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  1. Hey I ran across this post from you back in Jan 2014. I'm having pretty terrible footpain right behind the ball of my foot, like it cramps up and I pronate a little on myright skate but I've noticed I have that same floaty forefoot feeling you mentioned, where if my heel is planted well I have almost no pressure on my forefoot like the skate is bent type of thing so when I lean forward I get a weird weight distribution on my foot. 


    Did you end up doing this and how did it work for you?


    Tried out the skates with superfeet at public skate, and for the first 8 laps or so, they were great. Then, very quickly, everything fell apart again. Lots of pain across both arches despite keeping them relatively loose up front.

    I'm not sure where I saw someone suggest this, but I definitely read it on an MSH forum. Given the floaty feel that I have in the front of my foot, my next move is going to be cutting the front half off two old insoles and putting them under the superfeet. My flys have a bit of a sloped outsole to them, and I think building up the front from the inside might be the way to deal with this. I'll report back with my findings.

    1. jonesy9020


      It may work for you, but the likely cause of your problem is skates that don't fit well overall.  The forefoot of the skate may be too narrow, causing the foot not to settle properly in the boot. the arch may be too narrow.  I think the arch narrowness was my issue with those particular skates, and arches are a particularly rigid part of the skate that doesn't change much with baking.  It could be a depth/heel lock issue such that you're overtightening your laces as a means to force your heel into the heel pocket and thus compressing your arch and causing other problems (I also had that issue).  You could try using a half insole in the front of the skate, but I think the other (less fixable) causes are more likely.  You may be better served just getting a new, better fitting pair of skates.  What exactly are you wearing now? 

    2. Deadman1515


      I'm running Nexus 6000 in EE, I need a punch on the outside of the skate but holding off a little longer to make sure the width doesn't improve at all so when I get the punch it's accurate. I keep the skates loose all the way up and only tighten the last 2 eyelets. The issue was really bad when I tightened them normally, keeping them loose has helped a lot.


      I've tried quite a few skates on and am about to give up and just throw money at VH Hockey because this has been a lifelong issue but dropping $1k on skates when I play beer league is a dead last resort but at the same time, I'm done throwing money at the problem in hopeful fixes when nothing has really helped.

  2. Thanks for posting, I can see some of my bad habits from playing roller and moving into ice.
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