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  1. I've been posting them here and there to my YouTube, but decided I didn't want to just spam the forum with my videos all the time.
  2. It looks decent, but I still think the MSH one is better. Though they appear out of stock. I wonder if I should start making some. Looks easy enough. I'm in the process of making a custom hockey bag right now.
  3. Does anyone know where to get Shift goalie steel for the TF9 Goalie skates? Seems pointless to have a quick change holder without having extra steel...
  4. They seem true to size. I'm a 8.5D in most skates and the 8.5D in these was perfect.
  5. Honestly, not sure. I didn't get measured for them. I just bought 8.5D and they seem to be right. At least the left foot, the right feels a bit small. But that was after a home bake. I'm going to bring them to a store to have the plastic wrap done. The left feels perfect, though.
  6. Feel free to cross-post, since that thread isn't supposed to have discussion and this one is.
  7. Trying out some retail skates since my custom VH are pretty old now.
  8. Suggestions? We may be moving there, so trying to find where any rinks are to try to decide what area to live in.
  9. I did 10 but can’t say if that was necessary.
  10. Just more aliexpress junk like all the others.
  11. Thanks for the detailed analysis.
  12. you made it sound like it was here. anyway, moving on.
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