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  1. I was browsing through the product knowledge binder for our hockey dept at the National Box Chain at which I work and I saw that the APX, 7.0 and 5.0 pants we described as having an "NHL fit". What? No idea what this means as the binder is simply a print out from a Powerpoint presentation.
  2. And ot equipment, the Vapor line is generally slimmer and more contoured fitting leading people to think that the Supreme line is for D players cause they need more protection for taking shots or making hits. Really it is just how the stuff fits and moves.
  3. Did not have time to read through all 2600 or so posts, but I work at a larger multi-sport box chain, though I have basically taken it upon myself to become more of a hockey expert being in a pretty big hockey town. Working PT while in University, I mainly work evenings. Probably 3-5 times a night (when our tech is out and I have not had time to be trained on our new Blackstone Sharpener) we have kids and parents come in asking "I have to be on the ice in 20 minutes, can you sharpen my skates", and nearly every time we turn them away. I have not played competitively since high school, and did not sharpen much back in the day, but seriously---who goes in on the way to a game? (just want to add, we are not exactly a specialty shop and deal with ski/snowboard tech work as well--plus bikes in the summer. It is also pretty wel known we do not have techs in the evening, yet we have the same people come in week after week). Luckily I am usually able to convince people that too big is no good. Once I got a kid out of a current pair of Vapors in a size 7 to a 6 in a Supreme (and the Vapor hurt his feet to boot).
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