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    CCM Jetspeed
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    STX Surgeon RX3, Sherwood T100
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    Warrior PX2 with Krown 2.0 cage
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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Warrior Alpha QX Pro
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    Bauer Nexus N9000
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    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. 1 could start with 75 flex. I guess it's best to feel it too. I know Ice warehouse has pics of their pro stock Trues. Shows the name bar then gives the decoded flex in the provided description
  2. Under the player's name there is a code and the last digit represents the flex. 1 is 70 iirc and goes up by 5. So, 1=70, 5 = 90, 7 = 100
  3. I put my x88 between p88 and p40 curves and it is an 88 clone. The X92 curve I have is a p92 clone too. Couldn't help you with the x28, but I imagine it's just a copy of Bauer's p28. They used to have an x9 curve, so my guess they took molds from bauer especially considering they replaced the letter in their curve codes but kept the numbers.
  4. Not really Trigger 5 Pro 365 grams Jetspeed FT3 Pro 375 grams Halo 380 grams Tacks AS3 Pro 385 grams *advertised weights
  5. I found the CCM FitLIte80 to have a lot of breathability. They also can be found on sale now
  6. Better, more natural fit in the hand As for the breaks, they may very well be more protective, but I feel like there is a protection flaw in there. I hope not as this is the innovation we need in the equipment industry
  7. It would be a shame of the PureGrip died as I hope he Surgeon line continues and the Halo is just a specialty stick in the same line as the ADV, Fantom, etc.. As for the gloves, they appear to be a cool idea, however, my thinking at the moment is that it is going to be a gimmick that doesn't really improve grip, but catches eyes. Also, with so many breaks I hope there is additional protection underneath.
  8. If you look at the IG teasers the HPR2 Pro glove is still a 4 roll glove. This looks like the successor to the RX3 gloves Edit: pro gloves release the 22nd. In the IG comments for this pic STX said the release date for these gloves are tbd
  9. well it's control because you distributed it, so everyone begins from the same point of reference when you make your report.
  10. I'm a big fan of the Ultra Tacks gloves. It seems as though I keep coming back to them.
  11. I was hoping after the Alpha DX we would see the Alpha nWo, but instead it looks like the name will be LX.
  12. I figured skinned goalie gear was getting more popular, as with sticks, why update every year if you find something you like? Especially the 1X blocker as I hear some people can't give 'em up ;). Got the pic from Goalie Gear Nerd on Instagram.
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