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  1. I have had 3 sticks repaired through Integral stick repair. One was a upper shaft repair and two others were mid shaft. the repairs cost $50 each One was a 75 flex Warrior Alpha DX Pro that I found in the trash and the other two were 80 flex tapered shafts. I did notice maybe a slight change in flex, 75 now feels like a 80 and the 80s feel closer to a 85. If I was using the stick not knowing it was repaired I don’t know that I would know the difference. I have been playing for 40 years and I still prefer the feel of a two piece stick.
  2. I don’t know about advantage, but I liked the aggressive (forward) pitch of the CXN holder and stock steel. I have CXNs on a pair of mako 2s and a pair of TF7s. both pairs feel the same pitch wise I don’t know the radius or profile of the stock steel. Coincidentally I also have a pair of Makos with Epros that have a similar feel. I have tried to replicate the feel on tuuks with 3mm heel lifts but I haven’t found the sweet spot yet.
  3. Nice find. I picked up a couple of pairs of Mako IIs in the last year. I have a pair of Trues that I’m trying to dial in currently.
  4. You may find a couple holes that line up, but you will have to drill new holes in your boots. Ice and roller.
  5. I won’t be able to answer that question. I haven’t found a true OPS I like. The two piece sticks and the modern true one pieces have a different feel. As a older player I prefer the feel of the two piece. For me the true one pieces have a tingy plastic feel. I still have and use Easton and warrior tapered shafts and blades. Maybe check prostockhockeysticks.com
  6. Retail synergy would be 2000s. Easton in the early-mid 90s would be aluminum. I still use a two piece and those original synergy’s were just a fused (tapered) two piece.
  7. Depending on what the inside of the boot looks like you can nip off 3/4 of the prong so it will grab the inside of the boot but not damage the inside part of the skate outsole. I’ve had to do this on several occasions and never had a problem.
  8. You can do it yourself with 6/32 pronged Tee nuts and SS screws. About $20 from a hardware store. I’ve done this over two dozen times with my own skates and my sons, ice and roller. You only need 8 per skate (4 back & 4 front). They won’t feel any different and are strong. I have my own skate riveter now but my younger son (18UAA) is still using his pair mounted with Tee nuts. This will allow you to try the holders on a separate boot before committing to a full mount from a pro shop.
  9. I Put an order in last night for my son and myself. With a extra discount, ended up being $148 for the holder and an extra set of steel with shipping/pair. Plus after mounting (I have my own riveter) we will get $35 back per pair. So when it’s all said and done $113 for each pair. We both have the original ice holder. I only use mine for coaching but my son has been on them for two seasons and this will be a third. Started as a oversized 263 on a size 6 boot and we just keep moving them to the next sized boot, currently a 7.5. He is playing 18AA as a 15 Year old and the holders are holding up well. We are looking forward to using the new version.
  10. Looking at the pic. that is a significant difference in size.
  11. Medium is approximately 10.25” large is approximately 11” both are measured while mounted. The medium is on a 6.5 Reebok ribcor boot with about 3-4mm of space on the heel and toe of outsole. the large is mounted on a size 8.5 vapor 800 and covers the entire outsole.
  12. Are we talking O1 or R1? We have both versions in both medium and large
  13. I had a order of blades delivered in mid April. I’m in California and ordered through the US site.
  14. I have been in this scenario with my skates and my sons. I started with the profile and was always able to get it dialed in. My Mako, supreme and Vapors all feel the same all with different holders. For reference, The stock CXN holder and steel on the makos where perfect for me. what is the weight difference between a Mako and TF9 in a similar size?
  15. No problem. I don’t know anything about the holder sizing on makos in a 6.5. Those could be the odd size that came with 263. I assume yours were D width? I have been looking at the TF9 or TF7 for myself once I my makos are done. I had a pair of second hand VH customs in a 8.5 EE that I couldn’t get my foot in so the stock pairs interest me. I’m way past the days of needing custom made skates
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