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  1. Great post man, I appreciate the advice. I found myself watching the Pens Blues preseason game last night and was looking at each players foot movement on the ice with special focus on how they transition from playing puck possession to defense.
  2. Well... it went probably about as bad as expected. I'm just not sure how to get better skating on my own because game speeds are so much faster than what I can simulate on public ice time. The transitions going from offense/defense was terrible. I can skate backwards, but I am super slow transitioning to backwards. And all the stick and puck sessions I go to, I go to alone so I'm not used to handling passes... is there something I can buy to help me with that in my garage or something? I just have got to get better ALL the way around. The league said everyone made the divisions they tried out for, but a few people in the scrimmage were bumped to higher divisions (this eval was for E/D prospects only). Hard to not get discouraged, but I need some tips on at home training I can do so that I can improve faster. Would anyone recommend even practicing inline at home for puck handling? But even then, I'm going to be lacking someone passing it to me.
  3. Hello all! I am a newb in hockey; this will be my first league (E) that I will be participating in. Tonight is the evaluation skate to determine skater ratings for the upcoming draft. The local ice rink has changed their hours the last two weeks and the chances for me to practice were terrible. I only got the chance to practice last on 9/8, and I was very confident then. My question to you is, I have about 3.5-4 hours on my current sharpening and I was thinking about going to practice skating here in about 3 hours, but worry I may dull my blades just enough to not have enough edge for stopping tonight... would you get a quick practice in and dull your blades further and eval skate with them tonight? or would you go dull them out, then go get them sharpened after work? OR would you just forgo the mini practice session this morning and just go to the eval skate? The eval skate is a scrimmage, mix of E/D players.
  4. Played in my first pickup on Friday night... It was rough. Being able to do things on open skate is one thing. Applying that to more of a game pace is another, and it's hard to do both at once, but felt like it was a great experience and highlighted what I need to work on. I also went to several stick and puck practices over the weekend, and found that puck handling improves a lot more when you practice at home. I saw a significant improvement in just one session at home between my first stick and puck session and second session.
  5. Gonna go out on a real limb here and say you're a pens fan ? lmao
  6. What skill level should you be to start going to Drop In hockey ? Feel like it would be great learning, but also feel like some folks would take it as Stanley Cup finals and not want to play with newbs.
  7. Newb to hockey here... What are some effective ways to practice puck handling at home when not on the ice?
  8. Pekka choked in Pittsburgh all there was to it. I don't see Johanssen being any different of a player unless the hit made him a bit more timid. I've read that folks who have compartment syndrome surgery recover and get back to normal pretty easily, all things considered, with no sides. As for Neal, I think they have some younger guys that are up and coming that can help mitigate that loss, but you're right, that's a big hole to fill and not one younger guy can replace Neal.
  9. Will they be an average team during the season like this past year regular season, or will playoff success carry over and they make playoffs at a more respectable seed than 16 for the 17-18 season?
  10. Can someone explain to me the formats you have experienced for both of these type of sessions? I am new to Hockey, and right now am only good enough to be serviceable on skates... can stop, stride forward, skate backwards but not crossover backwards, crossover strong side forwards, and was just interested in what these sessions are like (not that I believe I need to attend one of them very soon until skating gets better). Do you bring your own pucks to stick and puck? Do they have nets already setup for practice? For adult pick up, how does this work?
  11. at 5'5'' anyone know of an appropriate stick length, I was thinking 53-55" does that sound way off?
  12. Is there any type of protection equipment in each category I should avoid buying as a newb or is it all going to work pretty well just starting out? (Shin / shoulder / elbow / pants / helmet)
  13. What's shipping timelines like for those two? 5-6 days?
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