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  1. no, this is the one i was thinking about. theres a few other smaller threads too. probably a bit to sift through since its a pretty general thread, but maybe you will find something.
  2. Base has its own thread you can search for. Ton of info on there
  3. Love the pouch, have one, but the shift steel has a part that sticks up taller than the zipper so it cannot he zipped shut. Could potentially look into replacing the zipper with some other closure system, but I also work around lots of nice 3D printers and foam so making my own wouldn’t be too hard either.
  4. Anyone know a good steel holder that fits the shift steel? Thinking about 3D printing one if nothing easy enough exists on the market
  5. Have the same issue with my a6.0 stick as well as a shaft I have of theirs. Both super gummy.
  6. I think the confusion is stemming from you possibly quoting the wrong post. He’s talking about the difference between p90t and p90tm, so showing pictures of p28, p29 and p90t isn’t going to show that difference
  7. Personally im a bit nervous on the pure-x since I love the pure so much that I’d hate for them to change considerably, but will be holding out for them instead of stocking up, hoping their “new and improved” means just that. They haven’t let me down yet so we will see
  8. Not sure I agree here. With these smaller companies first impression is often everything, perhaps they are just waiting to make sure the product is solid before releasing it to the masses
  9. There’s some advantage to roller players too who eat through the bottom of blades quicker than normal
  10. For my entire life ages 7-35 I taped the whole top because up until 25 I almost solely used wood or aluminum sticks without grip coating, plus it was what the pros did, and for the next ten years I just taped it out of habit. Then Two years ago I saw some pro players with just their top knob portion taped, and decided to give it a try. It’s been much easier on the hands, and just made more sense to me to just cut out the extra work and use the stick’s grip coating.
  11. Yes. The rx3 is from the surgeon 500 and the hpr is from the stallion 500 (I think that was black and yellow). I wasn’t much of a fan of the original surgeon 500, in terms of comfort, but love the rx3. I don’t think the two lines look very similar, outside some of the basic construction materials, as the HPR is much more beefed up protection wise. If you want the highest mobility I’d go with RX3.
  12. The hpr line is not now the RX3, they are two separate lines (surgeon line on rx3, stallion HPR) HPR is their more protective (think tacks/supreme protective) and RX3 is their “more mobility” line with lighter weight (vapor/rbz)
  13. I’m not in the industry, but I’m assuming retailers would like to know what kind of floor space they are going to need for displays/how they will display the product ahead if time. It even says that the artwork etc is not final, so even if you had that inclination, at this point you’re just potentially spreading misinformation, like what happened here. if you value your relationship with a supplier, you should also value their confidentiality, plain and simple. Just because there are some shady dealers out there doesn’t have to mean you hamstring valuable information to the whole.
  14. There’s a difference between creating hype, and just giving away all the info right away. This is the whole reason spoilers exist.
  15. Still doesn’t equate, but Babcock did a lot of things in Detroit that are questionable too and bring him closer to Peters than you’d think. It’s partially why I was happy he left in the end (the other being I feel he is overrated as a coach). It’s not like Bowman was a saint in this aspect either, but Babcock just seemed to go over the line, and you’d think with his background in sports psychology he’d understand the effects that concussions can have on ones mindset in his dealings with Franzen, etc.
  16. Agree with you fully. Switched over to rx3 elbow pads, but few those wouldn’t be ideal for what the original poster was looking for. Still looking to find perfect shins to replace the RBZ but that’s another topic
  17. We sure about the validity of this? Those are all the same features of the DX, also kind of weird they wouldn’t show the actual stick in the catalogue for the stick
  18. Rbz elbow pads. Not sure about the more recent iterations, but the original rbz bows are the best I’ve found in this regard
  19. Definitely rough looking fit and finish wise. I’ll probably wait on either a price drop or bonus time to get one
  20. They are also at peranis as well
  21. Not to mention the “powered by true” and true logo at the top hand
  22. Photos to be added over holiday weekend. 2 pairs of modded Mako M8 skates in size 7.5D. First pair is set up for ice, with a LS Edge holder mounted on. Second pair is set up for inline and will come with a Alkali magnesium chassis (all 80), and konixx wheels that have some play left in them. Both conversions completed by JR. The roller pair has a portion of the bottoms trimmed off as i was originally planning on putting sprung chassis on it, but they wouldnt fit properly so made the audible to the alkali chassis. Switched to custom skates, so looking to offload these as a pair2 for 350$, and will come with the CXN holders (as long as i can find where they are packed). Both pairs used, but decent shape. RH STX Surgeon RX3 75flex x88 curve grip stick. Mild usage. measures 63.25 inches flat against wall. $100 RH Warrior Super Mac Daddy Retro 75 flex W16 Karlsson grip stick. Lightly used, just didnt care for curve. $100 Revision Flex wheels- Version that comes with True Custom Inlines. 80 80 76 76 from both skates (8 total wheels) and also including the bearings (RV 9) that come with the skates, which are nice as well. Used only 2 hours, just prefer my Konixx wheels and Bones bearings. Soft Version of the wheels. $100 All prices include shipping to the US.
  23. No, the last several posts were tangentially discussing the VT testing and methods and not directly this helmet. I’d prefer to see more input on the helmet than discuss a topic that’s already discussed in length
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