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    TotalOne, One95, XN10, RS
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    Bauer 5100, NBH 9500, S17
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    Pro stock Project girdle
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    Warrior pro stock
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  1. I still lurk. Just don’t post as much anymore.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted on MSH and am a bit out of the loop on the latest and greatest, but does anyone have any recommendation on where in the Chicagoland area I can get custom skates done? My original custom APXs are on their last legs and I need another pair soon.
  3. Do you have a pic of the palms?
  4. An interesting kickstarter for an at home skate sharpener. What do you guys think? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1223281555/sparx-skate-sharpener-pro-skate-sharpening-at-home?ref=video
  5. It's crap for calculating distance when it comes to skating as it can't factor in glide. GPS doesn't work with in the rink, roof + insulation = 0 GPS signal. The distance traveled number is garbage when it comes to skating Given another chance, I'd get the Charge HR instead, I don't use any of the extra features that are offered with the Surge (GPS, Message Notification, Music Controls). Plus the charge is $100 cheaper.
  6. Finally got a good data set using my FitBit while playing goalie. Peak heart rate was around 165 with an average of 136 BPM. I spent more time in the "cardio" heart rate zone (48 mins) and had a higher calories burned per minute rate(11.2 Cal/Mins) than skating out. Skating out as a left wing, peak heart rate was 175 with an average of heart rate of 120 BPM. You can definitely see the pattern of hard skating during my shifts and recoveries on the bench. The heart rate chart looks exactly like an HIIT (high intensity interval training) session. Both time spent in cardio zone (23 Min) and calories burned per minute (8.6 Cals/Min) were lower skating out. I'd be interested in how the data would look when comparing the different positions. Anywho, thought it was an interesting comparison to share. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  7. Bringing this thread back from the dead. Finally made the jump from intermediate pads to senior. Digging the custom-ability of the pad, just gotta get used to the bulk of a senior pad vs. an intermediate.
  8. Yaks for Racks Charity hockey game.
  9. New gloves. Went with a slightly longer Savard cuff to get more protection.
  10. Not mine personally, but they're for a charity hockey game I am putting together. 2x Pink "Yaks for Racks" My Warrior Widows, 4x retail Widows. I big thanks to the ever generous people at Warrior!
  11. Michigan Sale haul. Didn't go as nuts as usual. I had a choice between a large and xl goalie pants, wished I went with a large.
  12. Just playing so hockey at the Joe.
  13. My Zero G goal set is in. Can't wait to give them a go! I got the whole set brand new for $700! Big thanks to Law Goalie for checking out the Zero G pads for me before I bought them.
  14. Just got a new set of Zero G goalie pads & gloves. Had to move my gear collection to a new room.
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