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  1. Thanks for the update, I want to place an order but I’ve been waiting for some confirmation from others. The last order I placed in January of 2021, prior to their shutdown, took about 10 weeks to be delivered.
  2. I still have a pair of 7000s like these from the early 2000s. I changed the tongues a long time ago but I remember the size tag being down the tongue closer to the toe cap, 4th or 5th eyelet from the toe cap based on the pics in the link. The Nike ignite 1s I have also have the size tag lower down the tongue. The Ignites and 7000s are the same era. the holder size is a good indicator also.
  3. I am also interested in this. My account and previous orders still show when I log in and I went as far as putting blades in my cart to see the 30% discount I stopped short of placing the order though. I am hesitant to place an order until i see something confirming the reboot. I hope they do and I was surprised to get the email after so long. I too reached out to Ron K. with no response.
  4. If you can try on multiple sizes with a bake I would recommend doing that. I had a pair of size 8 TF9s and a pair of 7.5W TF7s, I was looking to replace my makos (8EE,8.5). I wear a 8.5 in supremes. The TF9s were very big after a bake and using for a month, easily 3/4 - 1 full size larger than my 8EE makos. I could wear them coaching but for games my foot moved too much in the boot. I also fit 280 edge holders on them with room to spare. the 7.5W TF7s were a better fit and closer to the makos after baking and wearing but getting them on was a struggle, I still have scars on the outside of both feet. I didn’t keep them long enough to see how the inside padding compressed after prolonged use, the padding in the TF7 is different than the TF9. I suspect that I could have gone down to 7EE after consistently wearing. I also put 272 holders on the TF7s, they came with 263. Just my experience with True retail skates and I tried everything to make them work for me because I wanted these to be a replacement for the makos.
  5. Super minor, just use a dab of flexible glue like shoe goo and clamp it. It will hold. I used shoe goo on the liner for my vapor 1X tendon guard, previous owner had used his one skate to pry his other skate off. Shoe goo did the job. It’s been about 18 months. injected eyelets are a bitch, in my opinion. Maybe waxed laces will help keep them from being snagged.
  6. Yeah very strange. Not what I was expecting. Holes aren’t warped but I would definitely have to drill to mount 272 holders.
  7. I just pulled a set of ccm Speedblade + 4.0 holders (271) from a pair of size 8 70ks and was going to mount a pair of 272 edge with the understanding that the holes would line up or be real close. Not the case, none of the holes lined up. Instead of drilling I grabbed a set of 280s to check and to my surprise all holes matched perfectly. So I went with the 280s. Question is, Is this widely known or is this a one off? I did a quick search and didn’t find anything specific. I’ve never worn CCM but found these in my size for $15. One boot was missing a runner. Both holders are marked 271.
  8. Similar to Bauer. 8.5 Marsblade boot was close to a Bauer 8.5 supreme. I ended up going to a 9 for a little extra room
  9. The repair (pics) I shared are only temporary, to keep the holes from enlarging. I only coach in these skates so the force on the boot is far less then playing. Blademaster will sell to US buyers through their New England supplier. I have had trouble in the past ordering even after setting my location to “USA”. For whatever reason I can only order from blademaster after setting to their USA site if I am not on WiFi. I have to use cell signal, I live in California. Video link attached explains eyelet size 63 and 64.
  10. I have done eyelets at home on my skates and my sons. I have a riveter but I don’t have the eyelet attachments. I got a cheap hand held press (looks like pliers) on Amazon for $10 and some 1/4 #8-12 barrel eyelets and washers. Works ok, not as clean as what an actual rivet press and eyelet attachment would do but keeps the holes in the boots from ripping out. The hand tool is pretty cheap and is now completely bent from use but it served its purpose. If someone was paying me to repair their skates I would definitely get the attachments and do it right.
  11. The liners are marked left and right, are the outer shells marked? very cool shins either way
  12. Definitely look like 5070/6070. Not sure about the double knee wings though. I have a pair of 6070. In that condition I would guess $200+
  13. I did this with a set of powerfly holders. I used a dremel and widened out the channel. Turned out great no issues.
  14. Where did they break? My son has used the PS1 shaft and blades, composite and outdoor. The composite blades were nice and light the outdoor blades were heavy but that was expected. I was impressed at how light the shaft was at 75 flex. he’s only using them for roller but I’m curious how they would hold up on ice. Im interested in trying some of the others especially for the price.
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