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    AG5NT, Vapor X2.7 & Nexus 8000N
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  1. Not sure what you’re referring to regarding cutouts? Previous versions of top of line Vapor’s and Supremes have a solid outsole (including the Mach from memory). Hyperlites have unfortunately suffered structurally for the need to save weight and contatruction costs.
  2. It’s not just the heel that is a liability, the front portion of the outsole is also hollow unlike previous versions with a solid outsole. It can be done and has been done but the risk is premature and unrepairable breakage. I determined my boots were to expensive to risk and kept them for ice instead.
  3. What type of surface was your rink? It sounds like it may have been tiles.
  4. That’s a shame you’ve had that problem. I have a set of the red ones as well and never had that issue. Regarding the bog down effect it could mean you need a harder wheel. When comparing to a Trickster of identical durometer the Trickster will theoretically be firmer under load. A trickster being single pour will be more rigid versus the dual pour identity, the additional flex of the inner layer on the identity is flexing under your weight and may not be rebounding to your preference, hence you may need a harder wheel. It was similar back in the day with Hornets V Hotshots when the difference between the wheels was 1mm larger inner layer on the hornet creating more rebound.
  5. Glad I could help bro. If you’re keen on Bauer’s the Supreme Machs are suitable for conversion.
  6. I bought a set of Hyperlites to convert and had to make the decision to abort the conversion due to the structural weakness of the Hyperlite skates. My Local conversion specialist made a startling post about this on his company FB page showing why he believes it may not hold up. For someone like myself being big and heavy, I knew it would be a matter of time before I did a hard stop and damaged the flex/silicon at the rear of the outsole. I ended up finding a brand new pair of Supreme 1S for $600 at my local hockey store that they had hidden out back. Much much lighter than the hyperlites and a stronger construction. Images attached of the FB post.
  7. They bogged down for me compared to the originals. Definitely better grip and lasted longer compared to the originals but felt like being in quicksand by comparison. Pure X we’re closer in feel to the recent 82a rink rat World Cup wheel
  8. That’s all well and good as that’s your own personal experience, but the comment in which I replied to states the opposite of your experience. I do both and switch back and forth without issue on regular steel & a regular Kryptonium chassis, it’s just practice.
  9. This is why I’ve never really believed the hype about either Mars chassis as a form of ice replacement. You can rock and shift your weight and get that feel similar to ice but the skate surface and the means in which you contact the skate surface are vastly different. I suspect you developed muscle memory based on that variable and briefly had to relearn your edges. Otherwise for fitness, fun, competitive play they do their job but yeah as an ice replacement maybe not.
  10. I haven’t tried them but recently went through the same thought process and got burned on Bronson Raw bearings. I need to replace my bones Swiss 6 and tried the bronson bearings as a cheaper alternative based on reviews, they ended up going to crap fairly quickly (within 2-3 weeks). Once bitten, twice shy I’ll now be stumping up for the genuine bones when I have the spare cash.
  11. The mechanics are different. For example on inline your weight needs to be over your heel/rear wheels whereas with ice you’d place your weight more to the centre of your holder. The wheels do require you to lean into the edges as you can’t remain upright on them.
  12. I can’t believe they did this, I hope all of the feed back they’re getting online assists them in reconsidering. Otherwise I plan to convert hyperlites.
  13. Can’t remember if I already asked but how did you find the freestyles?
  14. I had a chance to try their 85A Pure X street wheels as well and more of the same. I like that they’re coming out with the options but yeah they’re just not for me going forward.
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