those things!!!⬇️⬇️
  4. Sorry, forgot to write that part, i think it's 9' with 5/8. But i think that going to try the 11'.
  5. Lol, still fighting with the transition, play more inline that ice, so always a couple of minutes to get things going . Got ccm profiled using 5/8", the s29 aren't sharped yet.
  6. 175° F, right? Im in europe so makes a lot of difference F to C, lol. Isn't it low my old ccm, i think is was about 212. Anyway going to try that. Thanks
  7. ok guys, tried a pair of bauer nexus and supreme that a teammate had and i went for it. bought myself a pair of supreme s29. the nearest store is around 5h way, so I have to bake then at home. the box has no instructions for baking the skates, I will need to know time and temperature to use in my home oven, can someone help?
  8. Sorry, my bad,they are D. the vapor wre fine but after 2years they start to get wide, the Tacks are my number, but it seems to be tight on the heel and navicular bone/, going to try the nexus in D, think they are a bit wider than the vapor line.
  9. I've been playing inline all my life, but recently I started playing ice too. I bought some ccm Tack 6092 size 7.5 R. The problem is that in inline i use a bauer vapor 7.5 EE, the Rs are tight, but with the use, the EEs got a little wide. What I would like to know is if there is any line of skates that is R but a bit wider. The problem is the navicular bone, already punch the skates but I think they are tight.
  10. Need some help, by today stick lines, ribcore, tacks and jetspeed which is the equivalent or the most similar to the vector line, in this case the V6 / 8.0 ops. thanks
  11. Phil8


    another quick question, should i bake the skates with the oem insole and them change or should i bake them with the aftermarket one inside from the start?
  12. Phil8


    Forgot to mention that i need a good support in the arch, because my foot tends to roll inwards, causing my navicular bone to become more exposed causin pain.
  13. Im searching for a insole that has a good arch support. Are the ccm orthomove good?? Any other option? Thanks
  14. I have a pair of Bauer rx60, hi-lo frame, and i want to change for an all 80mm frame, is the RDP frame a "plug and play" or i'll have to drill new holes and a hole for the 2nd wheel?
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