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  1. I tried the Alkali Quantum outdoor wheels on smooth asphalt and they were terrible. No grip and felt like flat tires. The Recons cost less so I don't expect better. I normally use Labeda Asphalts and love them.
  2. They just posted on their Facebook page that the Visium 2 will be out in December... www.facebook.com/alkalihockey/ So fresh, and SO clean. Introducing The Visium . Alka-line up and get yours 12/17.—————————-#jointhemovement #alkalihockey #tistheseason#RPD
  3. Great - glad I didn't buy any of the current skates then. 2018 Visium 2 -$299.99 with Magnesium Chassis, Pro Stiffness, Actv Wick Dry Liner, Labeda Millenium Wheels, Swiss Bearings! Available Q4 17'! That is a much better skate at the same price that I paid for my Team+ assuming they're Purlyn and not nylon.
  4. Price just dropped again at IW and HockeyMonkey. RPD Max is now 389.99. RPD Shift is now 249.99. Very little size selection left. I wish they had my size.
  5. Is Alkali discontinuing the RPD line? Both IW and HockeyMonkey have three models left and two are on sale. Shift is $100 off and the Max is $160 off.
  6. I had DS3s and hated them. I play exclusively outdoors and the venting did nothing and one skate started to break down prematurely and lost all of it's stiffness in the quarter package. I got a pair of Alkali Team+ which seem to be much higher quality than the Missions as well as being much more comfortable. The all 80mm wheel setup is much better for me than the Hi-Low also - seems like I have more speed and control. So far I have put about 10 times more skating time in on the Alkalis and they are still rock solid.
  7. I just received two duro pucks. Going to try them out tomorrow on smooth coated asphalt.
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