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  1. I stacked up on sticks that I’ve been using for over 5 years and I’m on my last stick. I’ve been using the same curve flex all this time. How difficult will my transition be?
  2. I’m really hard on my skates, I’m considering a second pair I just can’t seem to find my size for the LE vapors
  3. Hey Matty long legs, I’m also interested to join a team individually let me know .
  4. I have a pair of the latest 1x skates that I really love, I’m just wondering if there are any effective tricks to keep the boot from scratches or graphics peeling off? Theese things ain’t cheap lol.
  5. Finally got the chance to go to the lhs to have the mars blades installed, theese things are soo damn heavy ! Lol I'm just planning to use them for off ice training not looking to join a roller league fortunately.
  6. I own a pair of the new one 1x skates that recently came out, I'm wondering if last years 1x fit the same way because I'm thinking of ordering the LE version online.
  7. Hey guys, is there any way I can pop the rivets out and remove the holders from my old skates without going to the lhs? I want to install mars blades on my old skates on my own.
  8. 'preciate the replies, I took the baby powder route, works like a charm, also been using it after showering, the ladies seem to love it
  9. It's good NHL isn't going, Kim Jong Un could unleash hell at any moment, especially during the Olympics. This one is worth skipping.
  10. I have a brand new pair of gloves that I really like and I'm using regular stick tape For grip at the butt end, but it starts to get sticky in my top hand palm. I'm thinking about applying chalk on the palm and the tape, will this help preserve the palm and avoid it from being sticky ?
  11. Does anyone here have calcium deposits in their feet from blocking shots ? For this reason I cannot comfortably adjust to top end retail skates. My feet are deformed even though I wore shot blockers, it didn't stop the deposits. I'm wondering if custom skates would be my best choice.
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