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  1. Shift+ Newer skate, new materials...looks soo dope :P
  2. new RPD+ range is up on inlinewarehouse! exciting times!! roll round Nov 19th for uk release!
  3. maybe not...was my internet..wishful thinking lol
  4. not sure if this is my internet...but i cant get on the alkali website...must mean..new site on the way :D
  5. thing with holding out too long though is only limited sizes get left behind lol
  6. Just to add, i will be going for the new shift+ when they are released next month. The fact Alkali put a smaller chassis on sizes 5-6.5 with smaller wheels is a clincher (i am a 6.5 size). Shows the thought they have put into every size range to make the most responsive skate for everyone (no matter how small or tall you are!).
  7. releap; the guys at alkali for their second range listened to a lot of feedback they got from their players. The consensus lead to Alkali adjusting the the chassis, so it was mounting further up into the boot (or the boot lower onto the chassis-whatever way you look at it). The benefits stated by Alkali, is a more responsive chassis through the turns and better more direct power transfer. My choice would echo Wicked3Aussies and say go with the Shift.
  8. i hear UK sales will be around the 19th of Nov.... im super excited. New shifts look perfect.
  9. Me too! Justin..you need to update your website too, so i can drool over the new stuff with high res pics!
  10. so when does the official countdown start to the new skates... #excited
  11. A 76mm straight setup works how an all 80mm setup works for a taller person. I imagine, with size 6-6.5 feet you are short (i certainly am! ) With shorter legs you have to put more work in to get going etc (thus Justin saying increased fatigue). With an all 80mm chassis (with an assumed min wheel gap of 1mm) the total end to end wheel base would be 323mm. On a 76mm chassis this 307mm meaning 16mm of reduced wheel base. Shorter wheel base = a much more responsive skate for example... compare a S class merc vs a miata... the miata has a much smaller wheelbase...and will be much more responsive to inputs.
  12. I'm a size 6.5 and like the idea of the 76 setup. The wheel base becomes shorter..and thus more agile. Shows Alkali put some thought into the smaller sizes too!
  13. sorry to be a bore... but is the oct 1st date same world wide? Or will i be waiting patiently here in the uk for a bit longer :(
  14. So a good deal of stiffness at a lower price point... interesting :) The shift+ look sexy as F$%K though :P
  15. Does this mean the Team+ is comparable to the current shift in terms of stiffness?
  16. I tried on some RPD lites recently (shop only had these in my size). In a bauer skate, a size 6 feels like my toes are swimming. Doesnt feather the toe cap.. However with the RPD lites..my toes were jammed against the end. I need to try some 6.5s on, but i think a 7 would be too big for me. There are shops here saying the rpd range is very similar to UK shoe size. Hopefully Justin can clarify. I think a bauer 6 = a 25.5cm long foot bed, whereas an Alkali 6 is 25.0cm
  17. I'm in exactly the same boat... the new Alkali teaser pictures...omg.. without sounding disrespectful to the current range or the guys at Alkali.. the new stuff to come, looks even more polished and "complete" as a product, almost bauer like in finish..if that makes sense? I thought the current range (when it was released) was the same thing (much more complete) against the CA range. It seems like you guys are making all the right moves. Do i wait..or do i get shifts... damn you for releasing these images :( lol
  18. Will Demon Xtreme not just take them back and offer a refund?
  19. This may sound silly..did you fully tie up the skates..or are your toes crushed prior to lacing. Essentially tieing the skates up will push your foot back in to the heel cup.. I also imagine after a bake..you will free up some space. I guess what im asking is..how crushed is crushed? Lol
  20. Justin..when is the new range hitting UK shores? comparing the skates to the older range..you can physically see that rake in the boot..looks like you will have the MOST effective all 80mm setup.
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