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  1. It's EXTREMELY frustrating, especially now that we're seeing businesses shut down not because of the virus but because of the morons refusing to wear masks and do social distancing.
  2. Pretty generic message from one of the local rinks, right up until the end: Interesting about the "plastic shield". I wish the image was larger.
  3. Probably pretty high as long as everyone follows the rules.
  4. Ice-Plex Escondido is shut down permanently, and that email I mentioned is from San Diego Ice Arena (Mira Mesa). Carlsbad is where I was playing on a team.
  5. Just got an email from another local rink that they’re in big trouble and will likely be shutting down if they don’t get county assistance. So, that’s 3 of the 5 sheets locally that would be gone.
  6. I’ve been saving up for months for new goalie pads. Due to a combination of coronavirus, local rinks permanently closing, and being kicked off my team I’ve decided it was time to invest in a new hobby, instead of buying hockey gear I’ll never see much use out of. Welcome to the team, Rocket! I’m so pumped, but at the same time definitely going to miss hockey. I’ll still have my gear for now, but if it doesn’t see much use in the next 6 months or so I may try to just sell it all.
  7. Well, it’s pretty simple. Some people do things differently from you.
  8. I don’t know how this is silly. It fits a need. Now I don’t have to rip my tape down the middle.
  9. Probably, but I don't think anything like that is going to keep them from trying.
  10. Haha yeah, saw that this morning. I remember when they posted the April Fools joke and everyone was like "I was hoping this was real". I know I definitely use a 1/2" knob for both player and goalie sticks, so I'd definitely be buying this if I was going to keep playing.
  11. I don’t really see much risk. They’re probably far more likely to contract the disease in their everyday lives than they are in a hub city bubble.
  12. You could tell from the first sentence that his entire post was going to be nonsense.
  13. You definitely wont be able to buy retail skates with no holder. If you want that, you would have to go custom to honor your... custom request.
  14. More than it's worth. You also don't know what that would do to the structural integrity of the rest of the cage.
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