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  1. https://www.aliexpress.com/ Search hockey sticks.....quite interesting what one can get and then re-sell as pro stock or other.
  2. Not showing the pro stock build info on each stick thats for sale tells you he could be shady .......
  3. New York, California......potatoe - potato
  4. Interesting, i know a shit ton of small businesses that are killing it in this economy. Didn't realize asking for a better price on a $800-1000 pair of skates was a terrible thing to do. You pay full price for everything? Kudos to you Guess we can now praise all the car dealerships out there asking for prices over MSRP. Good to know.
  5. yea, i have a feeling you are correct. It might be something the smaller local hockey shops are willing to do and sell them at whatever margin they want, so long as they advertise the full price on the sticker of the product on the shelf / website.
  6. yea I read up more on it and it seems like the MAP price is supposed to only pertain to the minimum advertised price of said product, but a retailer can sell them for whatever they want if the customer asks for a deal or discount. I remember years ago calling a truck accessory online dealer in regards to a $900 tonneau cover for my truck, after asking my questions, jokingly I asked if they could do any better on the price and the guy took off another $200. I have no idea if it was a MAP product, but i do recall all places that sold the cover had it listed at the exact same price. I wonder if the same can be done with hockey monkey or icewarehouse or any of those places. Might have to make some phone calls...
  7. So, I'm likely in the market for a new pair of skates. I realize all hockey retailers ( brick and mortar and online ) have MAP pricing rules for current models of their product lines. However, I heard recently that with some retailers, you can often times get a different price in store or over the phone. Is this at all true?
  8. Interesting, I too use the standard step steel ( the $80-90 price point version ) blades and I have not noticed this. I skate twice a week in men's league, play D and I'm a pretty active skater and put plenty of weight and abuse on my blades weighing in at 235 lbs. My experience is kind of the opposite, as I feel that my step steel blades have held up better and longer between sharpening's than the original steel that came on my Grafs. Nicks and gouges i think are just part of the game, as you catch another players blade, step on sticks, the bench area and so on...... I too have had the occasional nick or gouge, but nothing more or less than i've ever noticed before.
  9. buddy of mine bought the 2.9's a few months back for about $275 ( were $359 new ) if it helps. Looks like the new 3X is priced higher ( $419 usd ) than the 2.9's when they were new. No idea if the 3X is a "better" skate to justify the higher price.
  10. yea I've read through this thread extensively, multiple times and came to that conclusion too. This is my first set of profiled blades in my 20+ years of skating, and for me, the idea of the ellipse made a lot of sense, as its one continuous arc, but like you said, if done properly on the quads, ( and I assume pro sharp does it as proper as they can ), the easement between each radius is there, and virtually un-noticeable. I almost wish i didn't find this whole profiling thing. Once I get immersed into something, I have to follow through with exploring all avenues......which is where I'm at. I need to try some other profiles to find the one i like the best. I really like the middle and rear portions of the ellipse1, I just feel like I'd benefit from a little shorter of a radius in the font 1/3rd of the blade to help with my first couple acceleration steps.
  11. so Renfrew brand tape from my local dicks sporting goods is lower quality?
  12. Lets pretend I'm an idiot ( LOL ), what would be some of the better recommended brands of tape out there ?
  13. @kkskate Hey Anthony, any chance you can do an analysis or post some pics of the elipse1 skate template on top of a quad1 and a quad 0.5 template or vice versa? You did the ellipse1 profile on my 288 step steel blades for my grafs and I love the feeling of stability and speed in the middle and rear portions of my blades. I've gotten over and adjusted to the catching of my front toe area while skating, but i feel like i have a huge desire for a little more aggressive radius in the front 1/3rd of the blade. I am curious if quad 1 or quad 0.5 will give me what i want. As i know it, the quad1 is 6'-9'-12'-15' and the quad 0.5 is 8'-10'-12'-14'. I just want to see if we can determine what the ellpise1 is closest to in terms of middle and rear portion of the blade profile and if either or both quads can give me that little more aggressive front radius. Hopefully I can choose one and then send it in to you for profiling.
  14. I read in another thread that somebody used a roller hockey ball and wedged it into the toe cap / box to get it to raise some. It was done on CCM skates dues to the removeable tounge system they have causing an issue for the top of the guys forefoot. I think they used a hair dryer ever so slightly inside and out to warm the plastic a little. At the very least, i'd make sure to do this with a skate that's been sitting inside at room temp to make sure the plastic isnt cold and at all brittle.
  15. Yup, i completely understand what you are saying about the radius continually changing on the ellipse profiles. I think I found the pic you are referring to in one of your other posts. It makes sense, the more defined transition zones you have, the more seamless the transitions.......plus you actually know what radius is being used in each area of the blade.
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