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  1. 7+ years later, still using Swiftwick Aspire 4. No reason to change that.
  2. Thanks for the info, Russ! I also remember that when the decision was made to discontinue the cross grind ring for home machines that you guys actually sent out a free filter to all customers. The way you guys went above and beyond in the early days is, in my opinion, one of the ways you grew so well through word of mouth and cut through the doubters. I really need (want...) to upgrade to the new home sharpener. Would love the portability aspect of it to be able to sharpen for teammates in the locker room.
  3. I still have a XG ring from when I bought my Sparx on Kickstarter. I don't quite understand how you're going to re-enable XG without them making XG rings?
  4. I use this fabric daily for making ultralight but ultra strong backpacking accessories. My backpack and tent are also made of Dyneema composite fabrics.
  5. Hey folks! I'm a goalie starting a new team in the Copper division for the fall season. Looking for players who might be interested. I'm planning to use the logo I had commissioned for a previous team. Please let me know if you're in the area and are up for joining a new team!
  6. From a completely unrelated job offer we're now officially moving up there. South Olympia area, but I don't think there are any rinks in Olympia. I pretty much have no choice but to drive to the southwest Tacoma area. Hopefully I can find something there.
  7. Oh thats right by Cedar Pointe. I don't remember there being a hockey store there, though google street view seems to indicate thats where "Sportsline" is. I'm not sure how long thats been there. Ah, home...
  8. I'm really hoping for a repeat of 2014. The western conference final is the best series and the winner stomps the Rangers.
  9. That was me. Ended up just tossing the sticks.
  10. +2. I had that on the custom SIDAS insoles I had at one point because they were impossible to get out otherwise.
  11. Sorry guys, this one went off the rails in a hurry. Closing this up for now.
  12. I would check out fiverr.com - that's where I go for most of my art commissions. If you don't find anything you like I can ask around on the Adobe Illustrator and graphics Discords I'm on.
  13. I've been posting them here and there to my YouTube, but decided I didn't want to just spam the forum with my videos all the time.
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