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  • Skates
    CCM U+ 10
  • Stick
    Easton V5e E3 75 flex
  • Gloves
    CCM 4Roll Pro II
  • Helmet
    Easton E700
  • Pants
    CCM CS
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM U+12 (love these)
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 9K/CCM CS
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Nexus 1000--18 inches.
  • Hockey Bag
    Graf locker bag with skate pockets

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  1. Understood. I just think you made some persuasive points. I hope Troy picks up on them. I would like to see those videos.
  2. The 49.99 includes free shipping in Canada. Elsewhere is $9.99. They should make this clear up front on the site, as well as some of the other details you mentioned--Dupont plastic, etc.
  3. That's another variation I could see working. I will give it a try. CCM U 10s. Also high.
  4. This whole topic has gotten me thinking about my lacing all over again. Currently I pull tight at the third eyelets, crossing two or three times, then do the last two eyelets snugly. Thinking that if I do the Crosby thing and skip the 2nd eyelet, I will get some of the effect of this gizmo. Going to try that. I really love that forward flex, just hate losing lateral stability.
  5. I thought it was pricey too. Four small sheets of plastic + some nuts and bolts.
  6. Funny that you posted today--I just remembered this thread today as well. Crowder has been posting stuff to YouTube recently, including this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ6NC_kg3HA So it turns out the "55" is for degrees--your shin is at a 55 degree angle when the product is properly sized and fitted. His website now has a selling link.
  7. Have not been there yet. My wife knew about them somehow and mentioned them: http://www.coachscorner.ca/
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