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  1. I just did something like this a few months ago. Got tripped while making a rush with the puck, landed square on my right knee cap ( like kneeling down ), with all 230 lbs of body weight going right on to my knee cap. Took a few weeks for the bruise and pain to dissipate. My shin guards are the Easton EQ50's and believe me, I've crash tested them many times over the years and was very happy with them. I felt like they were pretty beefy and offered good protection. After this fall though, I noticed that the hex foam that is sewn into the actual plastic knee cap ( not the liner with donut hole ) is all but collapsed. I went to hobby lobby and grabbed a sheet of 4 or 5mm EVA foam for like $5 and cut out some large round sections and added them to the the area between the removeable liner and the actual plastic knee cap area. No idea how effective it will be, as i have not crashed tested the new set up yet, but I have not noticed anything in terms of discomfort and i'm sure having some extra padding can only help. Ill post a pic if i get a chance
  2. lol so much for my hypothesis, maybe just a typo, who knows i guess.
  3. Wonder if the units of measure are different ( metric measurement vs american imperial ). If metric, it would give a larger number and may explain the 215. Just a thought
  4. I dont necessarily have a "fix", but I did notice that the hole that is used to push over the pin seems to be slightly oval shaped. I did a double take on my 100k Pro's and it definitely was. To me, if you try to use your fingers or a pair of plyers, you may be able to squish the oval tighter. I feel like if you try to make the hole more round, it will actually have less of an ability to hold in place.
  5. I assume you mean the XS removable tongues?
  6. @VegasHockey I know this might be trivial to some, but do the graphics rub off easily on the new lines ( AS-V line up as well ) of shin guards like the older models did? Buddy of mine got a pair of the FT6 shin guards last week at our local Pure Hockey, and after one skate there's a few spots where the graphics are already chip / rubbed away.
  7. Skate skate skate and skate. The more you skate and the more skating practice you have, the better you will be. If you get general skating down, hockey stopping on both sides make things come together in my opinion. Watch videos on how to start slow and progress from there. Knowing how to confidently hockey stop on both sides was the "light switch" for me when i first picked up ice skating.
  8. interesting take. Never would have thought of that and can see how the geometry would allow that to happen. Thank you Also, does the geometry extend to the top of the shaft? I though i saw somewhere that the top hand area begins to loose the geometry. I use the thinnest style tacki mac grips, so I'm not sure if I'd even be able to tell anyhow, just curious.
  9. Looking to grab a new stick or two and cant find exactly the build I want in pro stocks. Found one that has an R shaft, where i've played with CCM's T shafts for many many years now. The shafts on an R are slightly taller, slightly narrower and has slightly concave sides. Do any stick experts have any insight on the R shafts by CCM? I know sticks are all preference based, but curious what others think. 6'4" tall guy here, with average sized hands ( using 14" gloves ).
  10. Want to do the same to my EQ50 shin guards. They have served me well over the years but the hex foam in one knee cap is completely flat. Got tripped and went down directly on my knee cap last night and its really sore today. Not the first time this has happened in the last 2-3 year either. Where did you find the D30 stuff? And did the glue work? I was thinking of stitching it onto the back of my removable shin liner ( on the back side where the donut hole cut out is ). I have no idea if the D30 material is something that can be stitched though...….
  11. Too funny, same skates and everything. but yup, those are the ones I have. Shoot me a PM with an offer if you would like them.
  12. Resurrecting this thread that I came across. @VegasHockey , four years later, as a hockey shop owner, where is the market right now? More low kicks, mid kicks or hybrids? Just curious.
  13. I'm on the ellipse 1 with my 9.5 100k Pro's and I wish pro sharp would publish the approximate measurements of the ellipse profiles. I may grab an extra set of steel for my skates and try the 0.5 as I fee like it may be just a little more aggressive in the front half of the blade vs the ellipse 1. I like the ellipse 1 for the most part, balance and glide are great, but i feel like it feels just a little long in the front and i feel like it leaves me wanting just a little more of an aggressive toe area. I'm afraid of going too aggressive in the toe with a quad and too long in the back with the quad.
  14. Shoot me a pic or link of what you are looking for. I bought the thicker tounges for my 100k Pros, but ended up just using the stock ones. My skate is a 9.5 ( so i am not sure what size that is vs what you need ), but if i have what you need, i'll sell them to you. They are brand new and never skated it. Only put them on the skates to see if I wanted the stock ones or the thicker ones.
  15. Understand that while i did purchase multiple pairs, 4 of each ( 8 total ), 6 pairs were sent back brand new after i tried them on at home and realized they did not fit properly. I only kept the best fitting one of the 100k pro and the ASV. Skated in each one maybe 3-4 times before settling on the 100k pro. So CCM is only out the one used pair. I'd like to think i utilized their 90 day guarantee to the minimal amount possible. CCM now has a new customer who would likely have never considered their skates if they didnt offer a fitment guarentee, and they very likely have a customer who is going to purchase them again in the future, assuming the skates hold up well. So far, I absolutely love the 100k Pro's and cant find a single thing to complain about. As for them ending the guarantee program, maybe it should have had some stated stipulations in order to avoid abuse......unless the program netted them exactly what they wanted ( more customers to their skate line ). As someone who used to work for a retail company that took back any product we sold, for virtually any reason, for literally any time frame.......some sort of stipulations to avoid abuse would make sense from my perspective ( and likely your perspective too ). The company i used to work for is now out of business, so......
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