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  1. Send us an email and I'll send you an extension - we have some here in the office.
  2. Yeah we can make that work - depending on the size of the order we can get more attractive with the pricing (a full on team order for 2 mens league teams would net a pretty attractive discount). Our Canada store (and warehouse) are just about finalized - but we can work this order separately - you can either email us (and we'll pass your info to our team sales guys) or you can skip that step and email them directly (just mention you were sent over from this forum - I'll make sure they are aware of this convo). icehockeyteam@stx.com Once they know some of the parameters of what you are looking to order etc. they'll be able to walk you through the pricing / delivery options etc.
  3. Are you planning to order the Surgeon or the Stallion EP's? The Stallion HPR pads are a bit longer (and they have a removable slash guard at the high end). The pads are 3 piece design - so they are going to fit a little more like the VAPORS (they won't have the volume of the Nexus pads). but depending on how big your forearms or biceps are you might be on the upper end of the fit range for the MED - would you say you have overly large forearms or biceps?
  4. Yes - Boucher uses the Puregrip and a handful of other players have requested it.
  5. Send us an email stxhockey@stx.com and we'll do our best to help you out!
  6. All 3 of these players use pretty standard patterns. Trocheck uses X91 Moulson uses X9 Pirri uses a slightly modified X28
  7. send us an email stxhockey@stx.com and we'll help you out.
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