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    TotalOne, One95, XN10, RS
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    Bauer 5100, NBH 9500, S17
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    Pro stock Project girdle
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    Warrior pro stock
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    Warrior Franchise

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  1. I still lurk. Just don’t post as much anymore.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted on MSH and am a bit out of the loop on the latest and greatest, but does anyone have any recommendation on where in the Chicagoland area I can get custom skates done? My original custom APXs are on their last legs and I need another pair soon.
  3. An interesting kickstarter for an at home skate sharpener. What do you guys think? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1223281555/sparx-skate-sharpener-pro-skate-sharpening-at-home?ref=video
  4. Bringing this thread back from the dead. Finally made the jump from intermediate pads to senior. Digging the custom-ability of the pad, just gotta get used to the bulk of a senior pad vs. an intermediate.
  5. Yaks for Racks Charity hockey game.
  6. New gloves. Went with a slightly longer Savard cuff to get more protection.
  7. Not mine personally, but they're for a charity hockey game I am putting together. 2x Pink "Yaks for Racks" My Warrior Widows, 4x retail Widows. I big thanks to the ever generous people at Warrior!
  8. Michigan Sale haul. Didn't go as nuts as usual. I had a choice between a large and xl goalie pants, wished I went with a large.
  9. Just playing so hockey at the Joe.
  10. My Zero G goal set is in. Can't wait to give them a go! I got the whole set brand new for $700! Big thanks to Law Goalie for checking out the Zero G pads for me before I bought them.
  11. Just got a new set of Zero G goalie pads & gloves. Had to move my gear collection to a new room.
  12. Not sure, I watched a video from gsbb a couple of weeks ago and just winged it from what I could remember and removing the old lacing.
  13. Put skate laces on my glove. Made the pocket deeper and softer. First time modding my goalie gear. Not too shabby I say.
  14. It was an idea that was tossed around r/hockey. I put the right people together, plus Marz's hard work, we were able to get the license to make the jersey from reddit. They're still on sale for $90 a jersey, 20% of which go to charity.
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