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  1. Okay just making sure I wasn't missing new information
  2. Is that different from the one we were talking about earlier?
  3. That's more like the game Tampa wants to play. The 3-0 lead almost fell apart on a deflection and a tip, but never really felt like they were in too much trouble. That's one game for each team, won in their preferred style.
  4. Those just look like Superfeet with an adjustable arch support. Are they bakeable? I was thinking if the CCMs work for me I was going to get Speedplates.
  5. I found it funny that you specifically had to say "half" in three different ways to get your point across lol
  6. We all know Audi and VW are the same company. Let's get back to skates, please.
  7. I was just about to start a thread about AS3 Pros, how funny. Anyway, I just ordered the new AS3 Pro goalie skates. Figured I'd give them a shot before I go True Custom since they have the whole guarantee thing. Unfortunately the Pure Hockey I went to had NO goalie stuff yet, and didn't even have any scanners online besides Bauer at this point because their Grand Opening isn't even until next week. Hard to fault them for that. So, they scanned me on the Bauer machine just to get my size, and we ordered them and I'll go have em baked when they arrive. We'll see!
  8. Point had the massage gun going in between shifts, on the inside of his legs. I think the guys on TV said groin. But either way, limited time in game 4, didn't play in game 5, and wasn't able to do much in game 6. Point is definitely injured.
  9. Varlamov is the only reason it went 6. They generated absolutely nothing for two games and waited for a mistake to be made to pounce. Worked once, failed the second time.
  10. I’d go Tampa in 5 if it wasn’t for the injuries. They are a pretty badly beaten up team right now. I doubt we see Stamkos unfortunately. Maybe if they get down in the series and need a boost. They barely managed to get past the Islanders and even that went way farther than I think it would have if they weren’t so beat up. They LOOK tired. If Dallas wins, it will be because their backup stands on his head and because they’re definitely fresher. Head to head on paper I don’t think it’s even close but I could see this hitting 6 or 7.
  11. Oh, I'm sure that has something to do with it as well. No question. No, I haven't tried rebaking. I could do that I guess. No specific part causes pain, it's almost like my foot is being compressed because I actually have to tighten the laces now due to the padding feeling like its compressed over time. I didn't used to tighten them at all. Just barely snug. Either way, these are 5.5 years old and I want to go cowlingless anyway. I couldn't be happier with how well these have held up and yeah I probably could make them last longer if I put some effort into them, but... why not?
  12. Well, it's time to retire my VH. I was hoping to wait until there were TF9 goalie skates, but oh well. I don't know if it's the 50lb weight gain (after losing 70lbs a couple years ago), the time spent off the ice because of quarantine, or if the boot is just breaking down, but man my feet hurt every time I'm on the ice now. Gone is the feeling of a snug but well fitting hiking boot. It almost feels like the padding has thinned out over the years and now I once again have to tie my laces to something more than just barely snug to feel locked in. Tying the laces tighter means it pulls the boot facing closer together making it almost feel like it's compressing my foot from the sides. After about 30 minutes the pain goes away at least. It's been a good run. I bought them in mid-2015. They have held up incredibly well with almost no wear at all. I think 5+ years of skates I've worn on average twice a week is pretty decent. Absolutely no complaints. I think the plan for now is to actually try the new CCM goalie skates thanks to the 90 day guarantee, just because I've never tried them before and they finally dumped the cowlings. But realistically that's a total shot in the dark and I'm expecting to be ordering new True customs in the near future. It helps that a new Pure Hockey has opened up in my town... TODAY! No more driving to Anaheim!
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