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  1. I was an early bird on the first batch of the full R1 skates last year (got the insanely priced early bird price of 50% off). My back ground is primarily roller hockey only. I was using Alkali RPD Shift+ skates previously, so purchasing the R1 skate was an easy choice, in regard to the fitment of the boot is the same (just a lot stiffer) as what i was used to. This meant the only real thing i had to get used to was rocker. The first skate was weird, the rocker is subtle, but can catch you off guard at first. However, as you get used to feeling over having a rocker (remember- ive only played roller), its fantastic, my skating felt incredibly smooth. Transitions from forward to backwards, feel awesome. Its almost hard to put your finger on, but the skating feels enhanced, and buttery smooth. Its hard to put into words. The grip is insane too ( i know a contributing factor is the wheels) but the extra contact through the rocker, really does enhance grip ( i actually want to run some harder wheels and see how they fair). A friend of mine bought a pair too. His experience has been positive. His background is more ice then roller, and he admitted he felt much more at home on the R1s.
  2. Coming from a P88/P40 you wont have too long transitioning. It feels more natural then going from a P88 to a E3.
  3. Ive used a p88 and P28. I always found myself going back to the P88 as it felt really comfy..but missing some of toe from the P28. The P30 is essentially the first 3/4 of the P88 up to the last 1/4 for the toe..where its more P28 (but no where as aggressive). There rocker for the curve is around the middle of the blade which to my feel..is much more forward of that on the P88 (similar rocker to a P29/P92) Its a great curve, feels chilled like the P88, but very easy to "pull in, and shoot" like the P28. P88 users wont find it too hard to transition..
  4. another vote for the True A4.5, great stick i use an intermediate stick, and its a very light stick at that pricepoint. The Bauer S180s i also use (again in intermediate) are more expensive in terms of price point, but heavier.
  5. If you a curious about trying blade patterns.. could be worth opting for a True shaft, and trying their clones of each blade. Could be a cheaper mistake if you dont like one/two. The only reason i say this is because i wasted money buying whole sticks with different curves (at the time of trial and error it was harder to find an intermediate shaft and all the blade patterns, because in the UK theres limited stock. This has changed now that True is selling in the UK)- obviously you could use a bauer..but im not sure if the P28 is sold as a separate blade. Ive tried P92, P28 and P88. I always came back to the P88. i just find the P88 to be a very forgiving curve. Can do everything very well.
  6. the I bought a True 4.5... loved it. The pricepoint vs performance is very very good.
  7. I literally tried the P92 for the same reason tbh..because generally in England, the shops will carry P92/other sakic clones, but P88s are generally an order in. Both my P88 and P92 are cut at the same height. Funnily enough, i cut the P92 down after a couple of sessions with it, until i found the height at which i was happy with. I was pleasantly surprised that when i compared it to the P88, that they were both the same height.
  8. I recently tried a P92..whilst going through a "try another different blade phase". I would say shooting with a p92 feels a bit easier..but i felt the blade itself was a bit longer then the P88. I felt even though the P92 and P88 are listed as the same lie, the P88 does play a bit lower. However my p88 and p92 are both the same length. I ended up back with my P88 because i felt more comfortable with passing and stick handling with it. For me, the P92 was a good blade but, i felt my passing, backhands and stickhandling were much crisper.
  9. Do you guys sell in the UK? Both bags look awesome!
  10. Its interesting that people are sizing down the True gloves compared to what they wear.. Has anyone had any experience who is normally a 13", and had to drop to a 12" in True (ie a Jr size).
  11. Thread revival...sorry, thought id offer my opinion anyway. Ive used P88, P28/E28, and P92 in the last year (experimenting with curves). I always came back to the P88. To me at least, the P88 is a very inoffensive curve. It catches and sends passes very well. Stick handling is good, as are backhands. There is a lot of blade down, and the rockered heel does make it quite versatile..at least for me.
  12. I was one of these people, had to calm myself down haha! .. I learnt that for my "ye ol faithful" p88 allowed me to do everything well. When i wasn't shooting right.. just realized i needed to get my technique better. Which meant much more practice. That has really paid off for me.
  13. A shorter P02... like one where you take a standard P02 and cut like 3/4" off and do nothing else to the blade!
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