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  1. UWisconsin with Trigger 4s and AS2 Pros. Thought it was interesting that one of their players uses a 50 flex twig Anyone know what the "E" shaft is?
  2. Man, this is my stick, and as I've been telling you it's a true Trigger at least; whether it's a Reckoner or ASY, I can't say for sure. I don't see why anyone would dress an original Trigger ASY as a T2, and I think if Darren Dreger wanted a Reckoner, he'd just get a Reckoner dressed as a Reckoner... If you really want, tomorrow, I can try to dig up a photo of the sticker (Hockey Shop guy took a photo of it). I'm pretty sure it said Trigger 2 on it but I threw it away when I taped the stick. Honestly, what does it matter? Just buy it, try it out, and if you don't think it's a real Trigger 2 for whatever reason, you can return it to me... The differences between the RCR, ASY, T2 PMT and even the T3D in terms of play aren't really that large IMO.
  3. Hey Vet88, My alignment I'm pretty sure is not that great (can't really self-assess it, but I skate alright without shims or orthotics or whatnot) but I didn't have too much pain or soreness from my previous skates aside from direct bone pain from my left Bauer bump hitting the skate boot. I guess I'm still young enough that it hasn't caused soreness. However, after reading one of your other posts, I have begun skating unlaced(or progressing towards it) starting with skipping 4-5 eyelets. I actually started because the side of my skate was digging into my ankle too much one day (I messed up the heatmold and overtightened the top eyelet) but now I've done this three times so far in public skates (about 4 hours total) and will do so in a stick and puck next as I am now fully comfortable turning and stopping and even hard accelerating with this setup. Aside from teaching me how to balance better and working on my ankle strength (first two times, my ankles were SORE afterward), it's actually really fun and a nice challenge. Granted, I have fairly stiff and molded AS1s that provide quite a bit of support even unlaced so I may have to progress with further unlacings until I have no laces, but these skates as they are, without top 4-5 eyelets give me enough confidence doing harder turns and stops without breaking my ankles, while still feeling like I'm actually working to stay on the right edges of my blade. Thanks for that advice; I think I'll keep doing it.
  4. Hey all, So the past couple weeks I've been trying a pair of CCM's custom skates. In the process of "breaking them in" and eventually getting them remade, I learned my feet aren't as normal as they look to be lol. And it's kind of depressing knowing this might hold back my advancement in skating (more like I can't do certain things because they cause pain). Any of you skating about with messed up feet, and how do you deal with them? I have: 2 heavily protruding accessory naviculars (1 on each foot, left foot far worse than right). These cause localized pain in the boot of the skate and I have to get a pretty hefty punch. Left arch is virtually nonexistent. Smallish bunions, still more pronounced on right foot than left. Right hurts when I do hard backwards crossovers. Started wearing a gel pad which really helped. Bauer bump on left heel (caused recently by a pair of wornout oversized Supreme skates + me doing a lot of backwards crossovers) Bunionettes on the outside of the pinky toe joint, both feet. Don't really hurt. Hammertoes. All of them. Don't really notice this. Honestly considering surgery to remove as much of the protruding bones altogether at once at this point lol.
  5. So I'm trying to decide on whether to go with a 7.5 or a 7.75 CCM AS1. In an unbaked retail 7.5, my toes press against the box while standing and recede to just feathering when I'm in my hockey stance. This seems like a decent fit but it's close enough that I'm worried if the boot doesn't expand after breaking them in a bit (or the ankle foam doesn't give as much), I'll have problems kicking the toebox etc. I'm also getting the skates with extra Ribcor ankle foam. In an 8, I can just fit a pencil behind my heel if I feather the toebox (the pencil's a tight stuck fit then). Wondering if anyone has experience with how much the skates will expand by after baking and skating a few times. Thanks for the tips and advice!
  6. Thanks! Do you find the FT2 maybe even not stiff enough, that you would get extra stiff as an option? Or does it allow a perfect amount of flex for you? For reference, I'm 155lbs, fairly strong skater (I'm... uh bottom heavy) though but the AS1s have felt ... ski-booty, but I've only had them a week so I presume I have to break them in a bit
  7. Do you find a significant difference in stiffness between the FT1/FT2 and the AS1? And in the comfort of the comfortedge pad/height of the boot? Also, are they sized the same (8.5 in an FT2 = same length as an AS1)? Thanks!
  8. Hah, good pun (if there exists such a thing!) Yeah I've seriously considered surgically removing it at times. My supremes I had before were punched to hell. I might try that method of putting stuff in to make a bit more room. You can actually see the divot in the boot foam (I have extra form around) where that bone pushes through. Maybe I should've settled on Trues... Cheaper and from what I can tell, better wrap with less negative space. Too bad I couldn't get over the aesthetics and durability concerns
  9. Hey all, I just got a pair of custom AS1s. Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm not impressed with how much my accessory navicular is hurting and that I'll have to punch it out despite it showing up clearly on my 3D scan and specifically noting it down in-text. But that's neither here nor there. I'm more concerned about the heel lock in one of my skates. Firstly, I have pretty narrow feet, especially at the heels, probably better for a Jetspeed fit to be honest (but couldn't wait for the FT2s and figured "custom" skates would accommodate for that anyway). I also got the extra Ribcor ankle pads to kind of hedge against the risk that AS1s would be too wide(?) And they sounded comfy. My left foot is also a quarter size longer than my right. My issue now is that with the extra sizing it seems the entire boot is also a bit wider. The forefoot is not quite as snug as the right, the heel is considerably roomier. When unlaced, I have essentially no heel lock (pretty expected), and when laced cranked up, it's pretty good but on strides I can feel my foot lifting maybe 1mm off the insole, basically enough that it doesn't feel like I'm in full contact with the insole at all times. I honestly have no idea if this is normal/expected or not. Even when I pull the skate vertically my heel doesn't really go anywhere, but I can of course feel it coming just slightly off the footbed. There's a little bit of lateral movement however when I pull horizontally (or when I skate on my edges). By no means is my fit tragically bad/awful (like my previous Supremes ended up being) aside from the navicular part; I barely touch the toecaps for both standing upright and don't feel it at all when my knees are bent. I've gotten the skates baked once for however long CCM suggests (apparently 4 minutes), which kind of feels like it didn't really do anything. Going in for a second bake and considering asking for a clamp around the heel or something to get it closer to a Jetspeed fit? If that's even possible without removing material? So I guess my questions are: How much heel lock should I reasonably expect? How much more can I get (especially horizontally) with baking/clamp (i.e. does the composite material contrast)? Can I make the forefoot area slightly narrower with baking/clamp? What's the optimal time to bake these for since 4 minutes barely did anything? Should I give up, sell these, and just order custom FT2s or Trues (ok maybe not but Trues are looking mighty good right now). Sorry, longish rant, but I appreciate any insight. I'm kinda OCD and not all-too-pleased given expectations for cost.
  10. The only concern I've heard so far on CCM's durability was what I read about eyelets here lol. To that end, I requested brass eyelets throughout. Wondering what else is prone to premature breakdown in the skate? I don't think I'm heavy/hard enough on the skates for durability to be a large concern in general, but it was one of the reasons I went with CCM over true so if that's true, it'd be kind of unfortunate. My Bauers have been tanks, to be sure.
  11. Just ordered a pair of Full Custom AS1s from my "LHS" (The Hockey Shop, though I live in Vancouver I had a less-than-stellar experience with Cyclone Taylor). I'm coming off 2-year old Bauer Supreme Matrix skates (SMU S190) in 8.5EE (I can never feel the front in one of my skates) which have been punched to the moon and back to address various hot spots and now straight up don't fit unless I wear 2 pairs of thick socks because I went from 230lbs to 145lbs and the fat that necessitated EE skates melted away. Specs: 8.25D + 8D Stock height, depth and stiffness "Tritech Pro Ribbed" tongue (black), Clarino liner (black), 70K ankle pad add-on Forefoot comfort foam add-on Orthomove insoles XS holder with XS1 Black +2mm runners (may swap for Step, we'll see how I like them) Incidentally, I pulled a calf and won't be able to skate for 2-3 weeks, roughly in like with when I expect these to come in lol. I'm not much of a player to be honest and these are definitely overkill; in fact, I'm pretty much novice (I played minor hockey as a goalie growing up for 5-6 years, but stopped skating from ages 14-19. Picked it back up, did a ton of stick and pucks and public skates, and now, at age 22, only occasionally play some pickup games between stick and puck and drop-in hockey. I am, however, on the ice 2-3 times a week (3-4 in the winter) messing around at public skates or stick and pucks (this is pretty much my only hobby). I have oversized asymmetrical navicular bones, and a super narrow heel. The fitter who scanned my feet told me I fit Vapors or Jetspeeds which was hilarious to me because 2 years ago, even Nexus skates weren't wide enough in the forefoot. (Scan suggested Tacks 8D). But, I have gone through 2 pairs of skates in the past 3 years. Started with a pair of Nexus N7000 for my then-fatass feet which had zero heel lock whatsoever and were oversized (thanks SportChek). The Supremes always kind of hurt somewhere or another, which was temporarily relieved with punching but now are too wide, and still kill my left heel (for some reason I don't understand, this started recently). While I had the Nexus and the Supremes, I always toyed with the idea of getting VH (now True) customs but could never justify the cost and quite frankly, I'm too OCD for the fit and finish of the skates (though I personally am in the minority who think they look pretty slick otherwise). Since August as I started doing more skating (3-4 times weekly stick and pucks and public skates, with some powerskating), I started toying with the idea of getting custom skates because... well, the Supremes hurt and started feeling awkward as my feet got skinnier. I also got a big bonus then so that sort of propelled my decision. Held off on it until now, not sure why. Skated with heel pain while wearing 2 pairs of socks this entire time. Didn't decide between True and CCM until I was literally getting my feet scanned for CCMs. I figured for $300 over the life of the skate, the better looks, features and (supposedly) better durability with CCM skates would be worth it for me (LHS guy was kinda pushing me to CCM, apparently they had way more problems with True skates, and the guy next to me had just gotten his Trues in and was talking about stuffing/plugging his toe cap or something as a solution True suggested for an oversized skate they made for him, and that just seemed silly to me). Anyway, enough random verbiage. I'm excited for these skates to come in; I anticipate I'll take a while to get used to the stiffness; and finally, I hope my feet don't change up on me in the near future because I plan to keep these for at least 2 more years
  12. Mlxg

    Sticks and Shafts

    Very interested in the Stealth CNT but I'm RH. Would it be advisable to cut the blade off and stick a RH one on? Or is that a bad idea? (Sorry, noob)
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