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  • Skates
    CCM Jetspeed FT4
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    CCM Jetspeed Team 4, CCM Jetspeed Team 3
  • Gloves
    STX Surgeon RX3
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    CCM 11K
  • Pants
    CCM Super Tacks
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer Nexus 2N
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    Sherwood Code V
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. Saw them in stores last week. A weight chasing novelty with a $440 CAD sticker
  2. iirc warrior killed the dynasty line because focus groups and pros were moving away from slapshots and wanted a versatile stick with a quick release, which a true mid-kick couldn't provide. warrior is like ea sports....
  3. but but they have a "since I could walk" badge next to their username
  4. Nothing like thread over thread of people asking if buying elite skates and sticks are necessary for learn to play clinics. And it is insane how good advice gets ignored or downvoted because it's not what the OP wanted to hear.
  5. I have to say I like what CCM is doing with their stick releases. Roll out a full line of sticks at every price point then only Elite level the following line. People who are willing to pay $350+ (or $250+ on sale) usually play high level hockey and have greater stick turnover. Opposed to people who buy entry or mid level who hand on to sticks longer.
  6. Oh for sure and unfortunate, but it still doesn't change STX's being better. Even, the Ribcor shaft is better than the Nexus one. However, that's another convo
  7. Like how Bauer gets flowers for the ER Spine, but STX did it better with the PureGrip shaft before them.
  8. That's the retail FT3 Team. 3rd price point in the FT3 Pro line, fantastic stick.
  9. Looks like they're as good as gone. Limited stock at reduced prices, nothing new besides the Halo stuff in 3+ years. After not landing Matthews and not paying the licensing fees they seemed to have given up. It's unfortunate, they tried new things and made quality products, but were to small of a name to go with the direct to consumer model. Being able to try things in stores is big as opposed to the hassle of mailing back a pair of pants that don't fit right.
  10. Warrior is teasing a new stick. They said it's not from the Alpha line. Either another LE stick, or they are bringing back a true mid-kick because apparently this stick is about power.
  11. Hope you enjoy them. They seem to emphasize shoulder protection. Hopefully, however, you never need to test how good the protection is
  12. Yes it was. It was replaced by the Pro Series, which outside of the gloves, I don't think is available in NA.
  13. It terms of protective, the most padding offered will be the top of the line ones. However, the best protection is a proper fitting one. In terms of beef, the tacks line or sherwood m90 have a lot going for them. I picked up a pair of Nexus 2Ns on close out and the shoulders are dense, so I would recommend those if you can find em as well. As for an undershirt: https://www.prohockeylife.com/products/bauer-officials-protective-shirt?variant=44611314436
  14. Stores here have 2XPro and Hyperlite protective in stores and the 2X line is still at full price. Is the plan to get people to buy the new ones for the same price or for $10-$20 more? Maybe, but seems odd.
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