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  1. Which topic are you talking about? EDIT: Ah, I had to do some digging. It was just another pointless overseas knockoff stick thread, like this one, from over three years ago.
  2. I think in America that's called "hitting your out of pocket maximum".
  3. The matte black is amazing compared to these.
  4. Totally agree. Some of the best on the market too, imo.
  5. Yeah, I don't like it either. Though, I do like it better than LA and Vegas's metallic helmets. What I DO like are the 3D logos on helmets, when they aren't ads instead.
  6. Well that looks like bullshit.
  7. Referee shin pads have a strap on that flap. Always wondered why player shins don't after seeing it the first time.
  8. Hey at least this is your first time ever in a hosp.... oh, no wait. In all seriousness, holy shit. That's crazy. I always think of things like losing a tooth as being "horrible" results of a puck to the face. This is horrible! Hope it goes well and that the tylenol gets upgraded sooner than later! Time for a cage?
  9. Yes I know of the URL. I was asking for the reason you're posting. But instead I just checked the website and yes, looks like they're closing.
  10. It's also really easy to claim something in china is "made in the same factory". That's probably a factual statement. The part that is missing is whose materials, tooling, and processes, and QA are they using because it's not uncommon at all for multiple companies to share factory floor space but thats very different from being from the same production line.
  11. Maybe the way they do it in some tournaments (and personally I'm in favor of this for lower division beer league too) where icing is called from your own blue line instead of the red line. I like it because if you get out of your own zone and manage to ice it, its usually just a missed pass or not reaching the red line. Keep the game flowing, I say.
  12. Members++ have been able to for like.. 3 years. :) But WAY less fun!
  13. If its printed with enough infill, standard PLA should be just fine.
  14. I never understood why they didn't make the goal crease a semi-circle again after they dumped the stupid foot-in-crease rule. They cut off the sides of the circle so you wouldn't have goals waived off because somebody was standing beside the net, but never put it back. Always seemed odd to me.
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