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    CCM Jetspeed
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    CCM Jetspeed Team 3, Warrior Alpha DX Pro Team
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    Warrior Covert QR Edge
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    CCM 11K with Warrior Krown 2.0 cage
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Warrior Alpha QX Pro
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    Bauer Nexus N9000
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. New HZRDUS stick Awful tape job at the handle too...
  2. Leafs teasing black gear https://mobile.twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status/1505998899584147462
  3. I wonder why it only says FT4 with no Pro
  4. It looks like an awful mix of a Canadian Tire exclusive youth jetspeed and the old 7K Sickick. Can't see the thought process or appeal behind it especially after the nice, simple looks of the 3 pro and 4 pro.
  5. This was shared on reddit from the let's play hockey expo
  6. Was replaced by the P90TM. That does have a P28ish toe
  7. I believe the P30 has already left us
  8. Ice warehouse says the 3X Pro is the descendant of the 7.0 https://www.icewarehouse.com/Bauer_Vapor_3X_Pro/descpage-V3XP.html So that or a 2X on sale.
  9. Matthews will be wearing a custom version of the Tacks AS-V Pro skates tonight
  10. At the store, I tried both the FT4s (regular fit) and 3X Pros (fit 2). The FTs felt more comfortable at the toes, where the vapors were pressing on the sides and the top felt as though they were lying my foot.
  11. Picked up these wheels a couple of days ago
  12. PSH teasing zero cuff glove prototypes in his IG story
  13. Hello everyone! Been thinking about replacing my Jetspeed skates, which were purchased over 5 years ago. I really like CCM skates, but want to have a similar fitting skate. Do the one piece boots fit dramatically different, or would moving on to a FT4 Pro/FT4 be fine? And if I wanted to stay with a 2 piece boot, should I look at the 90Ks or look to move on to Bauer? Just a note, wearing 8.5 skates makes it almost impossible to find top of the line skates on clearance.
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