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  1. I still honestly don't understand why CCM discontinued the vector helmet line, so many pros still use it it's crazy! It would be awesome if CCM brought back the shell but put the new tacks liner in it!
  2. As you can tell I am a little bit of a CCM fanboy. Helmet: CCM V10 - Absolutely love how comfortable this helmet is, used to use a Bauer 7500. Cage: Bauer 7500 Cage - Off of my old helmet, nice and light, easy to see through. Shoulders: Reebok Maxx Pro - Kinda big for me, but very protective. Elbows: Warrior Dynasty HD3 - Nice, lightweight, comfortable elbow pads. Gloves: CCM Tacks 6052 - Meh. Wish I went with quicklites or the old CL's but oh well. Pants: CCM RBZ XTRA (Based off RBX 110) - Good pants, nice and comfortable. Shins: CCM Tacks 1052 Pro - Not too bad, not too heavy. Skates: CCM Tacks Vector - Stiff as HELL. Good pair of skates, debating switching holders from SB 4.0 to Tuuk Lightspeed Edge. Sticks: CCM Tacks 4092 (60 flex P28 curve) - Good stick, great curve, got a wayyyy too low flex number though. Getting a new Ribcor soon
  3. I bought a CCM V10 online. Brand new too. Just awaiting shipping as it's shipping from british columbia and i live in pei.
  4. Does the Bauer 7500 cage fit the CCM V10? Just curious as my 7500 came with the 7500 cage and I'd transfer it to my new V10 if that is possible.
  5. I feel like I might go with the CCM V10, as I did find a brand new one. Should I go with this?
  6. I have a pretty wide head, but it isn't that long. I currently have a Bauer 7500 but at the end of any game or practice the sides of my head hurt a lot. What helmet would you guys recommend for a wider head like mine? I prefer CCM as a brand but will do any really.
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