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  1. Out of all the sticks on the market both custom and stock what is technically the lightest stick on the market? Is it still the Vapor ADV?
  2. Rep is in Europe, he has no clue. In fact thought I was in the wrong until I cut the blades. Now there’s some radio silence, I’m hoping they’ve sent the issue to production control in Montreal. Waiting to hear what’s said
  3. Team purchases them happened with 12 sticks last year, then it was fixed, and it happened again with 12 that arrived a week ago
  4. What do you mean? How do I make sure they use the same blades?
  5. First pic is Stick A, the lighter with considerable more pop. I cut them at the same spots. They look the same honestly but I can’t measure. I’m more concerned by the added foam at the bottom. That would alter the blade drastically. Which I feel and am sure, hence why I cut the blade. To prove to the rep. He has no idea which doesn’t help the situation.
  6. This is suppose to be the same stick I’ve used for the last 4 seasons so then they would if changed it on their own. I’ll reach out to ask for the build codes. I was able to upload both blades on imagur, https://m.imgur.com/a/5iM88iy
  7. I’ve had two custom batches of Vapor ADV’s ordered over the last 6 months that feel very different from each other. One is light, pops, balanced evenly from head to toe(Stick A). The other seems softer, blade heavy, less pop, heavier overall(Stick B). I cannot for the life of me get to the bottom of it. Today I cut the blades in half and noticed there is a difference. If I knew how to upload images I would be able show you that Stick A has foam filling top to bottom where as Stick B has a centimetre high white foam strip that goes from heel to toe followed by the foam fill that Stick A has. Can anyone explain this? Please please please, this has been a painstaking process
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew what pros are able to have for custom graphics on the VAPOR ADV or is there was somewhere you could see it. I'm aware of the Ultra Silver Look, any others?
  9. Yes they can be found pretty easily. With Bauer look for the Jamie Benn curve. Don’t let people confuse with P90, P29, P92. The most important letter on the curve is the T for more toe
  10. Is the the ADV Blade an extra stiff blade? What would be the benefit of going down to a level in stiffness? thanks
  11. Anyone have a custom spec ADV stick sheet? Has Bauer allowed for any more custom specs to the ADV? Last year for instance they wouldn’t allow for sanded blades on it. Any info appreciated
  12. Beauty! is this what it evolved to or can you still get it in the nexus design?
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