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  1. Bumping thread as this is related. I'm looking to purchase the CCM Tacks inline skates which have an all 80MM setup. I have skated on Hi-Lo for the last 15 years and am just a little concerned all 80mm will be strange. I was going to just grab some 76mm and chuck them on the front to increase the pitch even more. Anyone got any opinions on these skates?
  2. You not shipping outside of US?
  3. Helmet : bauer 4500 elbow: rbk 11k gloves: warrior surges shinpads: easton s3 skates: baurer rx60's wheels: labeda grippers sticks: warrior macdaddy and easton synergy ST No girdle don't see the point in wearing them. It does nothing if you fall flat on your ass haha.
  4. Anyone bought from this guy? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Sherwood-5030-Tradition-Vintage-Hockey-Shoulder-Pads-Senior-/260948888796?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item8267afd721#ht_500wt_1180
  5. Any news on alkali gloves yet really want the charcoal/orange ones!!!!
  6. I want some but not sure about the all 4 same wheel size :(
  7. Been reading this thread and I would just like to say this. Being from Australia and paying what I pay for gear it absolutely amazes me some of the stories you guys tell me about customers bargaining for things under $10 and complaining about the cost of things when they are so cheap in the states. When my son eventually grows up and wants gear I'm expecting to pay about $1000 when he first starts playing then get him top of the line stuff no matter what the costs. Maybe I have more money than some but seriously what you pay $300 for a top end protective set and people complain? Gah would drive me mental if I were you guys. I cannot wait to come over and go to an LHS and give you guys my money for the services you provide.
  8. I checked them maybe I missed it ^.^ loving the CHAR/ORG Ca5 !!!!
  9. Where can I get a price on alkali gloves that would ship to Australia? Looked at most of the dealers listed on the site but none have the gloves listed on there websites...
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