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  1. I wear 1st gen Easton Mako. Clearly looks aren't my #1 consideration.
  2. I got the CCM mask for goalie masks. I’m actually really impressed with it. I still don’t think I’d play right now with how bad it’s gotten, but it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing when I do.
  3. Not sure what you're talking about. Both McDavid and Matthews are wearing the same skate in both pictures.
  4. As a guy who runs a web store, I can't tell you how funny I find it that their url has "copy-of-" as part of the product page Looks like they've dropped to $50. Honestly, as a guy who absolutely loved his Down Low shoulder pads, so doesn't mind getting some weird looks while putting my gear on, I'd consider them. I'm also a guy who continues to use a 3' long shoe horn to put his skates on. Weird looks are just par for the course for me.
  5. Agree, definitely look better in that image than the first one.
  6. FIVE BEST: Devils, Kings, Panthers, Avalanche, Blues FIVE WORST: Jets, Canucks, Red Wings, Stars, Islanders FIVE HON. MENTION: Hurricanes, Canadiens, Bruins, Wild, Sabres You can clearly see that I'm a fan of the bright palettes. The Blues are ugly in a "so ugly I like it" kind of way. The Devils, Panthers and Kings all have what I feel like should be their PRIMARY uniforms. Kings "Forum Blue" and gold with their 90s logo? Yes please. Devils are a no-brainer. And I know the Avs unis are going to hurt some feelings, but I honestly really like that they used the Avs colors on the Nordiques uniforms. I think it works, as much as it makes no sense to use a fleur-de-lis on a Colorado uniform. Panthers are back to where they should be, away from the awful soccer logo and the numbers and shoulder crests being sewn on backwards. As far as the worst, I don't even know what's going on with the Jets. The Canucks has always been awful when they had the stupid gradient. The Red Wings looked like they couldn't be bothered trying. The Stars would have been rad if they had just not made the entire thing white. The Islanders are basically just wearing their normal stuff. The honorable mentions are for jerseys that aren't bad or good, just "not bad" or notable for some other reason. For Hurricanes, any time you see the Whalers uniform and colors it's a going to go well for you. I do actually like the blue base on the Canadiens uniforms. The Bruins jerseys are nice and clean and don't suffer from the far too busy shoulder yokes they have going on right now that make them look super dated. The Wild are using the colors they should absolutely go back to, they just need to nuke their logo from orbit. The Sabres put their proper colors on what I think were their best uniforms (somebody should remind them occasionally that they aren't actually the Buffalo Buffalos)
  7. Now that they're all out, let's play a game. Copy and paste the following text, and fill in your answers: FIVE BEST: FIVE WORST: FIVE HON. MENTION: Then, feel free to elaborate on your answers.
  8. Was this the company that spammed on here last year? I can’t remember... it was definitely a lace company.
  9. Normally I’m right there with you. December 1st is the earliest that crap is allowed IMO. That said, this year has been such absolute trash that I’ll give people a pass if they want a couple weeks of extra holiday season cheer.
  10. That’s the correct fit. Remember: these (and other non-medical grade) masks aren’t meant to necessarily filter the air you breathe in or out so much as just catch droplets. Think of it more as a face shield.
  11. Sometimes you look at a relocated team that has a new team in your old city and wish you could just swap. Put the Dallas team in Minnestota and Dallas can have the Wild. On the other hand, I'm not sure the Jets would love that idea.
  12. On my Mako I had them done at -1, I believe.
  13. With a lot of the sport gaiters (eg. Mission, which I wear when hiking in the desert) you're actually SUPPOSED to wet it first, so I imagine it wouldn't really be a problem.
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