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  1. It’s a good thing when you realize half way through taking your gear off after the game that you still have your mouth guard in! Definitely says something about the comfort. I agree it often feels tight when you put it in after it’s cooled down, but it seems to get better once it’s been warmed up in your mouth for a bit.
  2. SISU, by far. Only mouth guard I can tolerate wearing.
  3. That would be grossly insufficient. Shutting everything down was the right call.
  4. VH Skates. Easily the best hockey gear I’ve ever had. My Passau glove is probably a close second.
  5. Well that’s optimistic. I wouldn’t count on it happening.
  6. On a bit of a selfish note, could you take a peek at this thread and tell me what you think?
  7. Yeah it’s really annoying. For both of us if I’m being honest. Obviously more for her though lol. But it’s just frustrating when we wanna go do stuff and she just can’t. We had to cancel a backpacking trip. Though it definitely seems to come and go. A bit more concerned about her recovery from COVID-19 right now, though.
  8. I think I went there once when I was commuting to Valencia from San Diego. Is that the one with the second mini-rink?
  9. Well, my wife had an e-visit with the doctor today. Has the symptoms for COVID19, has a history of chronic bronchitis, is a first responder, but was denied a test. At this point were making the assumption that she has it and are proceeding with treatment under that assumption. With her history we expect it’s just a matter of time before she is in the hospital. Hopefully not, but again since they won’t test her we have to assume.
  10. With how hard it is to lace the top eyelets in VH/True skates I always buy laces way too long so I don’t have to. I just double lace (the initial crisscross before you make your loops) and then double knot them (because unlike skaters, retying my skates is not an option) and then tuck them up under my socks. Works for me.
  11. I use those too. I agree though that the quality of Elite laces isn't great, but these are still my favorite.
  12. Good to hear, man. Uh. So the e-visit screening for COVID-19 from Kaiser wont let you get to the point of scheduling a test if you answer “no” to the questions about traveling overseas or close contact with confirmed patient. I… think we’re kind of past those at this point. Fix it, KP.
  13. And here. We. Go. Total lockdown for all of California.
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