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  1. Tyler55


    I agree that marketing language can be cheezy, but kids respond to that. Nike taught Bauer how to do that, so the industry has had to do the same to make all products attractive. I have attended a few JEC conventions and there is a lot of amazing technology that is available right now. I spent a few hours at the 3M booth and you would be amazed at what they have to offer. Problem is, you can add this technology to a stick or skate but it adds cost, which cuts into profit. You can add glass beads to your plastic when you inject it into the mold, which could make a toecap stronger and lighter, but adds $2 to the manufacturing cost of a pair of skates. The bean counters will say that you will sell the same amount of skates whether or not the toecap is better, so why spend more? They will further say that if you can source a crappier toecap and save $.50 that would be the way to go. The man who is behind Kode has worked with composites in the aerospace industry, as well as in hockey and fishing rods and marine applications. He definitely has access to "game-changing" technology. But you would have to try it and see for yourself. I'm not friends with him nor do I have anything to do with the company. I just respect his experience and knowledge. I respect your knowledge in all of these technologies as well, so you could reach out to him and discuss them.
  2. Tyler55


    Then why shit on a product if you aren't interested in exploring new products? Isn't that what this forum is for?
  3. Tyler55


    First of all, I don't work for this company. I worked with him, and he knows what he is doing. He has developed a lot of equipment that was used in the NHL. People have won many Cups using equipment that he has developed. He has spent a lot of time in R&D departments at the highest level and in the factories. He would know best what works. I just was happy to see that he is still contributing to this industry. if you aren't interested in a company that is developing a better product, just ignore it, but no need to crap on it before you know what it's about. This industry could use some new companies and new products. Try to be positive. If you just want two choices for equipment for the rest of your hockey life, keep being negative to new products.
  4. Check out the new Kode sticks. I worked with the founder in the industry and he really knows what he is doing. One of those guys behind the scenes that you never see, but has developed some of the most amazing equipment the sport has seen. If you are interested in quality and performance over of marketing, give them a shot. Gloves coming soon I heard. www.kode-sport.com
  5. They are way easier on knees and hips. They only provide extra bite if you engage the edge completely. If you are just gliding, they provide 20% more glide and that is proven in an independent University study you can see on our website.
  6. We are currently finishing up a Flare Square that can be used to check edges. We partnered up with Blackstone to make it. All Flare Dealers will have one and they will be available to purchase for any shop that will be sharpening Flare Blades. The Blademaster BR1000 will work with the Flare Blade as well.
  7. It is the same as whatever format you use. Example - Bauer LS2 is a 9', so our Flare Blade that fits an LS2 is the same. Flare for Graf would be 11'. We just copy the profile but you can always change it to whatever you like.
  8. It will be available in Canada only. We are going to update our website. We are shipping Flare Blades for the edge holder to stores in Canada right now. If you contact us through our website, we can find a retailer near you that can sell you a pair.
  9. As the Flare is worn down from sharpening, the bite angle doesn't change. It's still the same 6 degrees.So your turning advantage doesn't get lost. The total height of the Flare is 6.5mm and most people replace when it's about halfway down the Flare. Because the bite is better at 7/8" on a Flare than 1/2" on traditional steel, sharpening as often isn't necessary. If you are using a 7/8" hollow when the Flare is new, you could switch to a 3/4" as they get lower. I never have. It's all personal preference.The worst case scenario is you leave them too long and they just turn into traditional steel.
  10. They are approved in all pro leagues and we have a lot of CHL and NHL players using them.
  11. We spoke to Blackstone about making a spinner for FBV that would work with the 4.5mm bottom, but for now, we are just focusing on getting them into retail. They already have a ton of glide and way better bite than traditional steel. Not opposed to it in the future. I am curious as to what a FBV would be like on the Flare.
  12. You clamp the steel into the sharpening holder above the Flare so there is no special holder or adjustment needed. The steel above the Flare is the same thickness as the stock steel. So if your holder is set up for sharpening LS4 steel, you just clamp in a Flare and no adjustment of the clickers needed. Just dress the stone to whatever hollow you want to use. The performance advantage doesn't come from the width at the bottom of the blade. The blade was designed to prevent guys from blowing edges when turning. I have watched WHL and NHL players try to blow an edge on these and they are laughing because they can't. The width is just the result of the angles. It comes from the 6 degree angle that the edges are on. The one thing that was discovered when the University of Calgary studied the blade design is that because the edges are not pointing straight down into the ice when gliding, you have over 20% faster glide. Since at least 1 or both blades are gliding when skating, this allows you to carry more speed. All information can be found at FlareSkateBlade.com or feel free to ask me.
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