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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7wCuIRsKz2/ Wow, talk about a massive loss in the industry.
  2. Hell yeah @Steve_v3 happy to see you out! Speedy recovery bud!
  3. Yes, it does. The gap you're leaving above the shoulder, especially at the height of an NHL goalie, is miniscule. If they can hit that spot, they were hitting it in VH or even just at a full stance regardless. For any other short side goal that goes in, it doesn't matter whether you're RVH, VH, or standing up. If you're not against your post, you're not against your post. There's two nonsense issues with RVH and a couple legitimate ones. First, you get non-goalies (or old-school goalies) on TV blaming goals on RVH. Second, you get those same people on TV saying stupid things like "he went down early" as if he was supposed to wait until the shot was on its way to drop into RVH. As for legit issues, there are certainly goalies who overuse it. Also some guys fail to seal the post with it. The other issue with using VH or standing up is that your ability to cover a puck is basically zero. At that point you're pretty much depending on somebody to clear it. Imagine a shot coming in and hitting you while you're in either of those positions, and the amount of movement and re-positioning it would take to cover the rebound in the crease. Now consider how quickly you can move from RVH to cover since you're basically into a standard butterfly once you move away from the post. To your last point, goalies aren't ever going to concern themselves with a save selection based on how deflating a goal might be if it doesn't work out. They're going to make their save selection based on what gives them the best chance to stop the puck - period.
  4. Good luck man, we're all rooting for you! Keep us updated!
  5. Hzrdus the name of one of True's golf shaft line.
  6. https://www.icewarehouse.com/Oakley_Modified_Aviator/descpage-OPMAV18.html?srsltid=AfmBOor4gsTWC6E8MezF2m998PPDr9799cHtljQzwYgOeuHTE60Qw7kxzhE And just because it showed up in my google search, here's an ancient MSH thread:
  7. Heh, I wouldn't say theres any advantage to it. It's just like Hasek - you'd never teach it, but it worked for them. Having your glove up and open to the shooter was pretty rare back then.
  8. https://evolutionsportsexcellence.com/products/oakley-hockey-visor-aviator-prizm A guy in my league wears one like this.. lol.
  9. I play low level beer league :) I dont care about steel width, I couldn't tell a difference when I went from 4mm to 3mm tbh. I'm probably safe as far as damage from high-level hockey.
  10. Has anyone seen any significant issues with True one piece goalie skates? They always looked like they might become an issue but I haven't ever seen anyone complain about them breaking or anything. I'm deciding what I want to get for this upcoming fall season.
  11. I'm more just happy they finally left Arizona.
  12. Jesus fucking christ. When having your face broken ends up being a positive, you know you're getting kicked in the junk way too often. Damn dude, I'm sorry.
  13. That is an insane number of sticks.
  14. Nothing beats Darn Tough's warranty!
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