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  1. Well I am now on my 4th month of of custom True skates.  I typically play 3-4 times a week lately and I have played in 2 tournaments in this time period.  I love these skates.  I'm not a very good player, but these have made me a better skater all around.  I can actually feel my edges and my "speed" has improved.  But most importantly, my feet never hurt when I'm done skating.  

    One of the tournaments (3v3) I was in had games with an hour break between them so I never took my skates off.  My first game was at 8am and the last was at 6pm. My feet felt great. 

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  2. 11 hours ago, Soldat39 said:


    Been reading this boards for awhile, but first time signing up and posting. 

    I’ve been searching for new skates for 3 + years.

    Little history, bigger guy that’s been wearing skates two sizes too big due to width issues and pain. It’s worked for me. Usually wear a 10 EE Bauer Supreme

    Started with Bauer Customs 3 years ago, didn’t work out at all. Way too big.

    Ended up getting scanned last year and getting the recommended 8.5 EE Bauer supremes pro S2 last year. Right before covid shutdown.... I ended up losing 50 pounds during shutdown and now My right skate feels great, but left skate is just too wide.   Got scanned again, and yeah my left foot is now a E

    Tried the stable 26, bunga pads, you name it I’ve tried it, have tons of inserts, insoles and even figure skating insoles . Nothing seems to help. I’m still wearing my old over sized skates while 2000 dollars worth of skates just sits in my basement.

    My buddy got custom trues, a few months ago, they didn’t work out for him. So I’m a bit weary about those now. I’m not looking for a high pressure mold of a stock skate, I want a fully custom skate. I’m in Des Moines, Iowa. So my options aren’t great. I can drive to Minnesota no problem, is CCM the only full custom skate on the market now? What you recommend? 

    Thank you and sorry for the long post

    WHat didn't work out for your buddy and the true skates?


    I just got my true customs done and they are all around great for me.  I've had a dozen or so skates on them so far and have zero issues.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, SkateWorksPNW said:

    Thats very interesting. You may have been in skates that are too big for you previously. Thats the only way you could squeeze into a FIT3. a FIT3 is more like a Supreme EE/Nexus D as opposed to a Nexus EE in overall design. I have yet to have a single player come into our store that wears a Nexus EE that has been able to fit into a FIT3 skate. 

    How does the fit 3 compare to ccm tacks?  They didn’t have any for me to try

  4. 18 hours ago, SkateWorksPNW said:

    No way based on your size that a FIT3 will work for you. But good luck. 

    So I tried the fit 3 on. It was good on my left foot but a little tight on my right foot.  The heel felt great on both feet.   The thing I didn’t care for much was the ankle padding. I assume it would mold pretty well though after baking. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Vet88 said:

    If you don't want to go custom you can go with a retail skate but you need to work at it and you would have to look at the upper tier range as you need the stretch capability. Buy whatever you can that fits your heel (this is the hardest part to fix if the fit is wrong). Then if it is too narrow across the forefoot get it stretched and punch the toe box if needed. Where your volume fails consider either a thinner tongue and or eyelet extenders, either of these or a combination will fix your volume issues.

    I have done this for a number of skaters over the last few years (customs aren't available as there are no in country scanners) and whilst it can take a bit of fiddling to get everything sorted you essentially end up with a custom fit skate.

    Thanks for the advice.  I'll be on the look out for these things.  I don't mind working on the skates, I just want comfortable feet while skating.

  6. 11 minutes ago, calixguy18 said:


    The Ribcore 80k EE isn't going to work for you. I doubt any retail skate will if your foot barely fits a Nexus EE. Those are some hooves you've got there. My last skates were the 80k and I'd say they are similar to the TF9 in volume and width with the TF9 having a hair more. Let me know how the Fit 3 fits as I haven't tried those on and have been curious. I have high volume feet as well but not nearly as much as yours. 

    Custom Trues could work for you. They'd be the same price as top of the line Bauer or CCM right?

    Thanks for the info!  I do have some hooves for sure. Lol. After I see how the fit 3 goes it might just be time to go custom

  7. 2 hours ago, Left Wing King said:

    I'm also currently in Nexus EEs, now the Nexus line is being axed, I don't like the sound of the 3 fit thing from Bauer, I might start buying up pairs of skates. It is a shame you said this as I was tempted to try these Trues.

    My feet may be a bit different too. The nexus EE just barely work for me. My feet are very wide and have a bunch of volume. Like serious Fred flinstone feet. 

  8. As it goes I’m in the market for new skates. These sounded like they would be a good thing to try so I ordered the TF9.  

    some background I’m currently skating in a Nexus EE.   I tried the skates TF9 on without baking and I could barely squeeze my feet in them.   After reading how moldable they are I did end up baking them and unfortunately they will not work for me.   There was not enough room in the forefoot and mid foot.   The heel was great.   The other problem was there was nowhere near enough volume. 

    back to the drawing board. I really hope I don’t need to go full custom but damn my feet are funky. 

  9. 22 hours ago, marka said:


    LOL.  Doing most things with a 3 month old is awful.  It'll get better and you'll get more used to everything taking 4 times as long as it should. 

    Hopefully you have family around to help?


    Both sides of our family are 3 hours away.  Luckily we had them come down to help a little bit, but nonetheless, it was amazingly "fun" lol!

  10. 1 hour ago, BenBreeg said:

    I know it has been said before but maybe you need to get out of beer league.  I play pickup a few times a week and they are good skates where people work hard and hustle but nobody is trying to win the Cup.  Me and a buddy signed up for an adult skills class.  I have neen playing since I was a kid but took some time off and while most of the guys there are beginners, it is still fun because when do you get to go and do 1 1/2 hours of drills with other players?  And to top it off, I didnt know it when I signed up, it is run by probably the best skating coach in the area.

    What about splurging for some private lessons with a local goalie coach or organizing a weekly invite-only pick-up game?

    For me at this point I realize that at 45 I cant go like the 20 year olds but I am still I good physical shape and can move ok.  I want to take advantage of that so that I don't think at 55 or 60, “I wish I hadn’t wasted the past 15 years sitting on the couch.”

    Just another thought for you. Having blowups on the ice isnt healthy but it is probably more the circumstances than the sport.

    Piggy backing on this one....

    I was playing in a league where it was nothing but irritating.  Me and a couple of buds started our own "league".  It has been the best thing I have ever done for my hockey "career".  We handpicked our group, so everyone is fun to skate with and there is literally zero garbage happening. We have good music blaring the entire game. I look forward to this skate every week way more than I do my normal league skate.

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