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    CCM Jetspeed
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    STX Surgeon RX3, Sherwood T100
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    STX Surgeon RX3
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    Warrior PX2 with Krown 2.0 cage
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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Warrior Alpha QX Pro
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    Bauer Nexus N9000
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    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. Got the shin pads last Thursday and played with them on Friday. Love the strapping system since I have chicken legs, so getting a tight fit with a traditional calf strap was difficult. Stick was purchased about a month ago. Not a big Supreme guy, but I do like the graphics of the Team version and one I might get to use it.
  2. I've always preferred mine scooping just un my palms, but that seems as though they fit fine. Where do your fingers end up because I believe that is a bit more important. Like the others have said its really preference, as long and all the right areas are covered then it is a "proper fitting" glove
  3. I know you got one but at least you were the only honest person talking about that stick. With the forearm portion, are they standard smalls, or do they fit a bit bigger?
  4. I'm sure getting influencers (vomits) to say this is the coolest looking stick and how this new tech is amazing will be enough for kids to get their parents to buy them a Code V.
  5. Ya I know that's probably the case like most stick sightings, but I didn't think new wrap does the trick sounded as good.
  6. AS3 Pro stick worked well for Bergeron today Also Komarov has Bauer 4 rolls without any markings except for Bauer and his name
  7. Not now. I'm still hurting
  8. Spezza with a chrome ULTRASONIC
  9. I was in the Laval one a couple of weeks ago and they still had a lot of hockey stuff left. Especially sticks, to think that many people are avoiding top end sticks at 60% off because it's still almost $200 after taxes.
  10. With arenas beginning to open and leagues starting up, has anyone purchased new gear during the quarantine or now plan on treating themselves prior to your seasons starting? I was going to buy new shin pads a few weeks ago, but I ran my running shoes into the ground within two months so I needed a new pair and put the shin pads on hold. So I'll probably be getting new shins soon.... and maybe a stick because why not? So how about all of you, upgrading or rewarding yourselves for not going too crazy?
  11. While I don't know if the materials and protective features have improved, everything looks like cheaper looking down grades from the 1X Lite line. The two worst are the pants that no longer have the laces, but a oversized stretch zone and the gloves with the cheap looking rubber letters. I have no idea why Bauer wants to use those especially seeing it get crapped on when the 2S Pro line debuted.
  12. Yup, I have a price point stick from the first 1S line. It doesn't really do much for me since I'm not a power shooter and therefore find a high-midkick pointless (even though I almost bought a 2S Team). Off the ice, or practicing slappers on an empty net in warm up I'd say it has more give than the SuperTacks. Though in-game it requires more load time than a traditional mid kick.
  13. That's for sure, but the only thing that bothers me is the flex ratings. My midkick supertacks even cut is really whippy, while the midkick T100 with the "flex free zone" is like a steel beam (really light though) both are 75 flex. I'd even say the 85 flex RX3 gives more than that Sherwood.
  14. Oh I believe both of you, I initially thought he meant the sizing differences in the higher flex sticks. I just measured sticks from each brand I have both uncut and cut (with the ones I still have the pieces) and yes CCM is the longest. Bauer, Warrior, STX and True came in at 59", Sherwood with their fake flex free zone is 60" and CCM was 60.5". So that goes with the numbers you suggested.
  15. Seems like that's the case in the higher flex sticks as Bauer's top sticks measure consistently to 60" even at 102 flex. While CCM is 59" for 75 + 85 flex, yet 62" for 95 flex. So I see what you mean.
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