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  1. Thanks for responding. Do you have an edge square to check to see if you're actually getting balanced edges? I kinda think it's the clamp that is not centering the blade properly. But if so, need someone to tell me how to tighten the clamp nuts which are kinda inaccessible...
  2. Frustrated with mine. Alignment becomes off no matter how centered it is at the beginning. The machine goes through different brands of skates (CCM and Bauer) and different steel (Bauer, SpeedBlades, Stepsteel, etc.). Every other pair, I need to re-adjust the centering wheel. Maybe the clamp or something is loose? Is there anything to tighten? Edit: I check the edges with several edge checkers and even have an HDI gauge. I know they are off...
  3. These are commercial quality machines. Wonder how much they cost?!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I will document my runs and post. I'll also re-run a few more passes.
  5. Has anyone experienced a loss of balanced edges with the Sparx machine? When I first got it and set it, it was beautiful. Now, it doesn't seem to provide that consistency anymore. I've checked the centering via the centering wheel a number of times. Wonder if it's the clamp? Just me (senior size) and my son's (junior size) skates. Frustrating once you get used to perfect edges. LS2 and LS3 runners...
  6. Very cool. But if the skates don't match left and right, does it mean you have to profile them first and then sharpen? For the V3 sharpening machine, I assume it just sharpens? Once you have a perfect matching set, then it will sharpen both okay? Technology is the way of the future for skate sharpening.
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