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  1. Thanks, I didn't know that because I had LS2 before and never stock LS3 steel.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't Flare use the standard factory profile of each manufacturer? Ls3 edge being a 9'? Its on their website FAQ https://flareskateblade.com/pages/faqs
  3. The p90tm is just as open as p28, the curve is just different. OP was looking for more closed version.
  4. Bases BC71 and doesn't have much rocker and is closed throughout. The toe is actually more closed (or less open) then the middle of the blade if you look closely. There is also the CCM p71, which is the same as the Gionta W10. If you go to Prohockeysticks it is the last curve in his video feeds.
  5. Yeah I guess I was thinking of the process differently. Wanted to get some a set of retail, holder not attached yet and have some mars blades put on them. I don't think that can happen because like you said, they will just be fully stocked on the shelf.
  6. Could you order a retail model off the shelf if True already has your foot scan from a custom mould?
  7. Icewarehouse has a video on youtube that talks about the FT3 Pro along with the new p90TM curve.
  8. What was the weight difference between v1 and v2 you had? I have shotblockers in the last version of VH, which is an extra 50 grams I believe. Looking at how much weight I could save to the new version.
  9. Any know if this is a change to their 2.0 version or just a visual change?
  10. There are plans for a 2.0 version of O1, if so is there a date?
  11. One thing to note is they don't make wide boots, so you'd have to use their regular width option. I am just getting this from the website so correct me if I am wrong. I wear a wide True skate and my rollers are a 10.5E RBK, so my only option is a conversion.
  12. Thanks, considering going with a Supernatural for the next stick. Is Base going to come out with any new curves? They never progress even with the max height option they talked about on the blog.
  13. Do you have fitment issues lengthwise? IIRC I always noticed the warrior blade hosel was smaller going into a Bauer shaft. This was for the tapered version, but I could fixed the voids by a layer of tape. Looks like you have the opposite combination where the Bauer blade has a little bit extra material. I bet that blade would fit into a Bauer shaft.
  14. Just looking for a more dampened blade feel for stickhandling without effecting shot too much. If it's not really a noticeable difference, then I'll probably stick with extra stiff. Also need the durability for face offs.
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