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    CCM Jetspeed
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    STX Surgeon RX3, Sherwood T100
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    Warrior PX2 with Krown 2.0 cage
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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Warrior Alpha QX Pro
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    Bauer Nexus N9000
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    Warrior Dynasty HD Pro
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. In pic 5 Matthews is reunited with the 2N Pro
  2. While true, I believe pee-wee is the most hockey sounding name of all the age groups
  3. I know Rousseau Sports in Laval has a lot. Unfortunately, Pro Hockey Life has not made their Quebec wing create an online store (while not letting us order from PHL). You can call and see, and try a few Rousseaus because they all had them at some point.
  4. All season. He was using a Ribcor early on in the season
  5. they should! But they probably assume you'll buy it anyway
  6. CCM taking shots we wait for Bauer athlete thenasher to reply
  7. Bauer SupremeTacks 3.0 Pro or whatever skates hiding behind Jack
  8. It's a great stick, well, according to what all the social media hockey "influencers" have said after Bauer sent them free ones. Now if you don't mind I am off to buy one!
  9. The Rbk O-stick, followed by the Reebok 8.0.8, 6.0.6 and 3.0.3 sticks. The original had an insane breakage rate and the next gen never took off
  10. A True rep told me they send as advertised to guys who want to try their sticks. With Marner's stick specs the reason I opted not to get his XC9 was because it didn't have the insert. That's not to say they didn't make sticks for him with and without inserts. Also not debating about specific specs as no pro would just use generic specs to try out a brand. But like other companies, Marner gets the paint job trratment cause he is one of their guys.
  11. Unless they are a True pro such as Marner. When you see a bunch of pro-stock XC9s they all have that sweet spot on the blade except Marner. He also has "used" the A6.0, A6.0 ht, xcore 9, XC9, XC9 acf and AX9. I doubt he's changing his specs everytime True has a new release. The only thing I can say about codes is that the last number relates to the flex. 1 being the lowest and 9 the highest.
  12. Freddy in a full 3S Pro/Sonic Boom set
  13. CCM should slow it down with the releases...
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