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  1. Haven't tried Tours since the 962, looking forward to checking these out and giving them another chance. Tours still have the neutral/flat pitch?
  2. The entire boot goes soft and doesn't feel good pushing or stopping. I didn't realize that Tron purchased Alkali, not sure what to expect anymore. Seems like a waste to have a magnesium chassis on a cheaper boot but someone thought it was a good idea. Maybe I'll convert an ice skate with the Alkali chassis or purchase another pair of Shift+ on clearance.
  3. Is Nylon significantly worst than Purlyn? I love the fit of the Alkali skates but my skates get soft really fast. Shift = soft within year and outsole separation Shift+ soft within year and outsole separation as well. I weigh 165 and play 2-4 times a week so that probably has an impact on the skates. Would love to give Alkali one more shot with the new skates but not if the boot material is worst than previous versions.
  4. According to their facebook alkalihockeyThe 2018 RPD Lineup is here @swhockey Alkali Booth. Swing by and check out the best specs for the Money we've ever produced. Recon $149.99, Quantum $199.99, and Visium 2 $299.99, equipped with Carbon Fiber Outsole, Swiss Bearing, Actv Wick Liner, and Magnesium Chassis! #makeitcount#alkalihockey #swhockey #moreforyourdollars#visiumcollection #quantumcollection#reconcollection #q4delivery Glad they're still making skates. I thought Visium was part of the RPE line with wider width? My current shift+ skates are getting soft so I'm looking forward to trying out new skates.
  5. I wanted to follow up and say that Joe from Alkali took care of my issue, he is sending me replacement skates. Great customer service and support. Justin, sorry to hear that you're no longer with Alkali, hopefully you stay in the hockey industry and continue bringing innovation :)
  6. Hi Justin, The outsole is separating from the boot. I noticed a small gap in April and I can see the gap by squeezing on the toecap. It seems to be progressing and I am guessing the separation is worst when I am out skating. I usually skate once or twice a week so this feels a bit premature of breakdown. Thanks
  7. does anyone know the correct email for Akali? I'm trying to reach their warranty department for my skate issue but none of the contacts on their page are working.
  8. sss1987 and Justin, I just wanted to say thank you for explaining the radius benefits. I ended up buying a pair of RPD Shifts on sale and noticed an improvement on the skates. The biggest surprise was how comfortable the skates were! I had the skates baked and played my first game without any pain in my feet! Hopefully the skates last me a long time, every skate that I have owned had boot/outsole separation issues. It's great that the skates have a 1 year warranty, I look forward to using these skates again :)
  9. I am not very informed on the science/engineering behind it, please educate me . I was under the impression that the benefits of the all 80 mm wheel setup was increased surface area contact and better straight away speed. What is the advantage of the 76 mm wheel setup over a traditional 76-80 hi-lo? Wouldn't going 76 mm lose most of the advantages of the all 80 chassis and it would be better to go hi-lo for the extra 8 mm? I am in need of some new skates since my Bauer boot decided to separate from the outsole after 4 months of use
  10. Any chance of selling the boot alone? The boots feel amazing. Unfortunately I am a size 6 and I am not a fan of all 76 chassis.
  11. What is the reason behind Alkali (and Tour) using 76mm wheels for size 6-6.5 skates? I also noticed that Reebok and CCM uses 80mm wheels for size 6 skates. Difference of opinion on optimal use of wheels? I would love to buy Alkali skates but I'm a size 6 and I won't be able to take advantage of the all 80mm setup. It's a shame, I loved how the Alkali fit compared to the other skates.
  12. Crappy picture taken from phone. XXV skates with original Hi-Lo chassis from Mission D1C skates. Do you guys fill in the bottom of the skates? if so how?
  13. I'm considering the same conversion with the same chassis ( my assassins turned soft), have you skated in them? How do they feel? Is the forward pitch the same as the Assassins?
  14. Can you guys post step by step pics the next time you do conversions with t-nuts and bolts please. I'm a visual learner and I'm paranoid about messing up my skates. Yeah it's cause I'm cheap, also it's nice to learn something that I'll use for a lifetime. Thanks!
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