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  1. Reviving an old thread. I have one of these and am wondering if it needs a wave washer. The spinner is flying and I thought its supposed to drag. I don’t want to destroy a spinner. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question on my spinners. Everyone says they are lasting a long time for them , usually for several wheels. I seem to be going through a spinner a wheel. I basically sharpen 3 pairs of skates ( mine and my 2 kids). I dress the wheel after sharpening a pair. I am dressing the wheel until it no longer has black on it from my fine shine passes. I lightly touch the spinner to the wheel just barely touching it. I appear to have 2 spinners that are bad. They developed a shiny spot that looks like a line around the spinner. When I sharpen the skates they have a hollow and look sharp ,but one side of the blades will have a dull edge . The dull edge will coincide with the shiny spot on the dressing wheel. I bought a new drag cap and the spinner spins freely. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  3. Well what do you know. Thanks for the info on wissotas site. I had set my machine up (bought used) based on blackstones reccomendations. It seems that the clamp part of the holder might have been tweaked a little. Whe I set it up with a square like wissota says the holder was off. I fixed it and ran a pair of skates through and it was on the money. The blades checked out square and I had a good edge all the way. I hope thats the issue. I will do my regular skates tomorow. Thanks for the the heads up
  4. I will check that out ,but am not sure that's it. I forgot to mention that it is in the middle to back part of the blade . So the front ,middle and all the way at the end have a great edge . There is a portion between the middle and the end that is not getting the same edge.
  5. Hello all. I seem to be having a problem with my xo2. It is always on the inside edge of the right skate and the outside edge of the left skate. I put the skates in the same way all the time and it happens to just about all the skates. There is a spot on the blade about 3 inches that doesn't get the same edge as the rest of the skate. If I do the nail drag against the blade the whole blade is sharp except for that spot. It is not just my skates ,but other skates also. I am leaning towards it being something with the holder. I have the older style holder. Any one have any ideas or ways to fix it. Thanks... Dave
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