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  1. Thank you all for your input in my dilemma...seems like theirs quite a few people with he same issue...makes me feel better...ha!\ I'm still on the hunt for the elusive "proper fitting/comfortable" lid...
  2. I just noticed the big/tall post in this forum...sorry folks! mods you can delete this if you wish!! sorry all!
  3. Hi y’all, I’ve been blessed with an abnormally large head...I’ve used a Bauer 4500XL for many years and its just to narrow and crushes the sides of my head... can anyone with a similar issue tell me which helmet would be my best bet? would like to keep the price on the lower end as i’m merely volunteering to help run hockey practices for my nephew a couple times a week... skates are an issue for me too...recently tried on some Nexus 2700N skates..in my size 9.5EE...and felt pain on the inside of both my heels...I cant win...my gloves fit fine though. :-) thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks guys I appeciate your feedback.
  5. Thanks I appreciate it...surprising nobody in Toronto does this....anyone else surprised?
  6. Hi All, Longtime lurker, first time poster...;) This is a fantastic forum and resource for all things hockey equipment related so I thought what better place to ask my question! I'm looking to get my name embroidered onto my Bauer Nexus gloves on the cuff or the side (whatever)...anyone have any recommendations in the Greater Toronto Area (or anywhere else)? Please let me know and thanks in advance!
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