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  1. My parents insisted my brothers and I air out our equipment as kids and that habit has stayed with me in adulthood. My current skates, OG jetspeeds, are a few months shy of 7 years old now. Good to know build quality hasn't been an issue for you in 4.5 and good to know that someone else wears smaller skates, lol. I wear a 10.5 or 11 Nike and my wife teases me about my small skates.
  2. Thanks. My current skates are the original jetspeeds I bought right when they first came out in a 6.5 but they are getting soft after all these years. I am looking at 3S pros in a fit 1. My thinking is that the intermediate Bauers would probably work well enough for me since I am coming from OG jetspeeds? The 3S pros fit my odd shaped feet pretty well. I have narrower feet and a deep instep so I was pleasantly surprised any stock skate fit me well.
  3. I fit into size 6.5 for Bauers which puts me in an intermediate skate. Given the reduced price of intermediate skates, does that mean that intermediate sizes are built to a lesser standard or with lesser materials than the senior sizes? I ask because I'm an adult, I'm 5'11' and about 235lbs. I apologize if someone has answered this question already, but I couldn't find an answer when I searched.
  4. I can migrate between P88, P92 and P29 with some minor adjustment in technique. I find it easier to elevate the puck with a P92 or P29 but I felt I lost power on my shot up high so I stuck with P88 and worked on my technique. I am in my late 30s. I loved the way the P28 shot (probably the best I have ever shot with any curve) but kept losing the puck under the heel no matter what I did to make an adjustment. I finally just gave away the P28 to a teammate as my stickhandling suffered terribly. YMMV.
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