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  1. best advice i can give, pick a curve and stick with it. get comfortable using it in games and in free skates. youre throwing yourself off by constantly switching between curves
  2. keep the NXG it is really good bang for your buck, bauer is much further ahead with their stick technology than sherwood is.
  3. i bought an NXG on sale and i have absolutely been in love with it. the performance has been excellent and i love the feel of it. i;; admit i am a huge fan of the bauer supreme line but the NXG was fantastic. the durability has been great, taken a lot of shots and slashes and still is holding up great. i also take a lot of snap shots and i found it was a stick i could really get a lot of power from in my shots hope that helps
  4. i believe you are mistaken with that, as i have been told that each inch of stick cut off or added alters the flex 3 points so cutting 3 inches off would add 9 flex to the stick
  5. Bauer one95 Bauer Total one (95 flex) bauer MX3 (95) flex Stealth CNT grip Easton S17
  6. sorry but when it comes to skates i am a complete wash, how do those compare to a pair of the new skates, or like mine, the APX
  7. yes it does, adding length will lower the flex rating, about 5 flex for every two inches
  8. Garder belt, best solution
  9. the CNT was the best stick i have ever used, i wish they hadnt discontinued it.
  10. my guess would be that, like the sticks, they are painted with graphics different to their construction, and that the switch back and forth is cause the older pair of skates are broken in and comfortable. every little edge can count
  11. if i remember correctly what the reps for my school team said, most professionals will have sticks painted with the newest graphics that company wants, but how the stick is made is completely customized, from flex, flex profile and other little quirks.
  12. im 5'10" and i use 100 flex sticks cut down about an inch in mid flex sticks and 87s for my vapor 40s. i have tried 87s in mid flex sticks but they are just too soft, with the way a shoot, all my shots go to the right of where i want to shoot. so its 100s for me
  13. when did hockey canada switch over from the DX100 visors?
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