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  1. From a completely unrelated job offer we're now officially moving up there. South Olympia area, but I don't think there are any rinks in Olympia. I pretty much have no choice but to drive to the southwest Tacoma area. Hopefully I can find something there.
  2. Oh thats right by Cedar Pointe. I don't remember there being a hockey store there, though google street view seems to indicate thats where "Sportsline" is. I'm not sure how long thats been there. Ah, home...
  3. I'm really hoping for a repeat of 2014. The western conference final is the best series and the winner stomps the Rangers.
  4. That was me. Ended up just tossing the sticks.
  5. +2. I had that on the custom SIDAS insoles I had at one point because they were impossible to get out otherwise.
  6. Sorry guys, this one went off the rails in a hurry. Closing this up for now.
  7. I would check out fiverr.com - that's where I go for most of my art commissions. If you don't find anything you like I can ask around on the Adobe Illustrator and graphics Discords I'm on.
  8. I've been posting them here and there to my YouTube, but decided I didn't want to just spam the forum with my videos all the time.
  9. It looks decent, but I still think the MSH one is better. Though they appear out of stock. I wonder if I should start making some. Looks easy enough. I'm in the process of making a custom hockey bag right now.
  10. Does anyone know where to get Shift goalie steel for the TF9 Goalie skates? Seems pointless to have a quick change holder without having extra steel...
  11. They seem true to size. I'm a 8.5D in most skates and the 8.5D in these was perfect.
  12. Honestly, not sure. I didn't get measured for them. I just bought 8.5D and they seem to be right. At least the left foot, the right feels a bit small. But that was after a home bake. I'm going to bring them to a store to have the plastic wrap done. The left feels perfect, though.
  13. Feel free to cross-post, since that thread isn't supposed to have discussion and this one is.
  14. Trying out some retail skates since my custom VH are pretty old now.
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