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  1. From what I've observed looking at curves the P29 is not very similar to the P92. The P92 is almost identical (slightly more closed) to the P87A. I own both curves right now.
  2. I purchased the CCM Jetspeeds and I can attest to the fit. I wore Bauer supreme one80s for 4 years so my foot is very used to that fit. My foot is pretty normal: little wide, normal arch, normal toes, size 12. The heel lock on the Jetspeeds is amazing, I can really feel it lock in there and not want to move, ankle support is great (I like my skates to be very tight so I have better balance), and the comfort and weight are phenomenal. The boot is like putting your foot in a memory foam pillow, soft but firm, and the skates don't feel heavy or make me more tired than normal. The runners are great, dig in nicely with a 3/8 cut with good balance. The only thing I would say is right above the toe box where the tongue begins squeezes my foot. I attempted to bake the skates and that made the problem a little better but at the collegiate hockey level I can feel a little pain after an hour long practice and I hope this goes away after a little more breaking in. I have not attempted to use the custom insoles yet but I need to. If there is any interest in those let me know.
  3. Quick question for anyone who knows. I am a huge fan of the Ribcor line and when I bought the 40K I liked the P87A and I was hoping that would be on the next line, but it's not. Now they have the P29 which is more like the old P87 but neither is anything like P87A (which I would assume was to be geared toward a younger demographic and thats why they created it). Now the P19(Nugent-Hopkins) is very similar (if not better in my opinion) to the P87A; however, they are not selling that curve on the any of the three new sticks! So my questions: why do they specifiy certain blade patterns to certain lines? And where in the heck did RNH go?
  4. Just one quick question: has anyone heard anything about a new Reebok stick coming anytime soon? I haven't I was just wondering because I want to see if they can improve the Ribcore tech in a different stick so I can buy that one and I don't want to buy a stick without knowingfirst
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