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  1. I'm 44 years old and I was in the same boat, scared of all the new stuff and the changes in the boot, holder, runners, pitch and so on. Hated the feeling that i may have to learn how to skate all over again and look like a fool doing it. When I ended up getting my steel profiled for my grafs, i had a nice back and forth with one of the shop owners on here that did the profiling for me. We talked about my age, abilities, skating style, skate ( make and model ) and we went from there. I will tell you that after that conversation, when i got new blades installed on my new holder on the grafs, it took me a 3-4 skates to feel right at home and I loved it from that moment forward. I did the same thing with my new ccm's. kept the same profile but we altered the pitch a little to help the 100k's feel as close to the grafs as possible. He did a great job and after 3-4 skates, I felt pretty good in the 100k's. After another 2-3 skates, I feel even better. Getting used to new skates, pitch, profile and all that is daunting, but it seems like the brain and body only need 5-6 skates to adjust ( assuming nothing is wildly different than what you are used to ). Good luck !
  2. Just my story, but I just spent a year or more researching skates both on here and other places ( YouTube, reddit and so on ). My first half way decent pair of skates as an adult men's league player ( as fitted and recommended by a local pro shop ) was a pair of Graf Supra 735's from about 15 years ago. Those skates fit my foot like a glove. After 3-4 years, they softened up on me and I then found the top of the line ( at the time ) Graf Ultra G75's on clearance and grabbed those. I skated a little less over the next 8 years ( life, wife, kids and so on ) with those skates, but loved them the whole time. Fit great and very comfortable. Never had pains or blisters even from day 1 on both grafs. Two years ago I decided to try and extend the life of my G75's and put new holders on them as well as profiled step steel blades. It made them nice again for a little while, but the boot is just so old and worn in, I had to start looking else where. I wanted to try CCM's bc of their one piece boot technology as well as their 90 day trial period. I ended up with a pair of CCM 100K Pro's ( that after this year, CCM is discontinuing ) , as they fit like a glove right out of the box ( just like the grafs did ). I recall my grafs feeling the same way when I first put my foot into them.....ahhhhhh good times. Not realizing years ago how important proper size and width was, I tried on 3-4 pairs of both the AS-V Pros and 100k Pro's, but once i found the size and width that fit me best, the 100k pros felt the best. I can now tell what a noticeable improvement there is in my skating, stride and general agility.......and they are so comfortable, with absolutely no break in needed. No pains, no blisters, nothing. If you can find some 100K Pros, try them out. I see a lot of people who say that they are on the ice 4-5 days a week and they really make it a comfortable experience. Obviously this doesn't mean they will fit you like they fit me, but if they do, they are fantastic skates.
  3. I read the same things about the toe cap clip issue, but thankfully for me I dont notice it. I think these 100k's are fantastic skates. I think I did notice it in ever so slightly on one of the 100k skates that ultimately I sent back due to not being the correct size, but I also had 3 pairs of AS-V Pros and didn't notice it on any of those. I read that ccm addressed this issue with the new AS-V's and the new Jetspeeds moving forward
  4. I bought multiple pairs of 100k pros and tacks as-v's recently. While most were very close on both the left and right skates, none were absolutely identical. Two of the six pairs were off by a noticeable amount ( one pair of as-v and one pair of 100k's ). Thankfully those two were pairs that didn't fit properly and were getting returned anyhow. The pair of 100k pro's i did decide to keep were very close on both sides. Not identical, but close enough.....and I too am ocd with stuff like that........especially for $999 skates. I think i racked up $7500 worth of skates on one months credit card bill. Thank god for the no fuss refunds and ccm 90 day guarantee from all the retailers i bought from.
  5. somebody posted the 2023 ccm catalog that will soon be released and there are only jetspeeds and supertack skates in the catalog here it is https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:edee4654-3144-4b16-9464-a8495a7588da
  6. Not a direct answer to the jetspeeds, but I have some LK pro stock / team stock Super Tacks and ST 2.0's and both weight in around 425 or so range. They are also the longer length sticks compared to retail ( maybe 3-4" longer? ). So if you cut off 3-4 inches or so, I'd imagine it gets you to around 400 grams. No idea the blades, though mine on both the ST and ST 2.0's are very very stiff......which is why i like them so much. As for the LK thing. I do not feel like they are low kick. Its been argued back and forth I know, but why on gods green earth would ccm make their branded mid kick sticks ( super tacks ) for lower level professionals / low level pro teams and change the kick point compared to how the super tacks line was marketed? Secondly, why is there not the same stick in a mid kick version available for the the players and teams, as there are absolute noticeable differences in the two designs and puck releases? Sorry for the rant...... but i also think the jetseepds would be the same. Some just say the LK stands for a team stock stick and has nothing to do with kick point....
  7. These are only a week old? I swear i saw this picture a month or two ago. I Personally would call that a major crack and failure of the carbon fiber, but I am no expect as to what is underneath that initial layer. EDIT: just realized you are not the person who revived this thread that I was replying to
  8. When do the new Jetspeed skates hit retailers?
  9. I'd assume it varies by retailer, but i know a few of the mail in places on here that people use do a touch up / refresh service for like $20-25.
  10. Yes, the new tacks line has a lot more volume and width it appears. I have a 9.5 regular width ribcor 100k pair that seems to fit me well. The tacks as-v that fits the same on my foot is the 9.0 tapered ( narrow width ). So 1/2 size smaller and a width size narrower. Strange, but the tacks are clearly more volumous.
  11. Not sure if its a help, but I am in the process of trying the new CCM AS-V skates as well as the a pair of 100K Pro's. I am currently in a 9 year old pair of Graf Ultra G75's that have a noticeable arch bump in the boots design. I also have the higher end graf branded foot beds that have a little more arch support ( thin piece of plastic on the underside of the insole ) than the ones that came with the skates. I have relatively normal feet / arches and I took the graf insoles out and put them into my new ccm skates and I can tell that the arch bump in the ccm's is flatter or lower than the arch bump in the graf skates. I do not have any foot pain while skating, but the day after, I have a little tenderness on the outside bottom of each foot. It makes me think that the lower arch design in the boot is making me use the outside of each foot just a little more than I have over the last 9 years. So I will likely be looking for a new insole that has a thicker arch support on the inside of each foot to help compensate for the flatter arch design in the ccm boot. My point here........maybe try ccm skates and look at their arch design.
  12. ok......lets talk about the elephant in the room here...........$339.99 for a new top spec stick? Holy cow. I remember when bought my first top spec stick, Easton Stealth RS for $229.99 and couldn't imagine sticks selling for much more than that ever. Guess I was wrong lol
  13. Interesting thread........ I've been using CCM Pro stocks for a while now, but just before I switched, I had a Bauer 1S Pro retail stick replaced under warranty. The brand new, un-used stick has been standing in the same place as the rest of my sticks ( all ccm's with grip ) for the last two+ years now. Recently I grabbed the stick to look at something and I noticed that the stick appeared to have almost been almost sprayed with a sticky solution of some sort. Based on the location of the stick, there is no way anything sticky could have or would have been sprayed on or near the sticks. As for temperature, my garage really doesn't get over 85 degrees or so, even in the middle of the summer. For the life of me, i couldn't figure out why it was sticky and not a hard rubbery grip finish. I ended up wiping it down with some lacquer thinner and it cleaned up fine. It has the hard rubbery grip finish again, but I don't think its as grippy as it was when it was new. My CCM's that stand in the same spot, never had this sticky finish problem and I still have a couple pro stocks waiting in the wings that are a few years old right next to the bauer. Very odd
  14. Yup......its a mild improvement for both the FT6 Pro and FT6, but that big red ribbon has got to go.
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