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    Bauer Nexus N9000
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    True A5.2 (TC2) & 6.0 (TC4)
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    Warrior AX2
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    Bauer Re-Akt 75
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    CCM Tacks 4052
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    Bauer Nexus 4000
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    Bauer Nexus 8000
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    Bauer Nexus 8000

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  1. Both sides of our family are 3 hours away. Luckily we had them come down to help a little bit, but nonetheless, it was amazingly "fun" lol!
  2. Oh man! My condolences! good luck bud! lol
  3. buying a new house and moving with a 3 month old is awful. Like getting kicked in the junk with steel toe clown shoes awful
  4. my daughter was born on Wednesday, March 11 at 12:32 pm.
  5. My wife and I have been trying to start our family for 5 years now with no success. We had/needed the help of science (IVF) and we are now expecting! We are due in March and I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
  6. Piggy backing on this one.... I was playing in a league where it was nothing but irritating. Me and a couple of buds started our own "league". It has been the best thing I have ever done for my hockey "career". We handpicked our group, so everyone is fun to skate with and there is literally zero garbage happening. We have good music blaring the entire game. I look forward to this skate every week way more than I do my normal league skate.
  7. So with the pressure molding to a foot model that ccm uses, would this work with very odd feet (i.e. flintstone feet,very wide and very deep)?
  8. how long are your seasons? Hopefully not too long and you can find/create a new team. I ask because my league has 3 seasons per year. This particular season has been nothing but a cluster and I have the same mentality of why bother. My other league (private skate with friends) I get super pumped for and I can't wait to play.
  9. 90 was the first year they got rid of a lot of the digital dash that just about always goes out. I like the c5. But the c4 body style looks amazing to me. The c5 got a little fat in the back end. Ideally I’d like a zr1 but those haven’t been very easy to locate without being way too high price wise.
  10. 90-96 definitely want a 6 speed. But that’s really the only “wants”
  11. I'm getting incredibly close to buying a c4 corvette. My wife has given me the go ahead, now I just got to find the "perfect" one
  12. I just got a major promotion at work. I'm thankful that I work for an amazing company that sees the value in me.
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