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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys and gals, I'm looking at a stick on eBay that is listed as a CCM RBZ 300. The picture used in the lising is the RBZ290. When messaged the seller says that the stick being sold is definitely a 300. Thats fine and all, but the thing is - I can't find any information anywhere online about a CCM RBZ 300 stick. All I really want to know is where this stick falls in the range of high to low end. I'm looking for a mid/high end stick so just want to make sure it's not entry level or anything like that. It is fairly low priced but I'm hoping that this is due to it being an older model. So, does anybody here have experience or seen one of these before? I've been through the catalogue downloads on this site and was unable to find any info on it! Thanks for any help! The stick in question.
  2. Garage is getting full, so this stuff's gotta go! All items are new unless noted. Prices don't include shipping. PM your zip/postal code for shipping prices. Gloves: Eagle Aero Pro navy 13" - $60 CCM Tacks 4 Roll Pro navy, (1) 14" pair & (1) 15" pair - $75/Pair Both pairs SOLD Bauer X100 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Bauer Nexus 800 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Protective CCM Quicklite elbow pads, senior large - $50 SOLD Sticks: RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, cut to about 62.5", good used condition, stiff blade - $75 (pics pending) RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, new & uncut - $125 SOLD RH Warrior Alpha QX Pro 75 flex W88 curve - $90 SOLD (QX Pro on left, Johnson QX on right) LH CCM RBZ Speedburner 75 flex P40 curve - $60 SOLD RH Bauer Nexus 1N 1st gen 102 flex P92 curve non grip - $100 SOLD LH Bauer Supreme S190 75 flex PM9 curve - $60 SOLD LH Bauer Vapor X700 Lite 77 flex P88 curve - $50 SOLD RH Bauer Vapor X900 87 flex P14 curve non grip - $60 SOLD
  3. Check out the new Kode sticks. I worked with the founder in the industry and he really knows what he is doing. One of those guys behind the scenes that you never see, but has developed some of the most amazing equipment the sport has seen. If you are interested in quality and performance over of marketing, give them a shot. Gloves coming soon I heard. www.kode-sport.com
  4. Just pushed to me via YouTube notifications. Anyone ever use this website? It's my first time hearing of them.
  5. Im an adult looking to start playing hockey after being a big fan for several years now. Ive got some cheap equipment like skates and gloves but cant find a decent stick. Im on a tight budget so the cheaper the better. I dont need anything crazy, just something to practice and use whenever im on the ice. Ive heard wood isnt too bad. I also have seen some stuff about ABS/Carbon Fiber blades. I know abs blades arent very strong, but these “hybrid” abs sticks can be used on ice. Any advice is appreciated. Just would like to know about come cheap options or places to find cheap sticks
  6. Hey everyone, While I'm sure everyone has seen or used the new Warrior Stick Customizer, there is a problem. The Junior has only three curves to choose from, the W03, W28, and W88. I would love to see more diverse curve selection, because not everyone can flex an Intermediate or Senior, or doesn't like the W03. Why aren't there any more Junior curves, and could Warrior add them?
  7. Has anyone tried a Verbero OPS (https://www.verbero.com/collections/sticks#sticks-6553)? If so, any thoughts/reactions?
  8. So I'm a weak growing 5'8 male that likes a stick under my nose. I find that the senior sticks are too stiff and tall for me, and the intermediate sticks are at the flex I like, however, they are too short for me. I haven't tried putting an extension because I don't want to mess up the flex. I also don't have a lot of money to buy prostock either. What should I do?
  9. Hey I picked up a pro stock x60 at the national sale, I wanna figure out what the codes are underneath the name, its a wellwood curve, 0588-13 87 g15f thanks!
  10. I've heard nothing but great things about the P28 curve and its wrist and snapshot benefits, but one question I have being a strong slapshotting defenseman, is it still a good curve? Like if I took a clapper with the curve, would it still be good or would it lift too high or not contact right?
  11. Hi, so a little bit of background about me to help because I want to find a stick that is $110 or lower and can include previous high price sticks that have since been reduced: -Play only 1-3 times a week -Play at high school JVA/Varsity Level -Play offense and defense but mostly defense -I have an 80-90 MPH slapshot which I use often -I also prefer a stick I can shoot the puck quickly with without reducing strength -Need a durable stick that can last a while. Any help is appreciated!
  12. For the past month, Warrior has been posting sneak peeks of their new Covert stick line, which is the latest revision to the Dagger Taper sticks; now that every stick has been unveiled, we will now have a thread dedicated to the stick line. The catalogue is here; complete with all of the sticks in the lineup - http://www.modsquadh...neup-catalogue/ Also, Keith Perera, who is the Stick Product Manager at Warrior (and posts under miseaujeu here) will be active in this thread, monitoring as well as answering any questions you all may have.
  13. I recently bought some second-hand hockey pants and there is no way I could give them back, I also wouldn't want to buy some new ones either. I am trying to figure out how to keep the pants up higher so they don't get in the way. Although I still have not found out what to do yet, any comment, answer would be great. My helmet fits fine at the store, but when I go to practice, my temples start hurting a lot as if someone was squeezing my head super hard. The pain would start probably around 35-50 minutes in. I first had a CCM XT (forgot the size), and the pain would start earlier than the helmet I have now which is the Reebok XT medium. The Reebok one does not hurt as much, but probably will hurt the same when I use it during a game. Any comment would be great. I was thinking of cutting the EPP foam a little but read some articles saying that would void the certification. Recommendations for a wide head, probably a round head would also be great. (Best if the helmet recommendations are under $60) Also the helmets have cages. New edit: Is there any way I could alter ski pants suspenders to fit the hockey pants?
  14. I am looking for advice on a new stick. I have been spending loads of time researching this year's top of the line sticks from Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True, etc. I am having difficulty deciding on a stick. I am an offensive defenseman, 5 7' and 160 lbs. I play in a competitive men's senior league (full contact). Most of the shots I take in game are from the point, dragging the puck to the middle and taking a quick snap shot or quick slap shot. My game is also heavily revolved around crisp hard passes. My most recent sticks of have been Reebok Ribcor (1st generation), Supreme One95, and the original Easton Stealth. As you can see I am not very hard on stick as they last me quite awhile. My favorite of the three was probably the Supreme One95, I am not crazy about my Ribcor. I am not sure if I should go with a low kick point (i.e. Bauer Vapor 1X) or mid kick point stick (ie Bauer Vapor 1S). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. So I've been consulting with a company who's been researching inline hockey pucks for some time. I told them I though posting a survey here would probably be a good way to get feedback from the correct audience. If you have the time, try the survey below. It's 10 questions. http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey....ooncytgha717231
  16. ok, so i've been off the ice for a number of years now. At the time i DID play i didn't have a whole lot of cash to go for and buy a $200 toothpick to have it cracked in half. So now i'm getting back into the game, and still need to on a budget for equipment so i can afford ice time, and the occasional bottle of bourbon. so why am i looking at $60 dollar sticks at Brick and Mortar "sports stores"? i assume these are just poorly made sticks as well, but at least i get to hold it in my hands first... Places like HockeyMonkey seem to start at 60 for a stick that gets crap reviews. ...heres the long and the short of it, help me buy GOOD equipment at decent prices GAB
  17. I found a good price on some Bauer APX sticks lately, but they're all the Griptac (sticky coating) versions, which I hate. I know from past experience that this stuff gradually wears off the stick with use, but has anyone found a way to remove it intentionally in a quick and effective manner? I was thinking of rubbing it with mineral spirits or acetone, but I don't want to totally gunk up the stick. I realize I could buy the cheapest Griptac stick available and experiment first before potentially destroying a $200+ stick, but just thought I'd check here first to see if someone's already (successfully) done this experiment. Thanks!
  18. I have been looking at a ton of different foam core sticks from various brands like CCM, Bauer, Christian, etc... I've looked at this sticks from different websites like goalie monkey or total goalie and many of the reviews on the sticks are confusing. One stick may be awesome on one website but terrible on another. I have a 26in (28in according to Goalie Monkey true size) SL825 Sherwood stick which is an awful stick thats barely intact. I have a small list of sticks that are potential for me to buy. I primarily want a foam core stick but composite is also an option. I just need a little help on which stick would be the best buy for me. I am 5ft exact. My list of potential Sticks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13aKOp2pqMzvEibqQvrzZPYy3dSrFVtRO7Ij5JT15ahk/edit?usp=sharing Thank You for helping!
  19. You all know how this game is played by now.
  20. REEBOK 11K - D Width - Size 6 - $300 Comes with ROCKET RUNNERS Used few times for drop in,Then realized I purchased the wrong size. Practically Brand new GRAF - G3 - Size 6.5 D - $70 Some wear, used for 2 seasons. Mission 'Black' soldier skates w/ sprung chassis.. NEW Labeda wheels.- $250 Skated in twice, gave up roller hockey. GRAF SUPRA 704..FINLAND - 7d - ...$400 Nike Bauer - Black - SZ 12 - $50 Eagle X70i - Glossy Black - SZ 12 - $40 Nike Ignite 3 - SZ - 12- $25 OPS: -Easton 2005 Original stealth - LH - 100 flex Iginla - 61.5 inch and Forsberg- 63inch ...$100 each V130 PROSTOCK- R.BERRY - CURVE SIMILAR TO IGINLA - NEW - REG FLEX - 61 1/4 inch...$70 Shafts: CCM V130 Tapered Shaft- Reg Flex - NEW 56 Inches- $60 CCM V130 Tapered Shaft-Reg Flex - 50.5 Inches - $40 Bauer Supreme One.9 - Kane - LH - 102 flex - NEW - $175 CCM Crazy Strong - Tavares - LH - 85 flex - NEW - $130 SE 16 Iginla tapered wood blade - $15 Graf Cobra holders with steel- Size 263 - $50 Itech Cage - Lg - $10 Itech Concept 2 Visor - $25
  21. My fiancee is getting tired of having so much hockey gear in our townhouse. Not much room! Anyways trying to unload some gear. All prices are OBO, I really want this stuff gone! Price includes shipping (USA) CAN, add $10. Picture Album: http://imageshack.us/g/689/20130609204920.jpg/ Nike/Bauer Vapor XXXX girdle Size: L Condition: Used Price: $65 Shipped Now on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181158307901?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) Jersey Size: XL Condition: Used Price: $30 Shipped DONATED Dangle Berries Jerseys Set (Home/Away) Number: 67Size: XL (Athletic Knit)Condition: Like newPrice: $60 shippedDONATED RBK 8K HelmetSize: Medium Condition: Very used Price: $30 shipped DONATED Bauer 4500 Helmet Size: LargeCondition: UsedPrice: $30 shippedDONATED Bauer 400 Shoulder PadsSize: Large Condition: Good Price: $30 shipped DONATED Easton Synergy Shin GuardsSize: 15"Condition: UsedPrice $40 ShippedDONATED Easton Stealth Shin GuardsSize: 15"Condition: UsedPrice: $50 ShippedDONATED Bauer 400 Elbow PadsSize: Large Condition: Good Price: $25 shipped DONATED Reebok Pro stock shellSize: Unmarked (I believe L or XL, I am 6'1, 200 lbs and fits me)Condition: GoodColor: MaroonPrice: $50 ShippedCame from some team sale my buddy got it for me.DONATED Pittsburgh Penguins Pro Stock Laundry BagColor: BluePatch Number: 51Price: $25 ShippedRight from the team sale. Nike Bauer 4-rollsSize: 14 Condition: Good Price: $40 shipped Palms have lots of life left. Very tiny hole in the left palm (see picture) DONATED Easton S7 Elbow Pads Size: Large Condition: Used Price: $25 Shipped DONATED Cooper GlovesSize: SeniorCondition: NewPrice: $50 ShippedDONATED Bauer Total One StickHand: Right Curve: Gagne P106 Flex: 87 Condition: Used (Probably seen 3 skates) Price: $80 Shipped TRADED Bauer One95 Blades (3) Hand: Right Curve: Gagne P106 Tapered hosel Standard, I made an error. Condition: All new (2 taped, but never used) Price: $50 shipped for all 3 SOLD Itech Visor Price: $40 shipped Cut: Straight Size: Adult Condition: Good DONATED
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