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  1. Suggestions? We may be moving there, so trying to find where any rinks are to try to decide what area to live in.
  2. I did 10 but can’t say if that was necessary.
  3. Just more aliexpress junk like all the others.
  4. Thanks for the detailed analysis.
  5. you made it sound like it was here. anyway, moving on.
  6. That’s cool, but I won’t be representing my country internationally any time soon
  7. As far as I understood it, the helmet ads aren’t just bonus money but are actually paying towards the NHLs missing tv deal revenues or something like that.
  8. I like the crew of Gord and Ray, personally. I don't like Gord for NHL games, but for international stuff he's the best in the biz.
  9. Sounds right. I do two before every skate, need it or not. However as a goalie I often have dings I need to - at least mostly - fix so I end up doing 5-6 passes far more often than most people should ever need to, so that obviously skews my numbers. It is what it is, and I still get plenty of life out of a ring all things considered. Zero complaints. As one of the first kickstarters I can easily say this is by far the best crowdfunding projects I’ve ever backed (and I back a lot of them) and definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made in a product in general.
  10. Man, this Christmas couldn't have possibly been any more 2020.
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