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  1. I get bored after I use it a few times and it all seems to work like I need it to. Until I get to that stage, I am pretty obsessed. Everything suffers until I get my skates dialed in, or decide if I am going to use a half shield, full shield, or cage, and so on. Some gear I have tried to replace like shins and elbows, and I end up just using my old ones because of comfort and familiarity. That alone often reminds me that new gear is something people get just because they get bored with their hobbies, and just want to freshen it up.
  2. I got some FT1 skates for 475 and a trade in of my 1.5 year old Jetspeed Xtra Pros.
  3. I've been through all of this nonsense. I went from a larger pair with a 263 to a smaller pair with a 255. I was looking to shed weight. I skated on them for an entire year, probably 150 times total. The skate was lighter by nearly a 100 grams per skate, and the boot was certainly tighter, but caused me no pain, or fit issues. However, no matter what I did, profile, pitch, technique, I couldn't get used to the smaller holder and runner. My balance was all off on the shorter blade. As it turned out, 9mm and a half size made a huge difference for me. People say you won't notice, people say it is all in your head, people say you will adapt. For some people that might be true. For others, it isn't. In my case, there isn't one aspect of skating that isn't significantly better for me when I skate on a longer runner and bigger boot. Long story short, if you are picky and precise, you will not rest until you get your skates dialed in, and there is no single, perfect prescription for this. It is completely personal. It cost time, money, and a lot of experimentation and frustration, but that is the trade off, and it is worth it when you finally hit your spot. If hockey is your hobby, then it pays to take the time and money to fine tune.
  4. Here is my experience with this. This will be fairly long and detailed. Due to an irrational obsession with weight, I crammed my foot into a skate that was too small. While the boot wasn't terribly uncomfortable, it was easily 1/2 size too small, and maybe even close to a size. These skates were the first incarnation of the Jetspeed which were always bigger than the size by a half, and maybe even a little more. If you wore a 7 in today's skates, Bauer or CCM, you could buy a 6.5 with no fit issue. I don't know if the other CCM skates had this characteristic, but the Jetspeed from 2015 did. i bought these skates October 2017. My LHS had them in the back. Top of the line Jetspeed, 300 bucks. It was a junior size 5.5. I wear a size 9 dress shoe. I bought them, and the boot fit didn't bother me, especially once I got on the ice...but, the second I got on the ice with them, everything else felt completely squirrelly. I felt unbalanced, I felt like I wasn't going anywhere, I felt weird on pivots, couldn't Mohawk. I took them in and my guy said the left blade was bent. He put in new hyperglide, but that was still bending. He figured out the holder was mounted poorly, so he undid a couple rivets, pushed the holder in to place and locked it down. He didn't drill new holes, he just made that adjustment. He then put the blade in the straightener and straighten it out pretty well. No improvement in balance or stability. Then it was suggested that I go from the stock 10 foot neutral to a 11 foot +1. It seemed a little better, but wasn't nearly what I wanted. I still felt awkward and unstable. I got CCM to give me a second set of holders and hyperglide through warranty. I didn't put the holders on, but had the steel profiled to 13 foot +1. It wasn't an improvement. I lost some glide, it felt grabby, and it didn't improve my balance problem in the least. Then I tried something else. I wore my old skates. Jetspeeds, same vintage, but bigger size. The boot was longer and roomier, the holder was bigger, the runner was 263 instead of 255. It made all the difference. These skates were shot, but I got the message. I went to LHS with my year old size 5.5 Jetspeeds, and traded them in for better fitting skates with the 263. They are the newest version of the Jetspeed Xtra Pro Plus SMU. With the bigger boot, longer holder/runner, my balance issue disappeared. The stock 10 foot radius and neutral pitch was better than all the profiling work I had done to those junior skates I tried to use. Each skate is 100 grams heavier. I don't feel it, because everything else is better. Everything. I am balanced, fast/quick footed, and much more efficient. Sure all things being equal, I would gravitate towards a lighter skate, but not at the expense of everything else, which is what happened with me. Weight should never be a priority. I learned a great deal here. I learned my lesson. I will always experiment and try to make improvements in my equipment, but I wanted to share this with people who might be experiencing a similar lever of frustration. Please let me know if you have questions. Sorry about the book length post, but hopefully it will help someone out.
  5. Something to keep in mind Caveman. The current CCM (2017 line) seems to have gotten more in step with typical sizing. The previous model Jetspeed seemed to run a half size bigger than their counterparts, and the Bauer line. So, if you are looking to move into a junior, the previous model Jetspeed might be your best (or only) bet, that is, if your feet agree with the rest of the fit characteristics of that skate. I tried on several pairs of size 6D Tacks and Jetspeeds from the most recent models of each, and they felt about right in size. Just as a hunch, I asked my guy if he had any previous model Jetspeeds at 5.5 in the back, and after scrounging around, he emerged with a brand new pair of the top model 2015-2016 version. These were 500 retail when they first came out. He said I could have them for 300, and they even had the CCM custom footbed thrown in. Well they fit, even slightly better than the newer size 6D models, so I bought them. I got them exactly one week ago today, and have skated on them 5 times. They are already starting to loosen up, as is typical of every skate I've ever bought. This is why I always try to buy the smallest size I can stand. Everybody has a personal preference for the way they like their skates to fit. I like them to feel small and light on my feet. Not only are they actually smaller and lighter, but psychologically, I feel faster and more nimble. That goes way back to when I was 16 years old, and my dad stopped buying my skates for me, and I had to start buying my own. I just got used to that feeling when buying them, knowing that they would eventually acquire slightly more room through regular use. So, if you can find a previous model of the Jetspeed, start there. If you are in a 6D Bauer, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to comfortably fit into a 5.5 Jetspeed. And, as you said, they will be significantly less money too as a bonus.
  6. My favorite pair of skates all time were Vapor XXX from 2005, size 7D. My dress shoe size is 9D. I had them forever, then they just stopped fitting comfortably, even though they were in fabulous shape, even after 11 years. I then moved into Vapor X800 in a 6.5D, but they gave me lace bite and a Bauer bump. I traded those in and got Supreme S160 Ignite SMU size 6D. They were fine for about 30 skates, then they stopped fitting in the toe box. Too narrow. I traded those in for some Jetspeed Xtra Pro SMU from 2016 size 6D. They felt good for a dozen skates, then broke in to the point where they felt too long. I had to wear thicker socks, or an extra pair to make them feel tight like I like. I still have them because they are decent skates and comfortable, but I need a tight skate. So I bought some top of line Jetspeeds from 2015-2016 brand new that the shop had in the back, for 300 bucks. Size 5.5. Yep, I wear a junior skate. They are tight the way I like, and when they break in, they should feel just about right. So, four pairs of skates in one year. But, I think they will be the last for at least a while.
  7. Just PU now so minimal gear: Helmet: E700/Visor Elbow: some old Victorville softies from the olden days Glove: CCM QLT 270 Pants: CCM ref girdle under my warm ups Shin: Sherwood (not sure but they are old and lite) Skate: CCM Jetspeed Stick: Sherwood Rekker 365 Bag: Sherwood T30 Some new stuff, some old stuff.
  8. First year of organized hockey. Squirts 1972. I was ankle skating my way to the goal as my teammate was skating in with the puck. He shot. I had already fallen on my ass, and happened to land on the rebound. I slid into the net with the puck lodged under my rump.
  9. Slow down? HAHAHAHA!. I'm 53, play 3 times a week, and have punks like you in my stool.
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