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  1. So compared to the the first xc9 and the a6.0 sbp how does the acf really compare? Didn't care for how blade heavy the xc9 was and idk how I feel about the blade feel... So is the a6.0 sbp more lively like a qrl? And how does the new acf blade compare to the old xc9?
  2. A quick question for those who use this curve, is Bauer's p28 an actual lie 5 as listed? (I use the pm9 and just feel like trying this curve but before I do I have to know because im so used to it) also does anyone know the actual lie of Erik karlssons pro stock stick? I was thinking about picking one of those up and up on warriors blog they said "he uses a curve offered at retail, the w28" just wondering if that would indicate the same lie as well. The stick is listed on prostockhockey as a 5.5 lie on their scale that they've developed for their sticks and I just want to be sure before pulling the trigger- rambling over, thanks guys!
  3. On February 18, 2016 at 1:19 PM, moejoe3117 said:Only person I had convert a pair no longer works there. He is now one of the equipment managers for the blues. If I purchase at total hockey I think it would be free. I've done it before with goalie skates, and I did a friends skates. I have the tools and the time. I don't have t-nuts. And with TH doing it I figured they would be on the hook for any mistakes.If you live near the TH in stpeters I had a pair of ccm crazy lights converted there no problem at all. I'd post a pic in the conversions topic but I'm terrible with computers
  4. Since this topic is about curves I figured I'd post this here. To me lie is the absolute most important thing when picking a curve and a use a Bauer PM9. That being said does anyone know what curves from warrior, ccm, and Bauer that match up to or are extremely similar? All the ccm charts don't seem to list lie and all the manufacturers go by different scales. Btw let's not discuss the p88 (been there...) also I just want to experiment with some curves I don't have any problems with my pm9 just wanting to try something for the heck of it.
  5. Don't focus on that marketing stuff. While the skates may be more designed for that style of skating, a skate is a skate and no matter what style of skating it was designed for, if it doesn't fit your foot then it's not going to work. You said you're coming from the reebok ribcor if you like those then try the ccm ribcors on if you can. You mentioned easton makos as well so if you're willing to look at different brands I would suggest (again if you can) going to your lhs and having them pull every skate in your size and just see which fits best.
  6. I was wondering if its possible that you can order ccm sticks choosing from their different kickpoints/construction like you'd see on a college or pro stock stick with "retail" curves like H11, H11A, H14, H15, etc... I was wondering if it would be possible to order somethings along the lines of a reebok 20k construction painted like a reckoner with either an H14 or H28 curve (I know they're polar opposites but I currently use both with no trouble switching). I'm sure that if this is possible that there will be a minimum order of sticks. Just looking for new sticks and wanting to know my options as always help is always appreciated!
  7. So I've been playing ice for quite a while and this will be my first year of inline. I have some experience of sport courts but one of my friends lives near a rink with a smooth concrete and before I go there with him I have some questions about the surface. My main question is about sticks. I use the same ones I do for ice on a sport court but would I use the same ones on a smooth concrete surface or would that damage the blade? Also are bones reds ceramic bearings good quality? Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Looking for Black 9k shell in a medium preferably with no team patches

  9. What did one potato say to the other? "I'm a potato"

  10. How does the p88 compare to the warrior w88? Is it really a lie 4 as listed (bauers lie 5) or is it like a 4.5? Also does it have as much rocker as the p88?
  11. Based on my experience in store, I'd say yes but I haven't had a 100% verification on that but if it isn't, then it's pretty close
  12. Not exactly what this topic is about but I'm looking into getting the hd1 and was wondering if the warrior w88 is an exact clone of the p88 because if so I'll have to find a different blade. Is it actually a lie 4 like listed (Bauer lie 5) and is it as rockered as the p88 because that thing is ridiculous...
  13. Nope they're bringing it back on this stick! Thank god right? Love this curve.
  14. Chase from iw will be the one to answer this question. I'm pretty sure the kick point didn't change, I think it was just the blade. Although like I said chase will know what he's talking about with this stick
  15. Thanks so much vet for the quick reply and also for giving me the great news because I couldn't find a single large but could find plenty of mediums! Sweet!
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