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  1. Moved the discussion of D'cosi into its own thread.
  2. Considered that, though thats one reason I loved the original airpods so much. They stayed in, and I had no problem hearing the world around me. I mean, at the expense of audio quality I've never actually tried a pair of bone conduction headphones. Maybe I should.
  3. Even if you were using USA Hockey rules, you as a league have the right to override them. That said, I would 100% ban earbuds while playing. There's just no reason to do it, and its a safety hazard both for the person wearing them (can't hear) as well as others if they fall out and get stepped on. I'm in total agreement with your league in banning them. That said, I have definitely considered wearing them while playing goal in pickup but never during a game. I kinda thought about mounting some motorcycle/ski helmet style speakers to the ear hole area of my mask for pickups lol
  4. I'm not sure where exactly 5ivehole has their stuff made, but their turnaround time is way faster than any other company I've ever worked with.
  5. Yeah I also prefer non-sublimated. Thats the nice thing with 5ivehole, you can do either depending on your budget.
  6. Awesome, glad to hear it. Let Charlie know we sent you :) You will love 5ivehole :D
  7. 5ivehole is the way to go. Great quality, great prices, great turnaround time, no minimums on re-orders, and supports a friend. What's not to like?
  8. Tacks 710 is the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, no question.
  9. Or you could wear these awesome lacrosse masks
  10. Seems like the kind of thing the guys that make aftermarket goalie cages should consider doing, with the expected volume as low as it'd be. goaliecages.com or similar.
  11. We just had a player get called for a minor penalty for the visor tilt in a low level beer league game. Nevermind that the rulebook has no such minor penalty...
  12. Sara at PAW sells Nash in multiple colors. http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/materials.htm
  13. I literally just said that. lol.
  14. Awesome, thank you. I wondered what it was, but not enough to go looking :D
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