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  1. I think it got cheaper, but not sure. I had Kickstarter pricing on gen1 so I have no idea what the retail was on any of it since then.
  2. I see no benefit to gen 3, besides making gen 2 cheaper...
  3. I do like what they've done, it's pretty neat. But not enough to justify an upgrade over the gen2 if you already have that. I have a gen 1, so if nothing else this should discount the gen2 enough to get me to finally upgrade.
  4. Looking forward to it. I'm still rocking my gen 1 kickstarter machine. I was considering a gen2 machine now that I'm playing regularly again, but now I'll wait and see what the gen3 looks like and either get that, or a gen2 at (I assume) discount prices.
  5. Just marketing nonsense. Pick the one that fits you better.
  6. I don't wanna hear another word about people in Pittsburgh talking funny.
  7. Weird and factually incorrect comment.
  8. It's honestly hard to take seriously an article that calls it a "Sparks".
  9. I know that exact feeling. It's the reason I can't wear Nike athletic shoes (stuff like Dunks are fine though), I always feel like the arch is too close to my heel.
  10. I'd love to find something with a bit more padding and comfort.
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