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  1. Hey just chiming in here since i think i can help. All retailers that have the CCM 3D Fit Scanner have the option of the 3D Custom Molded and Total Custom skates. There is a Retailer-Finder at the bottom of this page: https://ccmhockey.com/en/3d-fit-scanner#sm.000xztiij19kmdpsto12lifraaojx Hope this helps you out. JS
  2. as per @colins, you are correct. Same length, pro stock included.
  3. Hi Colins, thanks for tagging me on this although you have it pretty much figured out. In 2016, with the launch of the original Super Tacks line, we adjusted our sizing tags and moved everything in the new Super Tacks line a half-size up from the JetSpeed line. This was going to be the new sizing for all new products for CCM moving forward (and still relevant for today's launches). Which means that: 8D JetSpeed (2015) with 272 holder = 8.5D Super Tacks with 272 holder 8.5D JetSpeed (2015) with 280 holder = 9D Super Tacks with 280 holder Even though we continued to sell the JetSpeed line in 2016, we did not make the change midway through its lifecycle and didn't make the sizing-label changes on that line. We made the change in 2017 with the launch of the "FT-line" So for full clarity, here is how the sizing tags work right up to until this year's launch: 8D JetSpeed (2015) line = 8.5D Super Tacks line 8.5D JetSpeed FT1 line 8.5D Super Tacks AS1 line every one of these models with 272 holder 8.5D JetSpeed (2015) line = 9D Super Tacks line 9D JetSpeed FT1 line 9D Super Tacks AS1 line every one of these models with 272 holder I hope this helps, let me know if i can be of any more assistance.
  4. Hey Martin, let me try to help out here. If you're able to try on a few pairs, i would suggest you do, but if you're looking for your best shot at the best fit based on what you've given us, here's what i recommend: Based on your current pair of skates, here is how you most likely size up by sub-brand: JetSpeed: 9 RibCor: 9 New Tacks line (Super Tacks, Ultra, 6092, 5092, etc): 9.5 If you were wearing EE, you should stick with that for CCM skates as well. Generally, those wearing your skates fit very well in the New Tacks line. It has an average heel width with a very precise heel lock design. The Super Tacks forefoot width in EE is our widest. So the 2016 Tacks line is the first pair i would try on if i were you.
  5. Thanks for everyone's comments on this, @ouhockeyplayer reached out to me directly to get more info, so i thought I would share here. Lots of comments in this thread were accurate. As i explained to him, it is a natural form (or overlap) that can be seen when using real carbon fiber and twisting it into shapes to make sports equipment. You can often see this in high performance bikes, tennis racquets and ski boots, as examples. To a certain extent, it proves real carbon fiber is being used. Most importantly, performance and stiffness are maintained, zero negative effect. The skates that were tested with players in the CHL and CIS in the two years prior to launch all had the same form and performance was always top. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  6. Great question, i know sizing for a growing kid can be tough. You want to give the kid a skate that fits them well so they can perform, but you don't want them outgrowing skates too quickly. The size 5.5 Super/Ultra Tacks is a smidge longer than the RBZ. However, it's the last size in JR skates, where you get to have the skates at $300 less than SR skates (starting at size 6). For this reason, it might be worth it for you to get him the 5.5 if he is comfortable for some short term $ savings. If he feels like a size 6 fits him well too, then you will be spending more for the SR skate, but you know you'll get more time from the skates. There's a tradeoff in both cases. I hope this helps you make a decision. Good luck!
  7. The skates come with a very anatomical fit right out of the box (more so than any skate we've ever launched), so many players are able to get a great feel for the skates and the responsiveness of the one-piece boot frame without baking them. We ran most of our retail staff demo events with no ovens, so people tried them and enjoyed them with the out of the box fit. You're 100% spot-on when you say that a major point of a fully heat moldable 1-piece carbon fiber boot is to micro customize it to the foot in order to get max benefits out of the skate. So, it is really up to the store if they will allow for baking of the skates. It's their pair. We recommend to bake the skate twice at most. If they don't allow baking, i still think you will get an excellent feel for the advantages of the MonoFrame 360 technology, and an even better experience with your own pair once you heat mold them.
  8. Adding 0.5 to the foot disc is generally good practice. Based on your feedback, i would definitely recommend a size 8.
  9. Fair question. The boot fits a lot of players very well right out of the box. Some players require a standard heating to push out very minor pressure points to get a perfected fit, or just to get a preferred wrap over the top of the foot to look the entire foot into the skate. The skate adapts extremely well to micro customizations like these. For bone spurs, you will need to punch out the skate.
  10. Yes, those reports are correct. If you were wearing a 2014 Tacks, a 2015 JetSpeed or any pump skate, you will now move up 0.5 sizes in the 2016 Tacks line.
  11. I can help here. There has been a significant upgrade in the mid-level boot quality and stiffness since the 2014 model. It started with the JetSpeed line and will continue through the 2016 Tacks line as well. The Tacks 6092 is comparable in price to the old 5052, but the boot material is a much higher grade composite material that is lighter, stiffer and more durable than the material used in the 2014 Tacks and 2013 RBZ skates. If you look at the CCM website, you will see that it is named a Power Form Composite. I should note, as well, that the Ultra Tacks uses a Carbon Fiber material, which is the highest grade material in the Tacks line (and stiffest), so that is your best option if you're looking for the stiffest boot at a price point below the Super Tacks.
  12. Most online retailers now have the full line available on pre-order with detailed specs. - The Super Tacks is a one-piece carbon composite boot. - The Ultra Tacks is a two-piece (with outsole) carbon composite boot - The Tacks 6092 is a two piece, textured composite material skate - The Tacks 5092 is a two piece composite material skate.
  13. The heating process is the same for the Super Tacks as it has been for our skates the last few years. - preheat the skate oven at 220F - Leave skates in the oven for a maximum of 2 minutes - tighten the skates normally to get the wrap around the entire foot. Do not over tighten. - stay seated for 10-15 minutes, knees bent at 90 degrees. Do not stand or flex the skates during this time. - Do not play with the skates for a minimum of 12 hours
  14. Good question on the fit. In general (and i have to use this term because fit comparisons are incredibly subjective as I'm sure you know), players we tested wearing skates like yours preferred the JetSpeed EE fit, and when it came to Super Tacks there was a move to D (because Super Tacks fit slightly wider than JetSpeed). The real question is if you like how "very snug" you are in your current skates. If you like it, i would suggest an 8.5D in Super Tacks, whereas if you would like a little more room, then opt for the 8.5EE. I hope this helps. JS
  15. Good question, I'm happy to explain. We spent a lot of time analyzing the ice skating stride with our research partners at the University of Calgary (Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research) as well as consulting prior research on the matter. The tendon guard on the Super Tacks skate is optimally placed to provide a maximum power stride. It has been straightened out compared to the previous version of Tacks to assure full clearance of the stride. See this video from Hockey Tutorial on Youtube that illustrates this difference. As for the tendon stiffness, it helps with its durability, as this is an area of any skate which is more susceptible to breaking down than almost any other part, due to how players put on and take off their skates. It's a spec that is often requested for our pro custom skates.
  16. Hi Aireaye. I very much respect your opinion on this, and in fact, agree very much which is why our team implemented a change. It's really about a long term view. I came into my role at CCM 18 months ago, and thought the sizing differences in the industry were actually ridiculous, let alone the differences between the skates of our brand. There's no reason for a player to fit as an 8.5 in one brand, and an 8 in the other. So, our team implemented a sizing change starting with the Tacks 2016 where we moved up 0.5 on sizing, and we will do the same with the 2017 product lines. This is short term "painpoint" for long term clarity for all hockey players. We will be communicating this very clearly to consumers and retailers so that come 2017, all of the most popular skates in the industry will have the same sizing.
  17. Because of my position as CCM representative, I don't want to compare the two products, it would sound too "marketingy" anyways. What i can do is show you a raw and untouched example of how i punched a skate out during a testing phase, to see how responsive the carbon fiber skate materials were to heat molding. Again, this was just a lab test to see how far we can push the materials, it wasn't an actual punch for any player. Send me your email by direct message and i'll show you. I don't think i can post a picture on this thread (unless I'm completely clueless on how to do so...) JS
  18. Yeah, we use carbon fiber in the skate so it is a stiff construction that maximizes responsiveness. It's also important to note that the carbon fiber used in this skate is uniquely and extremely responsive to heat molding, so once you bake them, they are very malleable while they're hot and molding to your feet. Once they cool down and lock into your fit, the stiffness won't hinder your comfort, it really just benefits you in terms of how reactive the skates are to your movements. Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions!
  19. The description you're giving is just about perfect for a Super Tacks. We tightened up the heel A LOT on the Super Tacks vs the 2014 Tacks and it's similar in dimension to the JetSpeed except that it is anatomically shaped (asymmetrical ankle bone placement) rather than symmetrical (on JetSpeed), so your heel lock is further improved in the shape of our 2016 skate. The forefoot is a hint roomier than JetSpeed and is best described as a medium width. and that size conversion is exactly what I changed into: a 6.5D JetSpeed into a 7D Super Tacks
  20. Seems about right. If you were 7.5 on the foot disc, means you will be an 8.5 on Super Tacks 2016. Glad you'll try them out!
  21. Sizing was adjusted for the 2016 Tacks line. Most stores have not received the most recent Super Tacks sizing tool, so you were likely sized on an older version of the brannock or FootDisc. The new sizing is actually 0.5 higher than JetSpeed and RibCor/Reebok. That means: If you're a size 8D in Reebok RibCors, you are a size 8.5D in Super Tacks and the entire 2016 Tacks line..
  22. The major difference between the Super Tacks and the Ultra Tacks is the one piece boot frame on the Super Tacks versus a traditional 2-piece boot construction on the Ultra Tacks (carbon fiber boot and carbon fibre outsole). Other elements which separate the two are: - Super Tacks includes the CCM Custom Currex Footbed (high, med or low arch support) - Super Tacks starts at size 4, Ultra Tacks starts at size 1 and also has a youth offering - The price. The Super Tacks is set to be advertised at $899 in the US whereas the Ultra Tacks will be $699.
  23. A lot of people are asking about the difference in fit between the JetSpeed and the Super Tacks. Here's a quick explanation: - Super Tacks will have a medium forefoot, while JetSpeed has a slightly more narrow forefoot. - Both skates have a medium volume. Feel free to send me a message if you would need more information, thanks!
  24. Great question from the both of you. The Super Tacks will have a completely redesigned anatomical fit that is Medium in all the key dimensions (forefoot, heel, volume). That means the 2016 Tacks line will be more narrow than the 2014 Tacks line. It remains our widest fit, but note that our CCM fits are now really playing in the narrow (RibCor, JetSpeed) to medium (Super Tacks) range . We will of course offer an EE version as well.
  25. Hey, I'm just taking a few moments to read through this thread and see if i can help people that have with questions they have on the new skate. The fit on the Super Tacks will be quite different from the 2014 Tacks. The one-piece boot frame of the Super Tacks allows us to have a far more precise and anatomical shape, which also allowed us to get closer to the foot. So It will have a medium forefoot and volume. At a recent demo event, it fit properly on just about everyone, right out of the box. The pitch of the skate is a regular one, similar JetSpeed. I hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions.
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