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  1. I don’t know if the 80s will fit, I’ve never tried on mine. I don’t know if going with that set up will benefit you. The idea behind the flow motion is to maintain contact of all wheels while allowing the “rocker” of the boot.
  2. I don’t know if you’ve tried the original (O1) but it is unlike anything “Roller” I have ever tried. I tried it all and still have tuuk rockers on a pair of Nikes from 2002.
  3. I have personally never adjusted the frame spacers. The only time I have ever loosened or tightened was when I disassembled and reassembled during installation.
  4. I’m really curious about it also.
  5. The T nut on the upper bushing is beefed up slightly and is flat on the sides so you can hold it it place while loosening. The original T nut was just round so if you loosened too much it would just spin unless you held it in place with downward force.
  6. Even tight there is movement. Similar to a kingpin and bushings on a skateboard truck. I prefer a lot of movement. I would say start tight and loosen to your preference.
  7. I have heard that also. But did read, maybe here, that a insert may be made available that will be closer to the original in motion. Still looking forward to trying the new product either way.
  8. No, Normal wear you would expect. They’ve been on them since 2017 and during that time Marsblade did upgrade the center bolt system so we swapped those out. But compared to their teammates on traditional chassis’s? no difference in durability. And really, ice hockey has been using plastic holders for decades. We do have the R1s on preorder
  9. I have only used the advanced set up (smaller in front) so I don’t know the difference. I do like the way my stride feels thru the toe of my skate with the set up, but could feel the same with all wheels the same size. Both of my sons play competitive roller, though not lately, in their O1s. My youngest (13) likes the smaller wheel in front but my oldest who is 6’3” and 200+ likes all the wheels to be the same size. He feels more stability on turns with all 4 wheels the same size and making contact with the surface.
  10. I don’t know anything about the Alkali boots but it looks like the R1 uses the Revel 1 boot and the O1 uses the Revel 2. There are review videos on the Revel line on YouTube. We ordered the R1 chassis at $99 for my sons to try for their roller games, they have been using the original without problem. I will probably stay on the O1. I have only used ice boots outdoors (southern California) and I’ve never had a issue.
  11. Mark this is a great question. I also only had a ice hockey background outside of a short stint in a roller hockey league in the late 90s during Junior hockey off season. What I didn’t like about using the inlines for hockey was exactly what you described, feeling like I was on skis. Over time I got use to it but when I returned for training camp for my junior team the transition back to being on a contoured blade took some adjustment and I never used inlines again. In early 2017 I received the marsblade chassis for a pair of old boots I had. The first time I used them was amazing, I felt like I was on ice. Everything was much more fluid. I was able to get the full extension on my strides and even though all the wheels are making contact with the ground I had the feel of being on a contoured ice blade. I do use the smaller wheel in front because I like the added difficulty. I immediately ordered two more chassis kits for my sons, both now teens. My boys are both ice players first and they have been on their Marsblades nearly everyday and have no problems transitioning to ice. Both boys use the O1s for competitive roller hockey also. We have 6 pairs. You really have to skate in the Marsblade to fully understand the feel. You won’t regret it and you won’t go back to traditional inlines.
  12. I’m glad these worked for you. They are a awesome boot!
  13. finally skated on the Marsblade ice holders yesterday an i am very happy. a little background on myself, i have played hockey for almost 40 years thru Minor Pro and always used Tuuk + holders even on the newer skates, profiled to a forward stance. I have been using the roller frames, along with my kids, for about 2 years and i have been looking forward to putting some time on the ice holders since the kickstarter. i have them mounted on a pair of supreme 190s, swapped out the edge holder and sharpened at a 5/8. i did not have these profiled yet i wanted to know how they felt stock in the supremes, i prefer the cut of vapors with a forward profiling. first impression is that turns are very smooth and i don't feel like i dig into the ice as much. i could probably go to a 3/4 ROH and i usually go a long time between sharpening. i only slightly noticed the lack of profiling since there is so much movement in the balance point but i did get fatigue to my upper ankle i think due to the constant balance shift. i might look into adjust the movement in the holder as Per has suggested. i didn't notice the change in weight coming from the holders that were mounted (edge), they felt the same while skating and at 43 I'm not flying around the rink like i use. i liked the way these feel, maybe its my skating style but i think after i get these dialed in with the proper profile these will be my everyday skates. i have several pairs of skates all with my profile i will continue to compare these to.
  14. I can’t comment on how the sticks perform only that they offer a P08 equivalent for $89. I used two piece Innovative then Warrior, still do. I never liked the feel of the “true” OPS. My first stick was a Titan TPM 2020
  15. I got my son a ALL BLACK HOCKEY STICKS in the AB8 curve that looks like the equal to the P08. he is a righty (I shoot left) and a right curve always looks different to my eye but I think the curve is the same. I cant speak on how the stick feels (balance/weight/flex) compared to what you're using.
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