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    CCM Jetspeed FT4
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    CCM Jetspeed Team 4, CCM Jetspeed Team 3
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    CCM 11K
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Bauer Nexus 2N
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    CCM Super Tacks AS1
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    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. Incoming r/hockey posts of "should I cut my togues too if I want to skate like the pros?"
  2. That's the name! Did some digging, and the idea was x% of concussions are caused by the "sloshing" of the brain when there is contact and apparently this was supposed stop the sloshing. Therefore, reduce a certain amount of concussions in hockey. They seemed to just have one in a display case in every store, with no stock and no store employees pushing it. Though with no pros wearing it, how could it succeed?
  3. Didn't Bauer try this a few years ago?
  4. Went from OG Jetspeeds to the FT4s last year. FT4s are certainly stiffer than the JS skates were when new.
  5. When the LK is in small font it is a retail stick. When it is large, it's a pro stock team stick. It'll only show up small as a PS is there is a player's name and is a part of the specs below
  6. Easton EQ50 weights or whatever to adjust the balance. Ultrasonic taper, considering they nixed the Supreme line. Also a 1 and done was the detachable wrist guards on the Sherwood Code V elbow pads. Most useless, instrusive thing ever. As a concept, it made sense. Lastly,
  7. That's the business now. True pays Pavel BOREber to skate around midget c players. Bauer pays nasher to skate on his ankles, OTB trying too hard to be funny wearing bauer, zach smell bouncing around an orange ball, and paying cat von cage in his fake league to like bauer goalie stuff. CCM promotes coach jeremy giving crappy tips. Easier to use views for promotion nowadays than getting pros to promote your stuff.
  8. The first Stealth came out in 2004.
  9. Well the FT6 Pro isn't as ugly as the 5. But c'mon
  10. nutters


    Really loving the CCM 780 right now. Much better than the two I used before (Warrior Krown 2.0 and CCM FL80) in terms of visibility.
  11. Perhaps AK made the most profitable offer to the cheese toast league. Because that is the reason most for profit businesses base their decisions on, like the NHL will do when the adidas deal is up.
  12. Saw them in stores last week. A weight chasing novelty with a $440 CAD sticker
  13. iirc warrior killed the dynasty line because focus groups and pros were moving away from slapshots and wanted a versatile stick with a quick release, which a true mid-kick couldn't provide. warrior is like ea sports....
  14. but but they have a "since I could walk" badge next to their username 😆
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