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  1. I wear the C for one of the teams I play for. We have a player award that I hand out after each game. One game we were on fire, two guys with hat-tricks and another guy with 2 goals. The award went to the 2 goal scorer because that is not a typical game for him. I am not taking anything away from the guys with the hat-tricks but they are consistent goal scorers, so before we left the ice I confirmed that they were on the same page with me. They agreed as well as my goalie and a few other players who could grab my attention. As a Captain I feel that I should make the POTG announcement. Like mentioned previously as Captain I will never award myself the award. I also don't want to put my players in an uncomfortable position to determine who should receive the award. I try to watch play as best I can during the game because for me it is not always about what is on the score sheet. A D-Man may not get on the score sheet but is down there blocking shots and moving the puck up ice, that is considered. I also like to get my goalies opinion, he sees it all. So far this has worked out well. POTG gets to keep the award between games then it is returned to me in the locker room prior to the next game. I would suggest talking to your Captain on the side. Ask him to take over the award process and spread the love as it was originally intended. This will not put you or the Captain on the spot in the locker room with the whole team present. A good captain will keep it confidential and change the process not making it uncomfortable for anyone else.
  2. So I hit up The Pond and the pro shop at U of D. No deals worth paying to get the stuff home but both shops were worth the visit. At The Pond I got a couple shirts (local youth teams) for my daughters that were on sale. The staff were very friendly and willing to answer any of my questions, I even interrupted the managers lunch. At the U of D I picked up a Blue Hens sweater/jersey, it was also on sale. I asked if they had any game pucks and the man behind the counter let me have one free of charge. He was very knowledgeable about Blue Hen hockey as I was asking questions about the different jersey selections. Both arenas looked to have quality ice and I was a little bummed I did not have my skates. If I do make it back out that way anytime I may try to hit up Ice Works for a West Chester jersey or puck. I wish I would have asked if they had logo pucks at The Pond so I guess that will be an excuse to go back. EBondo I did not have the flexibility in my schedule to make it to HG in Cherry Hill, maybe now that I have seen the sights in Philly I can make the trip next visit.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations guys. Did not make it to any hockey shops today in Philly or around Philly. I did go see some of the historical stuff like the Liberty Bell. I climbed the stairs like Rocky. Had a cheese steak from Pat's. And finally drove down BROAD street on my way out of town to head to Wilmington. I ate breakfast in O'Hare at the Blackhawks bar. I am going to try and hit The Pond and if I have time U of D pro shop one night this week.
  4. Hello - I will be traveling to Wilmington, DE next week arriving in Philly on Sunday. I would like to know if anyone can recommend any local shops I could check out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Cheddar. I have watched this video but was hoping for some consumer reviews. I value the opinion of the retailers but it is also their job to sell merchandise. When I watched I only caught one negative aspect of the stick and that is when they mention stick handling in the closing comments. That might be the case, and if so that makes for a sweet deal.
  6. Hello, I am new to the site but have been viewing the site for a while. I tried to search, and maybe I have the wrong keywords, but I have not been able to find anything on the Sherwood BPM150 Stick. Can anyone provide any first hand experience using this stick? Sherwood is currently offering a Sherwood Care Package with the purchase of the BPM150. It looks like a good deal as the stick retails at $200 and they are offering $200 in swag. I am a third year beer league player in my mid 30s so I do not usually purchase top shelf equipment and was hoping for some insight to help me decide if I want to stick it out with my entry level stick or go for it with the BPM150. For comparison I am currently using a CCM Ribcor 28K Sr. with 95 flex and the P38 Datsyuk curve. Thanks, Erik
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