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  1. Yes they can be found pretty easily. With Bauer look for the Jamie Benn curve. Don’t let people confuse with P90, P29, P92. The most important letter on the curve is the T for more toe
  2. Is the the ADV Blade an extra stiff blade? What would be the benefit of going down to a level in stiffness? thanks
  3. Anyone have a custom spec ADV stick sheet? Has Bauer allowed for any more custom specs to the ADV? Last year for instance they wouldn’t allow for sanded blades on it. Any info appreciated
  4. Beauty! is this what it evolved to or can you still get it in the nexus design?
  5. Which skates in the second photo are the tech mesh? So they now make them look like the vapor and no longer the nexus? Is that an option?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Im looking to add them to my skate/boot and by the sounds of it you both agree with using sprung
  7. I was thinking more fixed chassi. As soon as the season is done I’ll get into roller and won’t hit the ice till the summer
  8. Hi there I am looking for a chassi to put on my old skates for the summer. I’ve read about various angles(hi-lo) etc and I’m just wondering which set up will allow me to transition easiest back and fourth. Thanks
  9. Did Benn not always use a P92 and just have the toe altered? Blade shape and lie would then be the same, no?
  10. Great thanks! Is the toe hook smaller than that of the P28?
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows if the blade shape, lie are exactly the same? The only difference being the extra toe curve on the P90T
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