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  1. Thanks guys. Are there any other options out there? Anything that can be worn on the interior of the skate that isn't uncomfortable?
  2. A number of years ago I had terrible injury on the rink from blocking a shot. I took a puck off the side of the foot and it shattered my foot. 9 breaks. Couldn't walk for 6 months. I had difficulties in the healing process and it never fully healed within those 6 months....the doctor simply said that the only thing we hadn't tried was just taking the cast off and making me walk on it normally to promote blood flow. I am finally going to get back out there and as the beginning of the season creeps closer, I am getting more anxiety over re-injuring my foot. I have seen the skatefender and the shotblocker foot protectors. Are there any other products out there like these? Thanks guys.
  3. If you're looking for a stiff boot, go with bauer. I wear the bauer XR premier and love it. I block shots all day long and these boots take it in stride. This is after playing in a graf boot and taking a shot off the foot that resulted in a shattered metatarsal bone. Couldn't walk for 5 months....so maybe I'm a little biased towards a stiff, protective boot. Mission boot is stiff too, then alkali. At least, that's my opinion.
  4. I saw a great deal on a pair of skates in my size. The only problem is that the width was EE. I bought them anyway and the extra width isn't an issue.
  5. Skates: Bauer Premier XR, Graf 703 w/black sure-grip 505 chassis Stick: easton mako 75 flex w/drury composite blade, easton ultra lite 100 flex w/bauer wood blade Gloves: Tour, mission warp Pants: Bilt Rite Works, Tour 10w30 Shins: Bilt Rite Works Helmet: Bauer 7500, Mission Intake
  6. Bathroom cream cleaner with bleach applied with a toothbrush. It works and you can control the application with the toothbrush.
  7. Thanks! great seller and quick shipment
  8. What's left? Helmets? Any CCM or Easton sticks?
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