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    Vapor 7.0, Vapor X90, Supreme 190 (Marsblade FE), Nike Quest 1 (Tuuk +), Mako 2 ( EPro), Mako 2 (CXN) True TF9 (CXN), True TF7 (Marsblade I2)
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    Mostly Warrior/Innovative/Base 2 piece
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    Nike 0004
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    CCM Supra 610
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    Sherwood PMP
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  1. Maybe a little more on the toe of the PRO28 vs the Bauer and CCM. I only use the Bauer with a roller puck so that changes the feel on shots. I didn’t like the feel of the Bauer on ice compared to the CCM and PRO. The Bauer felt dead but it is a team stick. im a long time flat heel curve user that was late to the sakic variants and only recently started using P28 curves.
  2. From left to right. Bauer, PRO, CCM, STX. the Bauer 2s team stick is used for outdoor roller on coated concrete so the blade is worn and sits on the floor differently then the other 3. the STX has never been used and is not taped. the others have a strip horizontal tape on the blade.
  3. I have two third line sticks, Pro97 and Pro28 in 77 and 85 respectively. I have had them since October and have held up well. the PRO28 similar in feel to my pro stock tacks 2.0 stick in a p28. I like a slightly heavier stick, some of the really light sticks are too light for me. these third lines perform great and are well balanced. I can’t compare to the Redlines but I have a lot of sticks and typically look for balance and feel over price tag. these have been moved up to the top my stick rack
  4. I had two power skaters for the high school team in Alaska I coached between 2002-2013. We never used them. The team got more out of hockey specific strength training, sprints and playing other sports outside of hockey. stride boards are good, they have been around for a long time and I still have the boards from the same high school team. While not specifically for stride work. stability ball balance work is great also. Developing the stabilizer muscles while kneeling or standing on a balance ball and stick handling is a great indoor exercise and a component of my training program. For off ice skate training I recommend the Marsblade O1 to all my players (high school varsity/18AAA/AA). I’m in California now and there is plenty of pavement to skate on. Having used the power skater the Marsblade O1 is a far better investment.
  5. I haven’t used the Red lines, but I like the third line sticks, I have two. A PRO97 77 flex and a PRO28 85 flex. I have had them since October. The sticks are well balanced and perform as well as any other high end OPS I’ve used. I have a pro stock p28 85 flex CCM super tacks 2.0 and the PRO28 feels and flexes the same. I grew up playing with heavier sticks and I like that these are a little heavier at around 425g, I have found some newer sticks to feel too light. They have held up well and have been the only sticks I’ve used for coaching and games for the last couple of months. For $109 I probably won’t be looking at another stick unless it’s a good deal.
  6. I was thinking the P106 might be in between the P88 and and P92. But those are hard to find. I still have several P106 blades, when I compare to the P92/W03 blades I have been using, the P106 aren’t as open at the toe as I remember.
  7. My club uses hockey wolf for team equipment, helmets, gloves, pants even helmet decals, and there has never been an issue.
  8. Innovative made a bunch of sticks for other companies. Trilage shafts come to mind.
  9. Yes I use the 3mm shim on supremes but I am also using steel with a forward pitch, 3mm is all I have ever used. But a 5mm shim on a supreme with stock steel might work.
  10. I find the O1s to be closest to the feel of ice for me. I have had the O1s for going on 5 years and I use them regularly. I have R1s that I don’t use. I don’t play competitive roller hockey and I found that the R1s make me feel like I’m on rails no matter which insert I used. I just prefer the movement in the O1s. My sons both use the R1s for roller hockey and swear by them.
  11. I have made my own shims using a sheet of 3mm HDPE I got on Amazon and a dremel tool. I used the heel of the holder as a template and cut it out. They don’t end up with as clean a edge but work as well as the other stamped shims I have. I have also tried pro sharp profiling but in my personal experience I haven’t found a profile I like and it has been expensive trying profiles. Everything has been too flat, (quads and duals). I ended up going back to a single 11’ with the heel shim. I have my own riveter so I can reattach my holders and the shims give me close to the forward pitch I’m looking for but not exactly what I want. there was a guy selling 3d printed shims online and on SidelineSwap I think they were called skate crowns but I can’t find the Website now. edit: found it. https://crownredesign.com/
  12. Yup, my bad I missed that bonez05 tried on only the 7.5R with the R, EE and W sizes in his post. I had the same problem finding the right size and lost the nail on my big toe twice. I personally couldn’t go down to a 7W in my TF7s but the inner padding is different between the 7s and 9. My size 8R TF9s are comfortable for coaching but would be too sloppy to play in. The 7.5W TF9s would probably be perfect for me. The trues are still the closest I’ve found to the makos. I am interested in the catalyst line. I have put the flex tendon guard on my TFs and the added flex is nice.
  13. I have a pair of 7.5W TF7s and a pair of size 8R TF9s. For comparison I also have Mako 2s in size 8EE, 8.5D and 9D. I have changed out the holders on the Trues to Easton CXNs and Marsblade i2s so I can’t comment on the shift holders. The 7.5W TF7s are closest in size to the 8EE makos. The 8R TF9s are considerably larger and are definitely closer to the size 9D makos. This is all after baking and considerable time skating in them so they do loosen up a lot. I think you will find that after baking and wearing the 8W TF9s might feel too big/wide. Did you try the 8R? You only mentioned the 7.5W feeling too small.
  14. My son, 16 playing 18AA, and I have both versions. My son loved the first version and likes the second version more. The I2 has a better build, blade release and is made from material similar to Tuuks and CCM holders. The first edition was great just a clunky/heavy design. I like the I2, but I have had problems dialing in my profile. This is not a holder issue, it’s the guy who’s doing the profiling and the fact that I’m just not on then ice as much anymore after 40 years of playing. I was considering buying another set of steel and starting over. So getting the holder and steel for $89 + shipping is a tempting offer.
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