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  1. @stick9I saw that page but the it doesn’t state what the “N” stands for at the end of the code.
  2. I know there is a post out there about pro stock stick codes but I can’t find the answer to the code I have on my stick. Its a Alpha QX with a code of T3QRLN. I can see it’s a QRL repainted but I don’t know what the rest would be. Anyone help?
  3. Recently purchased a pair of 2sPro skates and they only came with the mid flex inserts for the tendon guards. Anyone know if I can get the stiff inserts and where I would be able to find them? Thanks
  4. Has anyone had any experience with the STX Stallion HPR stick? Seem reasonably priced but haven’t seen any in my area or anyone using them. Pros/cons? Thanks
  5. Is the length of the FT1’s the same at Vapors or do they differ a bit? Larger smaller?
  6. Looking to get a pair of CCM FT1 skates and wanted to know about how the sizing matches up to Bauer Vapors. I’m currently wearing pro stock Vapor 1X in an 8.75eea which fits me perfectly. I wear a 10.5 shoe. Is the sizing of the FT1’s the same as Vapors or would I have to go up/down a half size?
  7. I have seen multiple skates in the length I would need, it’s just the width that I’m mostly concerned about. The Trues I have looked at online only have a barcode on the bottom of the sole but in most cases the numbers are not clear enough to make out being that they are used. If I was able to read the numbers I might have a shit if getting some specs from True but I can’t in this case. Most are listed with the length but the width is unknown.
  8. Thanks, I figured this was the case but just wanted to verify.
  9. Any input would be helpful, Thanks in advance. I’m looking into a pair of True skates and found a lot of pro stocks avaible. I’ve seen a lot in both D and EE width but I have also read that they will mold to any width. Any truth to this? I know they are custom fit to the customers foot but if they do in fact mold to any shape it should be little to no problems if I heat me up correct?
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