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  1. I’m using the warrior backpack. My mix bag also had issues but mainly with the cheap ass zipper system, but I had low expectations for it to begin with and feel it’s still worth the 60 as my roller hockey bag where it will get much less abuse. 

    the warrior backpack is much better in terms of build quality, if only it had a water bottle and one more miscellaneous storage pouch 

  2. On 1/9/2024 at 6:51 PM, Hills said:

    @Stewiehow are you Hoapas? Haha

    Still at about a goal per game with them, so working pretty well outside of breakages

    The durability on the hydrogen doesn’t seem the best, but I like how it shoots. Don’t like my pro plus that much in the limited time I’ve tried it but still going to work out the low and mid kick ones. I used my PXL today, scored on my first shot with it, seems to perform nice, and more durable. It may end up being my favorite of their offerings, just wish I could get it in different graphics 

  3. I’ve printed a few knobs for sticks, mostly out of photopolymers when I was working in that field, wish I’d printed a few in powderbed. 

    im assuming you’d be looking to get a filament machine, and depending on how capable it is, I think you’d have better results for the knobs with something like PETG or ABS over PLA, as it would be more durable for the application. Another thing I would be concerned with when it comes to PLA is weak layer to layer adhesion, especially with what I am assuming your design would look like with several unsupported layers in overhang. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, stick9 said:

    Since we're back on topic.

    After a handful of skates I'm still kinda meh. I never feel like it sits where it's supposed to. Yeah, it's comfortable. Not enough to live up to the hype, least not for me. 

    It does look really good and it's much lighter than my other helmets. 

    Im gonna try a 720 and a 910 the next time I am at a shop.

    Yours a custom? Or retail?  

  5. On 9/12/2023 at 5:53 PM, mojo122 said:

    Just takes a leap of faith that the custom fit is better than any of the retail models.  What would be useful to know is the number of helmets made so far and the number where the fit is off.  For me I feel as if I have a good fit with the 150.  

    I agree. For someone like me where it’s hard to find a helmet that fits well it’s a great, be it expensive option. 


    10 hours ago, walkerdb7 said:

    I am sorry, I don't have those exact figures.

    For the development phase, we helped Bauer build like 500ish helmets before they got their own machine in house. They don't share the specifics of how many they produced since taking over the production. You definitely won't have like helmet 11 if that is at all a concern.

    These pro and retail helmets are produced in Blainville.

    Curious as to about how many helmets worth you can nest in one build ( fully aware the variety of build volumes different machines have) 

  6. so as someone that works in 3D printing, i am pretty intrigued by the bauer helmet. I have two of the Tacks X, and will soon fit for a custom, and while I love them, i do see what I think is a potential problem with the Carbon Nest photopolymer, in that it with heat and moisture, it seems to weaken the lattice, and has swollen some areas of my liner where sweat accumulates during play, suggesting to me that it has potentially an issue with sweat/heat. Their TDS for materials suggest that distilled water itself causes low weight gain under submersion, but i dont see any tensile or impact testing after submersion, and they are probably not heating the water bath either. have you done any testing to see if the "digital foam" is similarly affected by moisture, humidity, and the general environment of being placed against a sweaty head for hours upon hours? 

  7. I use the mission core girdles for roller hockey. They are nice, but if you weren’t looking for the protective aspects honestly just go with the cheaper tour girdle. 

    as far as pants go, I have used the labeda ones for a while, but if you want a more traditional fit, I think pants are trending that way again, so maybe something a bit more modern would be a fit there 

  8. I’ve flown to several of the SJ events. Never had an issue with bag weights, but if your gear is over 50lbs you probably need to invest in some new stuff. 
    typically when I fly especially for a laid back event such as SJ, I pack my cheaper/backup gear when possible, you can also save some weight by not packing jerseys and socks, and as far as clothing, just pack some shorts and shirts and lighter things if you’re going to put it in your equipment bag, it is summer!

    I haven’t had any issues with equipment getting damaged or anything like that. One additional word of advice, print out the policy, and even though they have usually said to tape together your sticks, I’ve always just brought mine in a stick bag and never had them give me an issue 


  9. I had good luck with my first hoapa stick but have broken several now in the same area. They were all the same original model but it seemed like something changed in the construction at some point . I’ve only really liked them for roller hockey but tempted to try some of their new models to see if they could be good for ice

  10. On 6/8/2023 at 12:58 PM, VegasHockey said:

    Just wondering what do you like better? 

    My favorite wax is glo sauce but I think it’s no longer in production and I’m almost out. 


    12 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    ok, used it last night....



    So, it was easy to apply, anyone who has spray painted anything will know what to do, takes a few seconds.  It does give a shiny wet looking finish to the blade where there's no tape (I use white tape on the last 1/3 of the toe, might make black tape shiny too?).  Does definitely smell like maple syrup which, as we all found out, gets old FAST... we were in a huge locker room and it smelled real strong, like way too strong, can't imagine how it would be in a typical tiny locker room.  Performance wise... personally, I didn't care for it, I felt like the puck was sliding off my stick a lot more than usual.  I let a teammate use it as well and he was saying the same thing.  As for the snow build up, it did seem to prevent snow from sticking as much as normal wax, it would fall off with a quick wave/smack of the blade against the boards where as with wax I'd have to wipe with a glove and would sometimes have some ice build up.  I'm thinking the snow/ice preventative characteristics may have played a part in the negative puck grip since it was almost creating a more wet outer surface while keeping the actual tape dry (just a theory).  So one game was enough for me to make my decision, I'm going back to classic Howies wax.  Now I need to find out how to get this all off my blade, I'm thinking maybe some rubbing alcohol since they say sanitizer w/ alcohol is the best way to get it off your hands. 

    I feel your experience was similar to mine. 

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  11. I’ve used it. One of my leagues got a bunch of it to try, man does the scented version make the whole rink smell of maple syrup, in particular if you have like 30 people applying it 😄    

    as far as the products performance goes, it’s hard to tell from just a single usage, but it wasn’t my favorite wax/spray. Some of the guys really liked it however, so like all waxes it’ll likely be a matter of preference 

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  12. 6 hours ago, stick9 said:

    Bringing back an oldie...

    I am starting to see pro-stock version on sideline for reasonable money, sub $300US. I'm curious if anyone has tried them yet and what are your thoughts. I'm currently wearing a Tacks 710 that's getting a bit mangy on the inside.

    I have two, and I like them a lot. I think the custom version is in my future. To me they fit the best out of any retail helmet but there are a few things I think that could be fixed with a custom printed one. 

    my biggest issue with the helmet is that I do have some concern over how good the protection is after longer term usage. I’m finding the printed matrix starting to deform in areas. I also feel like the carbon resin they use to print them is a bit too soft, particularly after playing for a while when the material gets warmer and more pliable. 

  13. Not to sound like this is an advertisement, but I’d also recommend 5ivehole. I gave Charlie a concept and he knocked the design out of the park, and the single re-orders works great. In the 4 years, only reorders I’ve had to do is new team members, not damaged jerseys. Got socks also, and they are very durable as well. The other teams on the league complement us on the jerseys, which is good, because we at least have something to be complemented on, as it’s definitely not our play!

  14. Yeah, they just seem very obsessed with particularly targeting the agent, that video in particular was slightly cringe. It’s super weird too because the same guy does videos for Yew wax, and in one video he will be blasting Bauer for their sticks costing a premium price more than verbero, then in his video for Yew he will go on about how their bar size is small and  the price is higher than the competitors is ok because of their technology and quality of components. 

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  15. 11 hours ago, dkmiller3356 said:

    This is timely because I just kind of "found" prostockhockey last week and I have been considering buying a stick from them because they make my curve and I cannot find it anyplace.  @Stewie, did you use it for ice or roller?  How's the performance compare to the big boys?

    So I’ve used them for both (have three). My problem with forming a great opinion overall is that each of the three sticks was trying a very new to me curve, but as far as the flex and how the puck kicked, puck feel, they seemed to work out well, and no issues with durability in my usage. I do plan to get a p88 one to check out and do a more direct comparison. I really like their rounded shaft option, just wish they had the curve I really want to try that isn’t available anymore 

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