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  1. The current CCM Tacks / Jetspeed girdle has a lot of adjustability in its length. Just find a shell that goes over it and you'll be good to go.
  2. Just chiming in here with size, as another poster mentioned, the skate my be a half size to big for you. Clearly not all feet are the same, but I am in the Ribcor 100k Pros and they are the single best fitting skate i've ever owned. I am 100% an 11.5 shoe and opted for the 9.5 skate. I probably could have gone with a 9.0, but it would have been just a hair too tight as one of my toes was right up to the toe cap when standing, so i opted for the 9.5. I really think its a minimum of 2 sizes down in skates now a days, where in the past it was 1.5. Some guys are saying 2.5 sizes down and I can see where it may be true for some players.
  3. Thanks. Yea I figured its all the entry level stuff, as his current jetspeeds are too. I just know he's on a 13' radius and didn't want to jump to a 10' if he isn't ready. He'll be grown out of his current skates in 3-6 months, so sizing up on the gear they provide was my plan. He skates ok and hopefully gets a little better after the program, but i didn't want to change the radius too early if he's used to the 13' hes on. Thanks for the input Nice Killer Bee's jersey btw. You must have played when John took over my old team as those look like his re-design jerseys.
  4. Somebody ( who has more money to spare than i do ) needs to do a youtube review of a top end retail stick and a couple of these all black chinese knock offs. After the initial review.........a dissection of the sticks needs to occur to see how the blades are constructed and how other internal features of the builds compare. Just a thought 🙂
  5. Ohh, didnt realize there was a bauer option for learn to play. for some reason I thought it was all CCM bc of some posts i saw on redit and other places. Yea, i was gonna get him the bauer XLP's next bc it was a 13' radius. Guess I'll have to see what we get and go from there. Glad to know I can change the radius even though the runners are not removable if we get the ccm's. Thanks !
  6. He's in a youth size 13 and will be in them for the next few months most likely.. He currently has full gear that fits him well. Since we are getting free gear head to toe, i was going to size up for him by one size on everything, so he has all new gear once he outgrows what hes in now. He's growing like a weed, so I think size 1 in the skates is what i was going to order and it says JUNIOR size 1 on the order form. I know his jetspeeds are YOUTH size 13 with the 13' radiu,. but again, i don't know what skates will be supplied with the NHL / CCM learn to play program. I assume inexpensive entry level and the ones i see all say 10' radius, which is why i inquired about the possibility of the changing radius on skates without removable blades. Thanks for chiming in, i appreciate it.
  7. Yes, this is what i've read and heard as well. I feel that as he's learning, a longer radius is a good option for him and other say the same thing. I agree with the other poster above that kids can adapt quickly, but my son isn't all that skilled yet on skates. He's ok and I know it has to do with the longer radius that has helped helped him pick it up quickly. I guess i can always see how he does on the next set of skates if its a smaller radius and adjust the radius from there if he does not adapt well.
  8. two questions really.... 1) Does anybody know which skates come with the NHL / CCM Learn to play equipment packages via Pure Hockey? @VegasHockey maybe? 2) My local pure hockey has a pro-sharp profile machine. Can I get the radius changed on junior skates if the blades can't be removed? Reason i ask is bc I just signed up my 5 year old son for the NHL learn to play program at our local ice rink. With the sign up fee comes a complete set up of gear from head to toe, including skates. I currently have him in a youth size 13 entry level jetspeed skate that has a 13' radius. He skates ok for his age / skill level, but from what i gather it looks like all the lower price point CCM skates come with a 10' radius and I'd like to keep him on a 13' radius a little longer. Since we already have gear that should last him another 6 months or so, i'm going to go one size up for all the gear that comes from CCM / Pure hockey, including the skates. Anybody have insight on this gear? Thanks !!
  9. As stated above, profiling the blades can help with the slight forward lean / pitch that you may be looking for. I went from Graf Ultra G75's to the 100k Pro's and felt the same with the steel out of the box.......a little bit on my heels. My grafs did have profiled steel in them ( pro sharp ellipse 1 ), but i had the pitch removed bc of the aggressive forward lean that are built into graf skates. After getting an ellipse 1 profile with the default 20mm pitch left in the profile, It was a seamless transition to my 100k pro's. Best skates I've ever owned.
  10. FT6 skates have been out for 6 months now, why does nobody seem to have them in tapered? Did CCM screw something up in the design and manufacturing?
  11. Tried on both the Mach's and AS-V Pro's yesterday at my local shop. I'm just a beer league defenseman, but i want maximum protection as I get older. At first, the AS-V's felt odd,didn't think i'd like them, but once strapped on and walking around, I started to like them. Felt very protective just from strapping them on. Strapping system seemed good too. Reviews online seem good as well. The Mach's, well, they just fit weird. I'm 6'4 230 lbs and have thick calves but the Mach's just felt overly large and bulky even for me using a 16" shin guard. I was amazed at how bulky they felt. I checked out the FT6 Pros and the Vapor top of the line model ( forget the model ), but they all just feel too thin and light for what i play. The new vapors, if I recall have bad reviews lately from knee caps cracking and breaking at the knee cap vents ( not sure why you vent a knee cap, seems like it creates a weak point ). The Mach knee cap looks just like the vapor knee cap with vents, i'm interested to see if the Mach's have knee cap cracking issues If i decide to get new shin guards, the AS-V's will likely be where i spend my money.
  12. Yes CCM had it at like 220 for 2 minutes for those skates if i recall correctly. For what its worth, i lowered the temp to 185 and did it for 4 minutes with my 100K Pro's. Much better moldability in my opinion. Did it a second time a few day slater to get a better wrap. Worked out well for me.
  13. Got a response on IG, thanks. Curious if you have been using these at all and how they hold up over time playing in games and such
  14. Any idea if the guy is still in business? I reached out via the form on their website and sent a facebook message and never received a response from either avenue
  15. Any idea if the Gen2 version will continue to be sold or is it safe to assume it will slowly be phased out as inventory sells down?
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