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  1. Thanks, that's kind of the issue I have with the Bauer combo, it seems to jut out and have a kind of blind spot where the visor meets the cage. It may or may not be a problem in games but as soon as I looked through it I just felt like I wouldn't like it. That's what's attracted me to this Bosport one, the visor is convex and seems to come back towards your face, then the cage part is fully separate and actually sits behind the back edge of the visor at the bottom. It's REALLY hard to get a proper idea from photos but it does look to be a bit better in that regard than the Bauer ones. In this pic if you tilt your head to the left so the top bar is square-ish and the visor would be parallel to your face then it looks like the bottom part of the cage come right back in rather than hanging down low. Also if the chin cup is in the right spot in this photo, then the bottom of the visor is going to be roughly level with your nose or even top lip which puts the cage a long way south in your field of vision. I also found replacement visors, to be fair I can only find them from the company's site in the Czech Republic but at least I know they are available. Maybe the retailer can order me one now so that I've got a spare. Anyways enough jibber-jabbing about, I think I'll order one over the weekend. Will update once I've had a few runs in it! Chur
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I really don't like the Bauer offerings, they feel really bulky. Thanks for the tips on the itech ones, I'll do some looking. I'm in Australia though so that's likely to be a tough find... I got an email back from the site I linked to, they have the Bosport one in stock so I reckon I might give it a whirl..
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has experience with this visor/cage combo? http://puckhandlers.com.au/shop/helmets/visor-cage-combo/ I played open face for years and I preferred it, had a few years off and am just getting back into the game but right now I have about ten grand worth of orthodontic work going on (braces and related crap) so getting hit in the mouth is an absolute no-no. I've been wearing a borrowed cage for the last few games, and I'm able to hang onto it until I make a decision on what I want to buy for myself. I don't really like the cage... I played with one for the first year or so when I was a kid, then went to open face as soon as I possibly could. I was looking for a CCM titanium cage when I stumbled across this bad boy... I searched here before posting and only found two posts relating to "bosport" : The first post was from @dw91 asking basically the same questions I am here The second post was from @gosinger in a gear thread saying he/she has one (I'll PM them separately) Does anyone else have experience with this bit of kit and if so, what do you think? I've tried on a Bauer combo and a Bauer full plastic shield and I REALLY don't like them... I feel like there's this massive blind spot where the visor turns into the "cage" especially on the one with the actual metal cage. I've considered the Avision Ahead as well but after doing a lot of research here (I mean a LOT) it seems that their #1 fan, @IPv6Freely, was really unhappy with the latest model..... Thoughts?
  4. Close: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/mammoth-ipa-395/84273/
  5. I measured up 7.5EE in Bauer Supreme, 8 in MakoII. Bought 8D cause they didn't have E or EE in stock, bit tight after the first bake so I baked again but this time wore a thin pair of socks folded over so they covered the tight area then put my regular skating socks on, they stretched right out and the fit is now amazing. Had mine for a month or two now and absolutely love them
  6. Hey guys, Maybe a bit of a random question but I bought a CCM HT Resistance helmet the other day, mainly for the way it fit (like a glove) but when doing a bit of googling I also noticed that it's advertised as being super light - 252 grams according to TotalHockey. The R300 is supposed to be 500 grams or so. I thought it felt a bit heavy so I put it on the kitchen scales and it comes in at 600 grams?! I took all the hardware off (ear loops, screws, ear covers, etc) but that only took about 40g off it. I've checked and double checked and the helmet is IDENTICAL to the one in the pictures on TotalHockey, all the way down to the position of the stickers inside (which seem to vary from model to model). It is DEFINITELY a HT Resistance. I'm not hugely fussed to be honest as it fits beautifully but I did buy this helmet partly due to its light weight since due to orthodontic work I need to wear a cage and I was hoping to offset the cage's extra weight a little bit. What gives?
  7. Get your hand off it. Was just thinking about ways I might be able to somewhat mimic the little performance advantages that aftermarket runners like V-Steel claim to offer without spending 200 bucks. Scuse me for trying to use my head and my machine shop to some advantage. I wouldn't think so on stainless. The first stage of polishing (with wet/dry sandpaper) doesn't create a lot of heat, the second stage does a bit but it wouldn't be any more than sharpening would. Stainless is pretty tough so I'm not worried about that. As mentioned above I was mainly looking at trying to replicate something like V-Steel at home using my original runners but it seems the polish on V-Steel is largely inconsequential, even Step seem to state there's little difference between their brushed and polished runners. Bummer, it would have been a half hour job
  8. lol that's kind of what I was going for, at my level I don't really think the benefits of black edge or v-steel are going to be huge but they do look soooo bloody sexy EDIT: after a bit of proper poking around it seems that the real difference in the Step/Black Edge etc is their claim of higher quality material rather than the actual polished finish.. They will look purdy though hah
  9. Hey guys, So I've been skating on my fresh new Mako2s for a week or two now and am LOVING them, they remained a bit narrow but I gave them a second bake with a little padding around the wider part of my foot and they're absolutely perfect now :D Thanks again to all who helped out with that decision! I've been thinking (dangerous)... I've been looking at all this V-steel and black edge and whatnot... it all looks very interesting and while there isn't really anything wrong with my current ES4 stainless runners, it never hurts to play around does it? :) V-steel seems to get a pretty good rap so I was wondering, has anyone actually polished their own blades? I have all the gear here to do full mirror polish, as I have a business with six utes and we polish all the visible aluminium tray parts to make em look schmick.. The *only* thing that worries me at all is that by doing this I would take a very small amount of material from either side effectively making the runner very slightly thinner... if I polished the entire blade (including the bit that goes into the holder) there's an unlikely chance that it could be enough to make it sit loose. But it wouldn't be difficult at all to just polish the exposed part of the blade, so I really don't think that's worth worrying about. EDIT: I've just pulled a runner out and looking at the way the runner clamps into the holder I don't think that will be a problem at all. Anyone tried this? Cheers
  10. THESE SKATES ARE F***ING INCREDIBLE! Definitely still a wee bit narrow in the forefoot and a couple of little hotspots in the back near where the tendon guard joins the boot but I don't think I'll have too much trouble sorting those out. They might even sort themselves out over time, I'll give them another few skates to see before I start messing with them. Pitch took a little getting used to after skating Supreme 150s for ~6wks but an hour in I was fine. This may be more to do with having a perfect fit than the boots themselves but my skating has literally improved tenfold overnight. After six weeks on the Supremes I was back to my full speed in a straight line but still felt like I was trying to get my edges and my stops back even on my strong side... backwards skating in both directions and forward crossovers to my weak side (turning right) still felt cumbersome and weak. Within half an hour of stepping on the ice today I was doing all of this stuff almost as strongly as I was ten years ago.... dead set I went from feeling slightly unbalanced on a strong side hockey stop in my Supremes to being able to properly land a full speed jumping hockey stop on my weak side in the Makos.... forward and backwards crossovers to both sides no problem, 180degree hook turns tighter than I think I've ever been able to do, I even tried some old moves that I hadn't been game to try on the Supremes and nailed them. It's like I never took a break from skating. Like I said I would probably credit the better fit for that improvement but I'm sure the boots have something to do with it as well, they just go exactly where I tell them every single time... Half an hour after stepping on the ice I had COMPLETE confidence in them. I had the rink almost to myself so I skated HARD for a full two hours before the tight spots got a bit too sore, I hadn't been able to go that long in the Supremes yet. I got some lace bite pain in my right ankle by the end of it but I still had lumps on both ankles left over from my old skates so I reckon I've just stirred those up again. I'm fairly sure that if I just take it a little easy for a while those will go away. @tcraig That's good advice and it's actually exactly what I ended up doing today - I just pulled them firm rather than yanking them tight and they held brilliantly. I feel like the laces on these are just there to hold the boot's shape under load rather than pull the boot around my foot like they do on traditional skates. Like I said still a few little things to work out on them but I couldn't be happier and am honestly quite stunned at the difference it's made to my skating, I expected an improvement going from a $189 skate to an $800 skate (plus the fit factor as well) but I didn't expect anything like this. I'm fully expecting a call from the Sabres' lead scout by the end of the day hahaha Thanks again to everyone who helped and offered advice, I know I ended up going a completely different way than originally planned but every bit of advice was helpful :)
  11. Thanks guys, good to hear from happy Mako owners. One thing that leant me towards them is that I read through almost every forum post, review, comment etc and I didn't read a single bad word about them... I take what the Internet has to say with a grain of salt but that's usually a pretty good sign. "Hopefully the fact you could get yours on pre-bake is an indication you just need some spot punching to get them to work. You might find the EEs to be too wide everywhere else." That's what I'm thinking... The overall fit is sensational, they're just a bit narrow in the forefoot. I'm gonna skate today and see, If they are too tight i devised a plan last night to bake them again and use some foam pads inside my socks to get a little extra room, if that doesn't work the ski shop does boot stretching and has a tool to stretch them exactly where I need it so I should be covered. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the help everyone. I took a trip down to Sydney to the biggest skate shop I've got access to after doing a heap of research on the Easton MakoII... It was the only decent skate on their site that I hadn't tried so I learnt a but about them. I waited to try them on to make up my mind but after all the good things I'd read about them I was prepped to take them if the fit was good. After a bit of measuring I ended up in an 8D, they were very narrow but after what I'd read about how they'd bake I thought they might be ok... Sales bloke thought it'd be worth a try. The shop offered to bake them for me with no obligation to buy so we did that and afterwards they felt amazing... They're still tight across the widest part of my foot (5th meta) but otherwise they fit like a glove, apart from the one narrow section the fit is absolutely amazing. I'm going to give them a couple of skates to see if they pack out a bit, if not I'll bake em again and try to push them out a little more. If that doesn't work I have a ski shop nearby that does the whole range of bootfitting and will have no problem pushing them out a few mm. Spent a lot of money today but hoping that worst case if I can't get them right I'll be able to get close to my money back provided I don't mess with them too much. EEs would have been a better option but the overall fit on these was just too good not to give them a chance.. Now I know what they're like I can always sell these and order some EEs online if need be.... Worth noting that I tried Nexus 7ks and Supreme S160s (I tried Vapors a while back), Nexus fit was horrible, Supreme in a 7.5EE was perfect (albeit still a bit light on volume) but not as good as the Mako once baked. So it went baked makos > g75 > S160. Thanks again for all the help guys, appreciate it.
  13. They may well have some G75Lites there as well, they have all this stock hiding up the back of the warehouse from when they sold a lot of hockey stuff a few years ago... The fit of the G75s was pretty amazing. I tried 8EE S160s today and while they seemed to fit alright the 'pencil test' was a dead failure, the top of my foot sits about 5mm above the level of the leather. In the G75, the pencil sat on the leather and there was a bit of room between it and my foot, maybe 5mm. Once laced up the tongues of the S160s were bulging out as if they were trying to push through the laces, on the G75 the laces sat nice and flat. The skates themselves feel heavier and not quite as stiff as the competition but the fit was pretty great and at 34 years old I have no intention of working up to AIHL or anything like that, I'll be playing local leagues and cutting circles around people in public skate sessions so I think fit is all I should really be looking at.... interesting info on the price, thanks for that. I found one US site selling G75Lites for $270USD which is about $350 aussie leaving LOADS of room for shipping. The real issue is I've sold my 150s already and really want to have something on my feet in the next few days! :P Thanks
  14. THE PLOT THICKENS I went to the rink today and tried on some more Supreme skates. I've settled fairly well on 8EE in that range. But this morning I found a roller skating (as in, not inline but old school roller skating) store about 50km from me advertising old stock Graf 705 - turns out they have pallets of Graf stock from a few years ago, including the identical model to the ones I bought in 1998 or so, the ones with the wire mesh and the red/orange stripe up the side. These were all in unfortunately average condition (leather cracking etc) BUT they also have some more up to date stock including these bad boys: Graf Ultra G75! They are asking $899 but willing to do them for $809 which puts them at a similar price point to the couple-of-year-old MX3s which are on closeout. This is where it gets tricky... I don't really know how these will compare with the current line of Bauer or CCM skates. What I do know is that a size 9.5EE in the old 705 and a 10D in the G75 both seem to fit VERY well (this leads me to believe that my old Grafs must have been 8.5 not 6.5 like I previously thought) and they have quite a few different sizes in these boots. I always loved my old Graf skates and the sizes I tried on today felt amazing (easily the best fit I've tried so far) so I think I'm sold. The ones I saw today are IDENTICAL to the picture above, but this store does have a lot of old leftover stock though so I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the G75 range has changed significantly while retaining it's appearance? The only things I could find on the skate that looked like they could have been a date were 10 - 300405 printed in small text on the inside of the tendon guard and 1108 in large black text on the inside sole (under the footbed). Does anyone know if either of those numbers correlate to a production date? How do the Graf blades stack up against other offerings? They don't appear to have changed their tech in 20 years, the Ultra 3000 carrier on the website is identical to the one I had on my 705s. Does their gear hold its own against the current field of stuff from Bauer/CCM/Step etc? Cheers..
  15. lol yeah it was a bit silly. I sized them like shoes and left space in the toe box, there's about 10mm between my toes and the end of the skate... Ah well, I paid $189 and sold them for $150 so it only cost me $40 to realise I want to play hockey again :)
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