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  1. Definitely not trying to desert this thread. Molds are not cheap to make and new patterns have a limited following. With that said, help me find a pattern that can get traction. If there's enough commitment I can get the pattern to retail. We need a poll or count going. It takes more than a handful to get something like this started. The old Shannahan pattern was easier as it had already been retail and had a definite following.
  2. We went separate ways with some of the locations out there. At the moment there is not a good answer for you. Our product is still available to order, and I can help you with that if you have an idea of what you are looking for. As far as fittings, there is always a possibility of a mobile fitting, where we come to you. If the numbers make sense we could likely arrange something.
  3. I am attempting to work with a customer interested in getting his pro stock Ovechkin released as a BASE retail LH and RH. As with other patterns that we have released, I am gauging the support to see if there is enough interest to move forward. I have been told by the customer that this is NOT the crazy Ovechkin and that this pattern is more playable. I will attach pictures of the sample he would provide. If interested please chime in and also spread the word so we could make this happen and available to everyone.
  4. Kovalev pro is official. Contact me if interested.
  5. Our BC28 is supposed to be an exact clone of E28.
  6. In addition, if the interest is still there we plan to move forward with Kovalev pro. For those who need information on this, reach out to me. Thanks everyone. Your support will hopefully bring more patterns to our database!
  7. We offer it in what we label lie 5. I'm gathering feedback to see if whether lie 6 or 4 would get bigger interest.
  8. Any interest in a BC28 in a new lie? Please weigh in with feedback
  9. I'm still working on a Kovalev pro release. I need to get a count on blades and OPS interest to see if we can make it happen.
  10. The neighborhood of 60-70 and we could release LH and RH versions. If I can get 50+ blades or a combination of blades and OPS that I think will put us close, I'll try and get this going.
  11. I never got an official count as most people were interested in blades only initially. I'd love to see Kovalev, Kovalchuck, Gionta and Coffey released. These patterns get a bit of chatter but a solid backing isn't there as of yet.
  12. It's hard to nail down a lie since it's very rockered but here's a few photos next to a BC92 lie 6. I clamped 2 sticks together to try and keep consistency.
  13. Here is a photo looking down from the top. I mirrored it in photoshop to help visualize a RH version. It definitely looks different looking down from the top as opposed to looking down the shaft.
  14. Here are 4 photos of our actual Kovalev pro that we produced in a long hosel .620 blade. This was used by Kovalev during his last year in Florida. The last photo is next to our BC92 (P92 clone).
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