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    Graf G7, Graf 707, Easton Mako II
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    Easton CXST E28 flex 100
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    Easton RS II
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    Bauer IMS 11.0
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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG girdle
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    Easton Mako
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    Easton Mako
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    Easton Mako
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  1. Can you get Black Steel for Graf Ultra 5000 holder size 288?
  2. I have the Easton Makos and think they are the best. They have great natural movement for skating and shooting and are very protective in the front and in the back. I was worried about the conex style of the pad but got used to it in 2 games. I don't even notice I'm wearing it anymore. The shoulder caps are not bulky but give great protection and are low profile too. So good I bought a 2nd backup pair when these wear out.
  3. What flex did you get and how big are you as I was thinking on getting the 77 flex as I like a whippy stick?
  4. I got my daughter's steel profiled 2 months ago with a 13' radius and 1mm pitched forward on size 3 Graf 735 Premium skates. She was using Bauer Velocity skates last season with factory steel with no profile done. I was thinking this season it was a good move to get her new Grafs profiled to help her with skating. She is a good skater but it seems this season since using the new skates she has taken a step backwards with her skating as it's not as good as last season with her Bauers. I was thinking getting a 13' that her straight line speed would be faster but haven't noticed this. She is saying she isn't as agilie with her edge work as she was with her old skates. Not sure what the radius was on those Bauers, like maybe a 10' I'm thinking? Just wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions to help me in deciding what to do. I don't know much about profiles and how they work, but a little bit from what I've read on here. Correct me if I'm wrong that a 13' radius puts more steel on the ice so your straight away speed should be faster and if you go with a lower 9' radius there is less steel on the ice but you will be more agile on the ice? I'm thinking that she might need like a 9' or 10' radius to make her more agile again. What do you guys suggest? Thx.
  5. What kind of blades are those Optimus?
  6. I just wondering if anyone has either of these shin guards and could tell me how they like them and how protective they are. I was thinking on replacing my Makos as I'm worried they aren't protective enough. I do like how comfortable they are but I don't want to get hurt. I just wanted to see if one shin pad is better than the other. I had a chance to try on the Pros and they look like they would be very protective for blocking pucks. I haven't seen the PRO 10's in the store yet and was wondering about the E-Cell on the calf guard.
  7. I have not gotten the stick as I thinking on maybe going with the Bauer Nexus 1N in P28 77 flex. I really do still like this stick but if I did get it I would go with the QRPro W71 75 flex as the Pro is supposed to be more durable. I have shot the QR1 W71 85 flex pattern in the shooting range and it shoots great. It's a lot like the Coffey curve if you have ever seen it but I think it's more pronounced then the Sherwood's out now. I would say it's a toss up for me between the Warrior QRPro W71 75 flex, Bauer Nexus 1N P28 77 flex right now and maybe the Easton CX ST E28 75 flex. I haven't actually seen any of the sticks in the 75 and 77 flex though. I used to have the P92 curve in a Bauer yrs ago and it was great for stick handling for me. It's very similar to their P28 or Easton's E28 curve. I would just say more of a toe curve. I couldn't shoot that good with the P92 so I stopped using it. But weird that I can shoot good with the E28 curve as I used the Easton Mako 2's last season and it's still my favorite stick ever.
  8. 60PlusWinger, so I take you bought one of the Bauer Nexus 1N P28 87 flex sticks for yourself and got to try it out on the ice? I was seriously thinking on getting the 1N P28 77 flex as I've tried it at the shooting area at the LHS and really liked how it felt. I'm an Easton guy for sticks too so hopefully this stick helps my shot.
  9. You should try using Command Grips from Tacki-Mac, I've been using them for many yrs and they work great.
  10. Thx Bubaloo, I like to take wristers and slappers so this is good to hear. I was also wondering about the durability of this stick? Does the blade break down quickly like the Easton's? How is it for taking slashes down by the shaft and blade? All of my Mako 2's broke after getting a knick from slashes and then a would take a slap shot and the stick would break in half.
  11. I've always wondered for those people who purchased the VH skates have they made you a better skater than your previous skate? No difference or even worse? I know they are super comfy and they fit great but I just wanted to know if most people who bought them noticed a change for the better out there on the ice?
  12. Bubaloo, just wondering if you could tell us what is amazing about the Bauer 1N? As I was thinking on maybe getting this stick.
  13. Looks more like grey but I really like it.
  14. Enis, so what stick did u decide to go with, CX ST or V9E? I really like the E28 pattern as it's great for stick handling. I need to learn to shoot off the toe as I'm old school and shoot from the heel. Have you checked out the W71 pattern from Warrior?
  15. Scatman, I'm very interested in what you have to say about the Bauer 1N P28, whether you like it or not and how it shoots. What flex did you get? I was thinking on getting the same but with a 75 flex or maybe an Easton CX ST E28 75 flex or even maybe a Warrior QR Pro W71 pattern in a 75 flex. Still undecided for my new season twig.
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