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  1. Yes !! Still use yellow laces on my Ultra G75's that have the thin yellow piping on the skate. looks sick and makes me a better player too !!
  2. I'm 6'4 230 lbs and I have the ellipse 1 on my 288 blades and am very happy with them for the most part. On my regularly profiled blades that came stock on my grafs, I always did the "regular" 1/2" at my local rinks pro shop. A couple of months before my blade broke, i dropped down to 5/8" on my regular profile blades and I liked it. Had plenty of edge and better glide. Skated on that ROH for a few months and then my blade snapped. I just grabbed some new step steel and had the elipse 1 profile put on them. The skate shop that supplied my blades and profile said to stick with the ROH i was using just to remain comfortable, but i definitely feel like I can drop down to 11/16 or 3/4 at this point. I think I am going to go to 3/4 on my next sharpening to see how it feels.
  3. as stated, the thickness of the steel wall of the pipe is what's important, not the actual width or diameter. Likely, the heavier the net/steel frame weighs, the thicker the steel they are using.....and that is what you want.
  4. Thank you for the detailed reply. Its odd though, if I pronated or supinated, wouldn't the outside edges or inside edges of my shoes wear more so than normal? I used to work in a sporting goods store when i was younger and I remember that the un-even wear on the bottoms of shoes ( to the outside or inside ) was usually the tell tale sign that a person had those issues with they way they walked. For me, the bottoms of my shoes really don't do that. If anything maybe ever so slightly the outside edge. I am on my feet most of the day as I am a warehouse manager and of course I am literally in a brand new pair of shoes right now, with my old ones already in the landfill. I will keep a better eye on my shoes when they begin to wear out and see if there is a distinct wear pattern that shows a pronation of supination. As for "punching".......i've heard of it, but know almost nothing about it. Do I need to find a reputable local hockey pro shop that can do something like this? Or is it something i can ship to one of the trusted shop owners here on the site?
  5. Might be a strange question, but I am curious if the inner padding on these new higher end skates are durable. The reason I ask is bc the inside portion of both of my heels absolutely destroy materials / padding and most all my athletic shoes. I also have a little bone bump on the back of each heel that will also slowly wear holes on the inner padding of the heel pocket of my shoes as well. My current skates are Graf Ultra G75's and I believe they have the clarino leather inner material. I just put new holders and steel on them to try to get another year or two out of them, but I am inevitably going to be looking for new skates soon. My feet have not destroyed the insides of my grafs, but im worried about the new materials inside todays skates. I know some of you guys are getting custom high end skates made and i've seen the option where you chose the clarino leather material. I don't know if I can spend that sort of cash on new skates, so I am curious if the new materials are durable or not.
  6. pretty sure I read that titanium is actually brittle in the cold and i'd wager to say that it would break too easily especially if a frozen puck hits it with force, especially at the nhl level. Steel might just be the only metal that makes sense here. I see why Bauer is trying to shed weight, but like i said before, a couple of grams at this point, what's the difference? Maybe at the nhl level where any slight edge can make the difference for an elite athlete, but all things considered, i think creating a fusion point between something as important as a skate blade isn't worth the gamble.......and we are seeing that they can break quickly.
  7. Yea, but theres a major difference here, its ounces vs grams...….grams being a much smaller measurement of weight. All this "save a gram here or a gram there" shit just gets silly at some point with how little there is left to shave off the weight of the equipment. Looks like we are about as light as we are gonna get with modern materials. Want to shave weight, lose 5-10 lbs of body weight and you'll notice a bigger difference in your on ice energy levels.
  8. I've been waiting for a post like this and i'm pretty sure that more posts like this will begin to surface as the months go by. As soon as i saw these blades in both picture and in video, i instantly said to myself that this wasn't going to end well for Bauer. There is almost nothing in the world that could fuse two materials that are infinitely opposite of each other ( steel and carbon fiber ) together and have it last. Good idea trying something new, but you are introducing points of fusion between two materials that are constantly under intese amounts of stress ( incredibly more so by higher level, professional hockey players )..........no way in hell these carbonlite blades will last all that long without breaking off.....and somebody is going to get seriously injured when one of these things fail at the wrong time.
  9. I'm kind of feeling the same way in terms of a lack of agility, but for me on the elipse 1 profile. This is the first time in my 20 years of playing ice hockey that I am experimenting with profiles. I recently broke a blade and wanted to refresh my Graf Ultra G75's with new holders and new steel. I stumbled across the whole "profiling thing" on the web site here, after doing my research and speaking with Anthony at @kkskate, I decided to give it try. I am currently on Step Steel 288 blades ( size 10 skate ) and went with the elipse 1 as recommended. For the most part i like it. I'm a bigger (6'3 230lbs ), more upright style skater and the only thing I've been going back and forth with Anthony about is that i feel like i a little too much steel under my toe. I've skated in 3 spirited pick up games and 2 men's league games so far and i feel very balanced on most of the profile. Anthony did give me a neutral pitch with the profile as we agreed that the Graf's already have a forward pitch to them and like i said, after 4-5 good skates, I feel very balanced and stable the whole way through...….except when i really try to do some crossovers and get a little more agile with the toe. I am curious if the elipse 0 would give me a little less steel up front and give me that little bit of extra "pop" and agility in my stride that I feel like I may be missing.
  10. Yes i agree, pro sharp not telling anybody what the multiple radius' are ( even approximately ) of the ellipse profiles is just plain stupid.
  11. Just curious, what size blades/holders are you using the quad 0.5 on? Seems to me ( in my head as I try to wrap my brain around this multiple radius profiling stuff ) that even though you and many others seem to love the quad 0.5, wouldn't if fall out of favor on larger sized skates or smaller sized? Hence the need to go up to a quad 1 for longer steel or down for shorter steel? Does that make sense?
  12. I'm about ready to retire my 7+ year old Graf Ultra G75's and I am interested in the 100K's. Can any of the skate guru's tell me if the 100k's are a similar skate boot profile to the G75? I realize that fit is paramount to anything else, so if other suggestions can be made, please let me know. Another question in case these fit me well......as a 6'4 230 lb skater, would these be too soft of a skate and break down too quickly? and am i seeing this correctly, the 100k's are coming with step steel but the AS3 Pro's do not?
  13. ok, so dont laugh.....as i have not used / purchased / replaced a replacment blade in over a decade. After taking in everything i could ( thanks to those who helped ) about salvaging a broken shaft, i grabbed an apx2 blade on clearance and will attempt to put it into my broken nxg shaft pictured a few posts above. I have plenty of room left to cut on the shaft, so it will fit once i cut it down to the point where i can shove it in there. My question is this..... whats the black stuff on the end of the blades neck? It looks like a thick duct tape......but its not. Is this the glue that comes on the blade? If so, it looks nothing like the glue i have seen in the past.
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