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  1. As soon as your out of the moon boot start working on range of motion and strengthening. Physical therapy is great, but there will bevthing you can do at home too. Good luck.
  2. Ice and elevation. Get some PT bands and work on getting it stretched. I was useless for 12 weeks.
  3. My scar was sore for a couple of months. I used an ace wrap to prevent too much irritation at first. Then I transitioned to kinesology tape that still use now. Scar massage helps a ton in bresking it down and getting to act like normal skin again, also use creams & lotions to help with the scar becoming flexible. The more elastic you can get the scar the better.
  4. Same here. Broken L fibula, displaced and a plate with 7 screws. Surgery date Oct 9, 2015. I started skating after 12 weeks and had the same pain that your describing. I also wear tall boots for work and had issues with that too. July 19, 2016 I had all hardware removed. I'm playing hockey again, every monday and friday night. Im 37, so I don't bounce like I used too.
  5. Yes, scar tissue irritation. Its slowly getting better, I was worried I would have to get new skates.
  6. My ortho said it was out of place enough to cause problems if it healed that way. If the ankle is out of alignment then everything going up has to compensate. I'd have arthritis earlier in life and additional knee, hip and back problems because of it. So I opted for surgery. Then I had it all taken out 9 months later. It's a much slower progression compared to my acl reconstruction. I'm doomed to have arthritis anyway.
  7. Everyone told me Id heal faster and have less issues since I had surgery. Wrong, the hardware caused a lot of problems. I wish I hadn't had to have the displacement realigned.
  8. I don't know it will ever be closed. I've been skating since Aug with an ace bandage wrapped around the incision. It helped a little , not enough to skate any more than an hour. For the past week I've quit using the ace wrap when I did sticks n pucks and when I'm coaching. The Friday I'll try a game without the extra padding. Every other aspect of my injury is a non issue.
  9. Thats great! Hopefully by the end of our fall seasons we will be back to our old selves. Ive skates in 2 games, 2 mite evaluations and a ref clinic, The hour games and clinic I felt pretty good, still having a hard time getting comfortable on the left skate outside edge. But anything longer than an hour and the swelling becomes problematic.
  10. I think 4 hours of skating in 3 days last weekend was overdoing it a bit. I played a game last night and the ankle is good, a little sore, but nothing like last weekend. Back to the gym on monday and I;ll keep doing my stretching and ROM until I can skate and not think about my ankle. The public skate times around me are garbage too.
  11. I was told by my doc that the displacement was enough that I would have long term issues with arthritis and other joint issues if I didn't have surgery. I didn't heal any faster than someone who was not cut on. Work up slowly back to playing. I tried to kill myself at therapy, I would push myself until the therapist told me to stop. My time slot was 30-45 min and I was usually there for an hour and a half. I did this not only to get back on the but for my job as well. I was lucky and my local rink started adult clinics on Monday nightso, so I was able to use that to get back into playing shape. Good luck IPv6freely.
  12. The plate and screws were driving me crazy; uncomfortable and a very unnatural feelings. The feeling is better, but now I have to play with the skate fit.
  13. Last Sept I was submarined from behind on a breakaway and crashed into the boards feet first, resulting in a broken displaced fibula. 2 weeks later a plate and 7 screws were placed to line everything back up. I started PT in Dec and finished in Feb, 2 to 3 times a week. Missed 12 weeks of work. I started skating again in Feb and by July I had been on the ice 3 times a week. The hardware was a constant bother, if I goy any kind of bump or put awkward pressure on the outside of my left skate I was done. July 19 I had the hardware taken out. I am skating again and the feeling is much better. I m still having a n issue with the top of my skate boot putting too much pressure on where the break was. It swells and looks like a mosquito bite. I'm hoping this goes away with time, if not ill have to find a skate that has a higher boot. Ive tried wrapping my ankle with an ace bandage to provide more cushion, it helps minimally. Im 37 and sure don't bounce like used too.
  14. I shot a email to Bauer and they sent me a screen shot of the order form. The stiffness is a 2 and everything else is the standard Total one skate, besides the quarter sizing and adding a custom ankle pad. I have skated in these for about a month, the feel ok but not perfect. Width wise they are excellent, but the length feels too long on both skates. I got measured at my LHS and he said my left foot is a 9 and right is a 8 1/4, while both feet are about a C width; which contradicts how my foot is fitting into the T1's.
  15. I would love to have a set custom made for me. But budget wise I will start with a second hand pro stock skates. I will need to save the 800 to 1000 dollars for customs.
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