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  1. I just had my first pick up game last night. It was the first time playing a game in well over ten years. I had a blast, but I learned two things. 1) I really need to condition. 2 minute shift changes for 90 minutes was brutal. 2) I'm always wearing a cage. 15 minutes into my first game in 10 years someone wrapped a shaft around my face that would have taken all my teeth out.
  2. I will be playing in a beer league for the first time in a few weeks when the season starts. I'm a "free agent", so I'll just get assigned a team. I was just wondering what team dynamics are usually like. Do people become friends? Considering you're only meeting one night a week for a game I have no idea what kind of interaction you have. Is it like seeing that guy you work with who you nod and smile at in the elevator, but never actually speak to? In the end were all there to play hockey, but was just kind of curious what your team dynamics are like. Do you all get a long, know each other, hangout, etc., or is it more like playing with some acquaintances out of necessity (you need a team to play the game).
  3. I’m just getting back into hockey after a very long hiatus (15 years). Wow, things have gotten expensive! That said, I had some fun buying all the gear I couldn’t afford when I was younger. My first adult league game is still a few weeks out, but I have a little anxiety about my first time in the locker room. I hope the guys don’t pass judgment on the newb with all the new fancy gear (I’m not a beginner though). There seems to be some sort of pride in playing in tattered equipment. Here is what I have: Helmet: Bauer 4500 (need a cage…no health insurance) Shoulder: Easton Mako M5 Elbow: STX Surgeon 500 Gloves: Warrior AX1 Pants: Bauer Vapor APX2 Shins: Bauer APX2 Skates: Bauer S190
  4. What are the typical symptoms of onset arthritis? I used to put my body through a lot when I was younger. I did BMX (ramps), inline skating, skateboarding (skate parks), surfing, ice hockey, etc. I was always falling and getting cut up and bruised. I’m also 6’2”/170’bs which probably doesn’t help (tall and lanky). I quit all that stuff by the time I went to college (18 or 19 years old), and I’m 34 now. Every time I get out of bed I hobble around. My back is sore, feet, and ankles are always sore. But then after a little bit of time walking around I’m usually ok. I don’t have any pain while skating etc. It’s usually only when I stop moving, or have been sitting for a long period. For example I drive an hour to work, and when I finally get out of the car I’m usually so sore from sitting in traffic that I have to shuffle to the office front door. And yet by the time I get upstairs to my desk I’m usually ok. Is this arthritis or just me being an old baby? I really have no clue. 34 seems young for arthritis, but I’m terrified at the prospect of being incapacitated by the time im like 50 or something.
  5. Have any of you guys tried a vegan, no dairy, or gluten free diet? I am always sore (34 years old, 6'2", 170lbs). So I was just wondering if there were any diets that might do something for inflammation. My diet currently is all over the place. I just had a Carls Jr burger for lunch. And for dinner tonight I'm going to have some grilled chicken with spinach and cashews. I also cut out alcohol and don't drink sodas.
  6. Hi everyone, I just joined the forums. It looks like a cool site you guys have going here. Just some background about me... I played hockey (roller/ice) in all forms (street, organized, pickup, etc) from about the ages of 8-18. I basically lived on my skates/rollerblades. However around college my interest tapered off, and I eventually quit playing altogether. Recently I just moved back home to CA after a stint in NYC, and now that I have some disposable income again (NYC is expensive!), I’ve been purchasing gear and will be playing in an adult league that starts in about a month or so. My first time back on the ice in 15 years was a bit of a reality check. I may have well been a baby deer on ice skates. However, after about 20 hours on the ice, and a new pairs of skates that fit me, things are coming back rather quickly. The one thing that isn’t coming back too easily is my stamina and strength. I’m 6’2”/170’bs. I don’t run or lift weights. All I really do is take my dog on long walks (and hit the rink for a skate session two times a week for about 2 hours) . Hopefully I can improve things in a few weeks. Can you guys recommend any exercises/weight training/stretching that would be beneficial for someone just getting back on to the ice again? What I want the most is to not get gassed so easily, and to have harder/faster wrist shots. Thanks in advance for your help!
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