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  • Skates
    Bauer 1XR & Bauer Supreme 150
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    Alkali CA5. Red & Black
  • Helmet
    Bauer HH1000L. Black
  • Pants
    MVP brand. Red
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    Easton Stealth S3 14" Red, Black & White
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    Easton Stealth S5 16" Grey, Black & Clear
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    Brisbane, Australia
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    Skating, hockey, fast cars and just about any form of sport.
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  1. Can confirm the Pure X are amazing. Took a day or so to break in but I’ve been punishing them and they just keep gripping. Better stopping power to in my opinion. If durability is an issue for slime, I highly recommend the pure x
  2. First impressions on warm up they’re good but noticeably different, not bad different at all just different. Putting them through their paces they came on pretty quick. Will reserve judgement as the pure’s took a day or so to break in before coming on. **Used on wood**
  3. Labeda confirmed to me via email inquiry that these wheels are available in just the one hardness. I’m keen to learn more, I bought the konixx instead as they were less of a gamble.
  4. Got my Pure X today, can’t wait for the weekend to use them. Inline Warehouse are getting better with shipping, ordered Friday night and in my hands in Australia Tuesday arvo.
  5. Pures are fantastic but they have a slight flaw and the blue wheel addresses that. Where I’m from in Australia is extremely humid and humidity turns them brown and reduced their life span and compromises the core. With that said they’re still by far the best performing wheel I’ve used in years. I can’t wait to get the Pure X just for the increased grip and speed, if they last longer even better!
  6. I won’t publicly post the image but those interested feel free to PM me.
  7. Yeah they’re the minimiser idea done properly.
  8. I think it could be late this year.
  9. I hope the quality is an improvement over the current 1X. Mine we’re fairly disappointing compared to how bulletproof the 2016s were.
  10. I like the Swiss LE’s that came with my skates. I also use boned super Swiss 6 regular maintenance is everything.
  11. Yeah I was checking a pair out and found the same thing, stiffness wasn’t there compared to the 1Xr. My current 1Xr’s are only 6 months old but I’m likely going to upgrade to the 2Xr later this year(google 2X)
  12. I have a pair of size 11 wicked light 1s(remake version). Near new, bought them off a friend 12 years ago after he barely used them but they were too big so I never used them either.
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