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  1. its simple retail if you are under charging for say an Easton bat that you are selling for a lower price to get people to buy and only getting 30% gross profit on it and should be making 40 to 50 you need to make that up somewhere else maybe on lets say a stick or skates that you make 55% on now and then start selling them for more to make 58% to 60% gross on that people are going to spend money on because that's what they are comfortable with buying, its called covering your losses I bet the people in that board room are saying why did we buy Easton...The sports gear maker on Monday blamed "a significant downturn in retail sales across all product categories, but particularly in the company's important bat category," as well as "the Chapter 11 filing by "one of the largest U.S. national sporting goods retailers" and bankruptcies of other key customers we talked about this in this thread that's what makes it relevant...like I said maybe you should go back and read the thread and you will see where this came from, its not random.
  2. 1. have you not read this maybe you should go back and look at it. 2.The reason why its relevant is Mission (who is owned by Bauer) put out skates that should be about $100 less witch was talked about in this topic 3.Baure will be fine in the long run but the people (Sagard Capital and Fairfax Financial ) that just made an opening bid of $575 million are not going to let the company put itself a risk again so things will change. yes I know Sports Authority and low bat sales plays a big part.
  3. sad news...... I bet someone got fired for that whole OD1N project http://www.reuters.com/article/us-performance-bankruptcy-exclusive-idUSKCN12T00D
  4. like I said months ago when people were telling me I was crazy its not looking good for them http://www.reuters.com/article/us-performance-bankruptcy-exclusive-idUSKCN12T00D
  5. I have used the addictions since they came out. I am a bigger guy like you so I used the 78a and I would talk them up to everyone who asked about them but because a $14 wheel was a joke at the time. In the last 2 years they have not held the same quality that I have had from them for years before that, the last 4 to 6 pair I got have split earlier about 10 to 12 skates in so about a month and a half in, I will say they have not chunked till about 4 or 5 months, on a side not the few times I have contacted them they have had no problem replacing them when I have provided them with pictures and a receipt. Still the best wheel comp. in the game (imo)
  6. yes your right I was talking about just jumping to the 1xr, I was in a rush when I did the post (going to a game) if I wanted to get the medium fit you could again drop another $100 to $150 and get the ice boot and convert them like a ton of guys on they site do all the time, I have the apx2r's now and I was looking to get back into mission too but I cant spend that kind of money and know that for a little more (if your willing to spend $850 what's $100 more) your going to get the best in the market (imo) not just the Mission Bauer line but the best money can buy I don't even think the wheels come into play or at least they shouldn't if that's the price driver then sell me them with no wheels Ill order my own. The 1xr's were a $100 jump from the apx2r's $850 to $950 if I remember correctly that's ok with the few new things you got ....but when you looked at the apx2r vs the x60 for 200 it was a steal with all the new improvements. 2 Years ago when the ds line came out it was a color reset and all about customizing them the way u wanted but they were the same price as the ac1 $650 I can respect them for not saying ok $700 this year just because its new If your going to put $850 on them and leave shit out for a little less money, then just put all the same shit as the 1xr and make them $950 I would understand that and even be ok with dropping that kind of money because the product is worth it. rant over lol
  7. in store sept 16 coming in at an overpriced $850. I cant seem to find what they have added for $200 more and on top of that for $100 more you can get all the bells and whistles that are far more then $100. the speed plates are $50 alone, the lacing system, the x rib from the od1n project all that shit adds up to more then $100 to me.
  8. As on now we only have 5 brands to choose from ( 4 if you put mission and Bauer together) Verbero is a bit to new imo to put in this convo.....I would have to go with 1-Bauer 2-Alkali 3-Mission 4-Tour and 5-CCM.....
  9. dude the nls1 pants look like a something your uncle Jimmy has on when you show up early for thanksgiving dinner and he didn't shower yet. The gloves look like left over stock from 2 years ago that they added white to.
  10. Mission has QUALITY over quantity when it comes to programs they get involved with in my opinion they don't need to give jersey's and pants to every team that emails asking for a sponsor but I still think that Bauer (Performance Sports) is looking at the money spent (like all company's are) and asking the why, what, where, and who and how can we cut to save money to buy some other company that's doing well, do you think that because Thompson, Arcibal, Schiavo, or Karft (sorry had to put a local boy in) put on mission/bauer gear it makes people run to the pro shop and buy it? I just think times have changed, Yoder you to run and play at my rink so it was packed with tour gear and people bought it up but that was a special circumstance when he was biggest name in the game most rinks don't have a guy of that caliber where they play. no disrespect intended just my view of the rink.
  11. This is all true and I do agree with you about not needing to come to events...the only reason I think this is because they haven't placed a team anywhere this year (teams for narch pro not out yet) its about 1,000 to enter Bauer would have to approve them spending that kind of money and your not going to go to the team and ask them to put up the money when teams like pama, rpd and mudcats all getting company's to pay for the fee's again who doesn't want to win 20,000 when you are playing with the best players in the world.
  12. What's the deal with that? The Mission brand is looking grim they don't have the nex-gen team in the pama pro this year...no team (nex-gen) or booth that I know of at 2hot4ice....I would not be shocked if after next years inline vapor line we see a nexus or a supreme roller line.
  13. My apology It was my understanding that they were given to authorized dealers and reviewers upon request
  14. I am thinking they will have one at east coast finals in July since PRO is all playing then.... I think the only ? is how long will they stick around after pro is over.....the last day is July 24th but mission and others have been known to pack up after pro when some divisions haven't started yet or its the first day of pool paly and booths have been taken down it kind of puts a sour taste in peoples mouths ( mostly Parents and young kids) I understand the retailers point that you can see them at state wars or 2hot4ice but everyone can't afford to travel to all 3 every year. Max Out Sports has them listed for pre sale at $999 converts to $742.79 so I would say $750...since Bauer bough Mission the Price of there flagship skate has not went up from $649.99 and with the new frame and curv and the 37.5 tec. that's not a bad price.
  15. anything about pants or gloves yet? big ups to this guy he sent the catalogue weeks ago after the site told him to not post it....why is the site not updated since 2014 for new Mission and Bauer catalogues and Alkali in 2015?
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