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  1. Looking for a cheap lightweight catch glove for a casual beer league. I first bought a used Reebok Premier III 9k SENIOR and it feels too big for my smaller hands. Then I bought a used Reebok Revoke 9000 INTERMEDIATE and it feels too small. What should I try next? I don't get to try on ANYTHING because we live in Hawaii and there's no good pro-shops...let alone one with goalie gear. I also really dont wanna spend too much, as I play fwd too and cant keep spending family funds on equipment ;) What about a new Bauer Reactor 5000? Only $100. THANKS!
  2. Itʻs been over 3 years, but I was super into your post here, but I cant view the pics! It says thereʻs a Photobucket error I think.

    I too have a fat head/face and a 7700. My cheeks get smooshed AND I dont have full peripheral vision bcz my head is "further back"

    Any other way to show me those pics you took? If you wanna email me...Iʻm at JLiRD808@gmail.com


  3. 40 year old player getting back on the ice after 15 years off. My endurance is definitely what needs the most work! That said, I've noticed that in some games I'm still charging hard in the 3rd period while in other games I'm literally gassing out in the 1st!! I'm wondering if that swing in energy levels has to do with what/when/how I ate/drank the day of the game or even right up to the game. What are some tips on game-day diet? I heard a goalie tell me to pound Gatorade an hour before the game & drink water during. I've heard others talk about energy drinks before games, but drink lots of water during games to keep from crashing. Other thoughts/ideas? THANKS!
  4. Yeah I went with Nexus 800's too....they feel great & have been solid in a few games now. Being curious though, I cant help but wonder how the similarly priced Tacks feel, since they are CCM's "traditional fit" pants too.
  5. WOOOOOWWW!! 3 year thread bump TO THE DATE! Not even lying, I am having this exact problem but with the Tron S920 & a Warrior PX2 helmet. How did you resolve this? I was thinking about trying washers too. CRAZY coincidence LOL!!
  6. I know u posted this 6 months ago, but what did you eventually go with and/or what did u learn? I'm in a similar boat deciding between comparable Tacks vs Nexus pants. THANKS
  7. Just an update...properly baked Bauer Nexus D's (not EE's) have made a significant difference, and I'm noticing some help from both Superfeet Yellows & Speedplates (but in different ways). I still have a bit of pain in my inner mid-foot/arches though and am curious to try other insoles, maybe even some with a bit more padding underneath. I'm also actually thinking about spot heating the inner arch on the skates with a hairdryner/heatgun and just pushing them out....like this: Thanks for all the help!
  8. Wow thanks for this! Is there a place where I can get a rundown on all the different chassis types? I'm pretty new to this...I like that "more of an ice like stride" idea of the Sprung chassis, but would love to educate myself on all of the available choices. I'm over 170lbs too...didnt even think about how stock wheels might not be meant for me. My local ice rink says they cannot do the mounting anymore, but waiting to hear back from the local inline rink. THX AGAIN!
  9. I actually started off with the EE cuz I have pretty wide feet, but started noticing things like the supinating and my forefeet & heel "jiggling around" just a lil bit. I bought the D's later and, though they seemed too tight in the mid-foot/arch area at first, I totally prefer them now (after baking them....more on that in a sec) and will now likely sell the EE's. In regards to N7000's not being bakeable...I guess it's open to debate? Bauer's website doesn't claim that they are, but a lot of the big shops say they are, and I can attest to feeling a significant difference. Not only did I start to really like the D's after baking, I fixed the supinating issue in my EE's by baking again, and tightening more in the first 3 eyelets (closest to toes) as they cooled! Thanks for all the comments everyone!
  10. I baked these Nexus N7000 EE's pretty soon after buying them, and cant remember if the left ankle bent like this before I baked them. I do not get this bending in my other skates, including my Nexus Freeze D's & my inlines. I've tried rebaking, thicker socks, lacing up SUPER TIGHT, Superfeet AND Speedplates -- nothing seems to help. I very well may have a left ankle that supinates, but it doesnt seem to affect me in my other skates. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Jv4xSmGt0BRX3jnD2 I'm sort of overexaggerating the effect in the photo, but it shows that my right foot is perfectly straight, but my left ankle wants to lean outwards. It makes skating awkward obviously and also puts extra pressure on the inside arch which causes pain >:( Are the EE's just too wide for my foot? Did I overbake it and the quarter has loosened up or is flexing too much? Should I bake a 3RD TIME but do something different? THANKS!!!
  11. Thanks for recommendations! I cant seem to find the Verbero Vertex II online...only the original VV and it's sold out in my size. I'm considering the Alkali's, but are they pitched forward though? I dont think Ive ever even tried skates that pitch forward...wasnt sure if I'd like em. And, any idea which are wider Alkali or Tour? THX AGAIN!
  12. Bauer Nexus are the best fitting skates for my feet that I have found so far. I also want to get back into inline though, and am wondering what inlines to grab. I bought some used Missions in E, too narrow. I then bought the Tour Code 3's in D as they're supposed to be WIDE skates. They're ok, but the arch is stiill digging into the insides of my feet. Maybe get them punched? I've read that CCM Tacks are similar to Nexus shapes. I think I might need EE's too though, and those have been hard to find in the Tacks line in Any other brands/skates to check out? THANKS!
  13. I don't like to normally do this (esp cuz I'm new here) but....3 year thread bump!! And I'm only doing it because the tracing of the OP's foot looks almost exactly like mine, and I'm super curious as to how his quest for a great fitting skate went. I also have funny feet & suffer from the inability to try on skates at a LHS. OP, did you go with Nexus skates? Sorry again!!
  14. Whaaat? Yeah that would be great!! Whatever's most convenient for you. I can paypal u some money with my address, or however you think works best. And yes, I'm around a 7.5 skate. I live on Oahu, which you might be flying into before Maui. Maui's awesome....great beaches, hiking, surfing, snorkeling, etc. I was just there visiting a friend from Alberta actually, he has to come to Oahu to play hockey tho lol. We can give you some inside scoops on best things to do while there too
  15. Ok...and Graf's the only ones that fit you right? Which model Grafs? TBH I havent really looked into them bcz I think they outta my budget (<$300). With that said, what was the SECOND BEST FIT lol? Also, what inline skates should I be looking at? I've thought about trying size 7. My local ice rink rents out Reidells and the 7's were clearly too small. I also thought about going Nexus D, but Supreme EE's were not too wide, even a little tight around the arches. I'll try them back on though, and strongly consider Nexus D's as I give my Nexus EE's a few more tries. Also, what inline skates do you recommend for our kinda feet? Thanks everyone! One thing that makes all of this even more difficult is that there is no shipping discounts to us all the way out here in HI. If I don't like the skates, I still have to pay for the shipping both ways....$50 x 2!!!
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