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Found 12 results

  1. I would like to do what pastrnak did with his gloves and have the palm match the secondary colour of the jersey. Unsure what type of leather to use. Would it be difficult to sew the material myself?
  2. Hi All, Longtime lurker, first time poster...;) This is a fantastic forum and resource for all things hockey equipment related so I thought what better place to ask my question! I'm looking to get my name embroidered onto my Bauer Nexus gloves on the cuff or the side (whatever)...anyone have any recommendations in the Greater Toronto Area (or anywhere else)? Please let me know and thanks in advance!
  3. I'm looking to update my gloves (currently in Easton HSX Synergy), and I'd like to try another brand this time around. I love the anatomical fit of my current gloves, which I found better for me than Bauer's equivalent 1s and also found the 1x to be too loose. I've read good things about both the True XC9 and the Warrior QRL Pros, which especially get a lot of love around here. My problem is that I haven't found anywhere locally yet that have the Trues in stock to try on. The quality seems to be roughly equal for both, but my main concern is surrounding fit between the two. Has anyone had experience with both and can speak to which provides the snugger fit throughout? I'm not as concerned about the Z-palm technology in the Trues and value fit above all else.
  4. Garage is getting full, so this stuff's gotta go! All items are new unless noted. Prices don't include shipping. PM your zip/postal code for shipping prices. Gloves: Eagle Aero Pro navy 13" - $60 CCM Tacks 4 Roll Pro navy, (1) 14" pair & (1) 15" pair - $75/Pair Both pairs SOLD Bauer X100 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Bauer Nexus 800 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Protective CCM Quicklite elbow pads, senior large - $50 SOLD Sticks: RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, cut to about 62.5", good used condition, stiff blade - $75 (pics pending) RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, new & uncut - $125 SOLD RH Warrior Alpha QX Pro 75 flex W88 curve - $90 SOLD (QX Pro on left, Johnson QX on right) LH CCM RBZ Speedburner 75 flex P40 curve - $60 SOLD RH Bauer Nexus 1N 1st gen 102 flex P92 curve non grip - $100 SOLD LH Bauer Supreme S190 75 flex PM9 curve - $60 SOLD LH Bauer Vapor X700 Lite 77 flex P88 curve - $50 SOLD RH Bauer Vapor X900 87 flex P14 curve non grip - $60 SOLD
  5. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Retirement sale Listed are some items I'm getting rid of due to no longer (per my dr.) being able to play the game. Whatever is not sold here will soon be put on Ebay. Please contact me with any questions. Note that ALL ITEMS ARE CLEAN WITH NO STINK. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship in the US. If you live in MI. I will allow you to meet me and pick anything up and even check out the sticks I have as well. Gear CCM Supra lower back protection $10 Pro Stock CCM 10K size 15 Habs gloves. Used 6 or so times $50 Jofa Pro stock 9144 elbow pads size 6. Used a few seasons. replaced the middle strap. SOLD tacki mack long grip (new in box) SOLD New Jofa 8k cup. Has been assembled but NEVER worn. $50 Bauer IMS 9.0 HELMET/CAGE combo. Size Med. Used for 1 season. No accidents $80 CCM RBZ Elbow pads, used for one season. Size Large $30 SOLD CCM Crazy Lite pants, used for one season size large $60 New with Tags, University of Michigan 2016/2017 Lowers with thigh pads in. $80 Jofa 6090 16" shin guards. $40 SOLD Blades New in box Powerfoot inserts. $10 SOLD New/never used, Size 280 heel lifts. was going to use these in my old S15 Skates with Tuuk holders. $10 Top blade is a used Innovative Mogilney (Taper blade) curve $10 Sold Next two down are Weight/Vanek (taper) curves. AKA DARBY curves $20ea Sold Next is a prostock Delmore slight to curve (Taper). $30 The last 4 are Vanek curves. AKA Darby curves (Standard). The two DD in the middle are brand new. $35 ea for the two new ones. $25ea for the others Sold Please feel free to PM any questions you may have
  6. ntwusc


    Prices do not include shipping. More pics are available upon request. No trades please. Brand new Eagle Aero Pro Flex Cuff custom 14" gloves. Black with white stripes on back rolls. Flex cuff is similar to CCM HG12 but more open. Gloves have MSH3 palms with black mesh gussets and no logos on thumbs. Asking $60 + shipping SOLDRetail True A6.0 SBP PRO Z-Palm 13" Montreal Canadiens colors. New with tags. Asking $70 + shipping SOLDRetail True XC9 PRO Z-Palm 14" navy. New with tags. Asking $70 + shipping SOLDRetail STX Stallion HPR 13" navy. Very snug fit compared to other 4-roll models. New with tags. Asking $50 + shipping Warrior Covert DT1 13" Gloves - Navy/Silver. Great used condition. No holes or cuts anywhere. Asking $50 SOLD Bauer Pro Clip Straight Smoked Visor - New in box. Asking $40 SOLD Reebok Speedwick hoodies - Brand new without tags with no team logos. I have (1) medium remaining. Asking $25 each SOLD Bauer APX2 Pro Mercyhurst NCAA 13" Gloves - brand new, forest green/navy, single layer nash palms. Asking $90 SOLD CCM Tacks 310 Navy Helmet - New, size medium with medium black FM580 cage. Asking SOLD RBK 9K Shoulder Pads - New with defects, one bicep strap is stretched and needs to be shortened. Asking $25 SOLD Warrior Alpha QX Pro 85 flex W71 Pacioretty - RH, brand new, uncut. Asking $125 SOLD Bauer Supreme TotalOne Pro Stock Winnipeg Jets 14" Gloves - All navy. Excellent used condition. Asking $50 SOLD
  7. BACKGROUND Four-roll gloves are classic - both in terms of ft and look - and I always thought that the coolest model was by Easton. I’ll have to admit - I wanted to look like an NHLer (that’s why forums like this exist, isn’t it?!), and it seemed like everyone wore these gloves. (Kudos to Easton’s pro and marketing departments for making that impression!) In particular, Easton has had good representation on my home team, the Edmonton Oilers, particularly during the 2006 Stanley Cup run: Hemsky, Horcoff, Stoll, Torres, Staios. (And some of them rocked white fingers on their gloves, too!) Look at all the Easton gloves! Shawn Horcoff, who was a beast in 2005-2006, scored a triple-OT winner in his sweet Easton gloves. I’ve been dreaming up custom Easton gloves as far back as 2011 when Pro Stock Hockey Gear announced a program called “The Works”. Unfortunately, that option closed before I was in a position to place an order (Easton closed their Canadian factory), so I thought that my dream glove would never materialize. (The PSHG would taunt me for my missed opportunity with photo galleries for the Works, the Synergy 800, and the EQ50.) One of the many mock-ups I made on PSHG’s customizers. But news of custom Easton gloves renewed my interest, so when I was in British Columbia this year, I had to stop at The Hockey Shop in Surrey. Once I slipped my hand into the new 2015 Pro+ glove, I was hooked. And after chatting with the internet-famous Jesse and talking gear with him, my mind was made up. This is the glove that set me on my path towards this custom order. SPECS Model: Pro+ Fit: Narrow Size: 14” -1/2" cuff Foam: EVA dual density PE insert: 1.5 mm Thumb: flex Palm: Pittard digital 0.85 mm Overlay: Pittard digital 0.85 mm Gusset: Poly knit black (stretch) Palm fit: standard Finger length: standard Gusset height: -1/4" Cuff length: -1/2" Embroidery: CHRISLE9 Pinky side: LET’S DO THIS! Easton Pro+ glove, front and side. Easton Pro+ glove, back. FIT My first impression was very positive when I slipped on the narrow version of the Pro+ gloves. It was my preferred fit: narrow without being tight. For years, Easton’s finger length would be too short or too long for me, but this version of the glove had finger lengths that fit me perfectly. Nice! Easton Pro+ glove, 14”, narrow fit. I am very fortunate that I was able to try the glove in person and make personalized tweaks. The Hockey Shop had the four variations of the Pro+ glove: standard, narrow, wide, and short. Pro+ glove in wide (orange), short (baby blue), standard (gray), narrow (gold). The order form illustrated the fit options: Cuff length, finger length, palm fit, gusset height. I opted to decrease the gusset height by 1/4". That eliminates excess material. This feature is on another pro glove that I own, and I knew that I liked the more responsive feel in my fingers. Seems to be a popular option nowadays, especially for those who are repalming their gloves. Finger gussets, -1/4" height. Short cuffs look cool. Easy as that! Options were to go +1/2" or -1/2". I’m not concerned about slashes to my wrist, so no need to be like Zach Parise. Cuff, -1/4". Palm fit could go +1/4" or -1/4". Finger length could go +1/4" or -1/4". I went standard for both of these options. Again, it was nice to try on the glove in person and decide whether or not I wanted to change these options. PROTECTION Since I don’t play in a competitive league, I did not maximize the protection options. Standard features were good enough for me. Easton describes the “EVA dual density” option as “lightweight + comfortable”. The other main option was “EPP”: “lightweight + protective”. These two options are chosen pretty equally, so it came down to personal preference. The PE insert comes as 1.5 mm (standard), which works out to be ~60 g, or 2.0 mm, which is 80 g. It’s possible to order without the PE inserts, too. The hockey glove thumb is designed around an important feature: preventing hyperextension (i.e. pulling it back too far). That’s why gloves usually brag about their “lock thumb”. Flexing the thumb, on the other hand, is a specific feature that requires extra parts for flexing and preventing hyperextension. I’m not sure that I involve my thumb as much as I think I do, but I like the idea of flexing the thumb when I want to, so that’s why I chose that option. Flex thumb, unflexed. Flex thumb, flexed. WEIGHT A single glove weighed 380 g (or 13.4 oz) on the scale I used. There’s a good heft to them. For the sake of comparison, Total Hockey’s website lists the weights for other comparable four-roll 14” gloves: the Bauer Nexus 1000 is 326 g (11.5 oz) and the Warrior Dynasty AX1 is 300 g (10.6 oz). DURABILITY The glove shell is made with “ProLite Tex”, which Easton describes as a “lightweight and durable knit fabric shell”. (There was not an option for a synthetic leather, which would have been nice for the white sections.) It holds up well enough, presumably, as these gloves are the same ones as pro orders. The palms are Pittard digital palms. It’s a popular pro option because it’s thin and grippy. It’s marketed as a performance product, so users need to be aware that it may wear out more quickly than other materials. For the overlay, which goes across the palmar creases of the palm, I chose to go with the digital material. Digital palm with digital overlay. For all of the talk about feel, this palm feels thicker than I expected! It’s listed as 0.85 mm on the form. Maybe I need to break in the palms a bit more to get a better assessment of it. Maybe I could’ve gone without the overlay. Other options from Easton included Ax Suede white (0.75 mm, found on their retail 2015 Synergy glove), Velukid brown (0.8 mm, a microsuede material that they call “Tactik” on their retail 2015 Stealth glove), Apco beige (0.8 mm, a “very soft beige microsuede material with lots of usage in the NHL but not the most durable”), Apco grey (1.0 mm), Nash beige (1.0 mm), and Nash sure grip. I believe that the retail Pro 10 glove has grey Nash with a Nash sure grip overlay. The gussets (the space between the palm and the foam padding) are black stretch poly knit. Many people opt for mesh gussets for improved ventilation, but I get the sense that mesh gets chewed up pretty fast. I think that the poly knit will do just fine, and, in fact, it’s a common option on pro and high-end retail gloves. The gussets usually match the palm material, but Easton doesn’t do digital gussets because of durability issues. Black stretch poly knit gussets, -1/4" height. One option intrigued me: a hybrid gusset! It starts with either a poly knit or mesh gusset at the base of the fingers, but the fingertips are covered with the palm material. You actually see it on the retail Pro 10 glove, and it’s also seen on other retail gloves. (Look for it!) I ultimately didn’t go for it because I’ll want to repalm my gloves eventually and don’t want them to be unnecessarily complicated for the repair job. Retail Easton Pro 10 glove, with hybrid gussets. Look closely between the fingers next time... (Photo credit: Total Hockey) Speaking of repalming, when it happens, I’m going with Pat Rivest at Custom Pro Repair. He used to work for Warrior before the Montreal factory closed down, so now he’s opened up a shop. He was their main pro glove person, so he’s as good as you can get for getting a factory-level job. Check out his work on his Facebook page or the Sports 2K thread. COLORS Honestly, being able to have custom colors was the tipping point for making the order. My favorite team glove is the Washington Capitals, such as the Warrior Luxe and the CCM CL, and so I put them into Edmonton Oilers colors with a few tweaks. Some design elements include a white cuff roll (like Jacks 97), white side block (like with the Lighting (classic) and the Devils), bright cuff+flare cuff that contrasts with the back rolls (like Eagle PPF in “design 7” or Jurinko’s Warrior gloves), and outline logo (something that I really liked from classic Eagle gloves). The outline logo is the same thing that I did on my goalie equipment, so there’s that continuity with my custom gear! Contrasting colors to make a statement! One small change that I’d consider is adjusting the binding at different locations. Check out the binding on the retro Calgary gloves: yellow with red cuff, but red with red backrolls. EMBROIDERY There’s the standard embroidery on the cuff and an additional spot on the pinky side padding. “Let’s do this!” is a personal slogan that I’ve added to other custom gear, like my catcher and my mask. There’s an option to add a team logo, and Easton accepted my personal “rice man” logo! CHRISLE9. LET’S DO THIS! “Rice man” logo. ORDERING It feels like the current go-to person for custom hockey gloves is Jesse from The Hockey Shop. He’s done a lot of custom work, especially with Eagle, so his reputation preceded him when I stopped in the store. His industry knowledge, coupled with a personable attitude and professional work ethic, made for an easy process. He answered emails in a timely manner, and he always looked for answers to anything he didn’t know. He was clear to outline what he could and couldn’t deliver, and I appreciated the honesty. I’d be happy to recommend him and direct people to his services. After all the details were in, Easton created a mock-up that required my approval. Once done, the order was in! The factory is in China, and took about three weeks for production and 1 week to ship to me in Canada. Very smooth transaction. Easton’s mockup. CONCLUSION I’m very happy that the option for a custom Easton glove is available to the public, and they’ve delivered very well on making the glove to my specifications. I can’t wait to hit the ice with them! I plan to provide an update about on-ice performance once the season starts up. The ordering process was great with Jesse from The Hockey Shop. A look at his track record reflects his commitment to customer service, and I recommend him for custom work.
  8. Player Profile 6'0 185 lbs Play regularly 3+times a week Defenseman Right handed shot Played 4 years of College Hockey I currently work in Hockey Retail. Item History Size 15. Black glove with white font. Purchased this item two years ago. Product I am coming from: Multiple pairs of Bauer 4 Rolls and Eagle X95 Tuffek FIT The Easton Synergy EQ Pro had an amazing first impression. Typically when buying gloves I always run into the same problem of some type of unwanted stiffness especially in the forehand that takes multiple games to break in. The fit was perfect and did not have any bulky feeling that I experienced with other traditional 4-roll gloves. There seems to be a great distribution of space in this glove. My hand never feels suffocated smushed or have any pressure points of any kind. Once you break this glove in you will love it even more mark my words. Overall Fit. Rating:10/10 Protection This glove has plastic inserts that still hold up very well after two years. I have taken more then my fair share of slashes to the hand and have barely felt a thing. The cuff does seem to have a little bit of extra length to it which has saved my wrists on more then on occasion. My only hesitation would be I have not been able to wear these gloves in a high level game so I am not positive that it will hold up in a higher level game such as college. Overall Protection Rating: 9/10 Weight This is by far the lightest traditional 4-Roll I have ever come across. During games I barely feel like it is on. The all nylon shell definitely comes in handy and at no point has it felt like it has gotten heavier during games due to absorbing sweat. Overall Weight Rating: 10/10 Durability This unfortunately are where like most Easton products the gloves come up a little bit short. The nylon shell does happen to get a few cosmetic splits. I currently have one on my left gloves thumb. The hole started small about a year ago and has since expanded to be significantly bigger. Again nothing more then cosmetic, has not effected the overall protection of the glove in the least. The palm performance is phenomenal. Coming from a ball hockey background as a child I grew very comfortable to playing without gloves so I really like that aspect. Unfortunately like any glove over time the glove does begin to get holes. For me they started about 4 months into having them. The holes started to pop up between my fingers. Currently I have two small sized holes on my right hand. Very important to keep the palm is dry as possible. I remember playing in a few tournaments and found the feel of the glove to get a little worse when not having significant time to air out my gloves. Overall Durability Rating: 8/10 Intangibles The look of this glove is simple and classic which I love. The palm performance is phenomenal and provides excellent feel. As I said above once you break it in it often feels like I am not wearing a glove at all. The fit of this glove is key in my opinion. This glove does NOT feel bulky at all and the weight is fantastic which were two qualities other gloves I had in the past were lacking. Overall Intangible Rating: 9/10 Conclusion Depending on where you look this glove is on a couple of clearance section. The senior glove will run you anywhere from $60.00-$90.00 which is a huge steal for this glove. Although the glove does have minor durability issues the performance will more then put your mind at ease. The mobility and fit are spot on. I have already purchased two more pairs because obviously this particular model is not being made anymore. Easton Synergy EQ Pro Senior Glove Overall Rating: 46/50
  9. Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 Sr. Hockey Gloves Size 13 Black/White/Red Length of use: Approx two months Player profile 5'9" 240lbs, 1 beer league game per week Hand type: small hands and fingers Previous gloves used: Sher-Wood Nexon, Warrior Koncept, Bauer Supreme Fit 9/10 The best way to describe the fit of the EK15 is that they have the palm tightness of a Supreme glove, and the cuff of a Vapor glove. In that way, they are quite similar to the Warrior Koncept gloves I had been wearing. The fit itself is also nearly identical to the Nexon gloves. I found that they were quite stiff when they were brand new, to the point where I had a bit of difficulty gripping my stick well. After sweating in them a bit, it was no issue. And then after a couple games they softened right up and now they are SUPER comfortable. Like the Nexon gloves, the inner edge of index finger and pinky finger are solid pieces of palm material, unlike most gloves that have gusset material on the edges. At first it felt a bit weird to not have the stretch there that I'm used to, but once the gloves broke in a bit it felt perfect. Protection 10/10 These are easily the most protective gloves I've ever worn, period. I actually took a puck in the hand last weekend and barely felt it (wrist shot, I'm sure I would have felt a slap shot!) The plastic inserts are a great addition. Weight 9/10 These are about exactly what you'd expect from a top tier glove. A little heavier than some of the mid-range gloves I've worn in the past, but nowhere near enough to really think about it at all while playing. Durability 10/10 No issues to complain about so far. Very little palm wear at all, and no loose stitching etc. The reinforced palm is fantastic. Intangibles 10/10 I really have no complaints with this glove, which is strange for me. Usually there's always SOMETHING I'm nitpicking about, that makes me continuously looking for a new model. With Warrior discontinuing the Koncept, I'm extremely happy I have the Nexon and EK15 a try. Also, the cool-tech liner is fantastic! Conclusion I will absolutely be buying a pair of these in black/white once they are released. I had been extemely happy with the Nexon gloves I had previously, and these are very similar in fit and feel, but with a few minor tweaks. OVERALL SCORE: 9.5/10
  10. Mattc555

    Eagle x89 Gloves

    Eagle x89, Tufftek and MSH3 Palm Size: 14" Black with grey lettering Time used: 1.5 years Fit: The Eagle x89 is very similar to the top of the line PPF, however it features a straight four roll design. The PPF's four rolls are angled. The glove offers room for your palm to move around, and, although the fingers are tapered, there is still plenty of room. I really enjoy this fit. 10/10 Weight & Mobility: I found this glove to be very light weight. Similar to top of the line Bauer four rolls. I would contribute this to the internal materials used, and the Tufftek outer material. The cuff is a loose fit, and is made of three pieces. This allows substantial mobility. The four fingers are made with two piece padding, which allows great dexterity. The thumb has two piece protection, which is very stiff, and a 1/2" tether that allows thumb movement. The four horizontal rolls move easily when stressed, providing unhinged movement. Mobility was great out of the box and has only improved over time. 10/10 Protection: I would consider the protection top notch. In almost a year and a half I haven't experienced any pain. This includes almost 200 games/pick up skates, numerous shot deflections, a large amount of slashes, etc. Each pad has a base of foam, and some kind of stiffer material over the top. This allows mobility without sacrificing protection. 10/10 Durability: The outer material of the glove is Tufftek. The palm material is MSH3. After 200 games/pick up skates there are no loose stitches, and minimal wear to the palm. I am not particularly hard on my palms, but I have been very impressed with how well they've held up. The Eagle logo is still completely visible on my bottom palm, and mostly visible on the top hand palm. 10/10 Palm: I love the MSH3 palm. It's been durable, comfortable, provides great feel, and grip is phenomenal when matched up with grip sticks. 10/10 Ventilation: I would say it's adequate. MSH3 is used on the finger gussets. This material is very durable; however it doesn't breath as well as some other gusset materials. The traditional fit of the gloves helps air circulation. 8/10 Aesthetics: These are very well made gloves with simple graphics. The material finishes, and level of craftsmanship are superb. Certainly the nicest made gloves I've owned. All of the logos are embroidered with high quality. It is a traditional look that I really like. 10/10 Overall: Fantastic gloves. If you like traditional four rolls, and the MSH3 palm, you're going to love these mitts. 9.7/10
  11. Bauer APX Pro Size: 14" Time used: Since Sept 2012 Fit: The APX Pro is Bauer's tapered glove in their lineup; while it is more form-fitting than most gloves, it's not a close-to-the-hand fit; there is room in the glove for your hands to move some. I actually prefer this fit foremost. I didn't have any finger tightness or anything of the sort. 10/10 Weight & Mobility: It's a light glove; the internals of the glove is dual-density foam with poly inserts for additional protection, but on the basis alone that it's a tapered glove, there's simply less glove. As stated in the fit, there is still room in the glove for your hands to move. The cuff is a two piece construction with a notch in the middle, and the backhand pad is short and hinged, allowing it to flex freely. I'm pretty particular with my glove in the sense that my optimal preference would have a completely free top hand, however, I'd prefer the bottom hand cuff to be a bit closed. That is personal preference, and is noted. 9/10 Protection: This is where I think the glove has improved from the X:60; the glove does feel more protective in that aspect. It gets the job done compared to similar gloves on the market. However, if you want an absolute bulletproof glove, these aren't it. They are designated Pro for a reason; the regular APX is more robust in that department. 8.5/10 Durability: The outer of the glove is a combination of nylon and cable knit. Since September, no loose stitching and no rips. 10/10 Palm: Since September, no problems with the palm, which is a dual-layered palm. I used Tacki-Macs and Oggie grips with it, which do a better job than tape in that aspect. No loose stitching and no rips. I'd much prefer a single-layer palm, however, and feel it would be understood in the marketplace based on what kind of glove this is. 8.5/10 Ventilation: Not spectacular, but not horrible either. The ThermoMax liner helps keep the hands cool in that regard, however, it is not as if it is a "vented" glove. I never noticed that the glove was too hot or anything of the sort. 9/10 Aesthetics: Graphics are tasteful - my glove is primarily black with yellow ring/pinky finger stripes and yellow binding. The embroidery is a nice touch. 10/10 Overall: Very good glove if you are seeking a light and nimble pair. Thanks goes out to John Davidson, protective product manager at Bauer Hockey for providing me with these. 65/70 - 9.2/10
  12. Chadd

    WinnWell Pro Stock

    A big thanks to Richard at WinnWell for these gloves. I have been using them exclusively since Winterfest back in December and I am well past the time for a review. If you are familiar with the original TPS R8 pro glove, then you already know all about this glove. It is made in the same factory, by the same workers as the original glove. Fit: 9/10 I have worn R8s in 14", but the 15" WinnWell is a better fit for me. I have slightly longer fingers than most people it seems, so the bigger size seems to work best for me. The gloves fit tight around the fingers and a little looser at the cuff, really the best of both worlds for me. The protection around your fingers stays in place while you still have plenty of room at the cuff for any stickhandling shenanigans you might want to attempt. Weight: 8/10 The gloves have dual density foam as well as plastic inserts, it isn't going to be feather light. That said, I really don't notice the weight of the gloves while playing. They move with me without restricting me in any way. A lot of people ask if I need that much protection playing in a beer league. Having a day job makes protection that much more important to me. I can't afford to go on the disabled list for a couple weeks to heal, so a more protective glove seems well worth the investment to me. Comfort: 10/10 These are my favorite gloves and not just because I happen to be reviewing them. I have been a big fan of this style for years and I am extremely happy with them. The nylon shell makes them very easy to break in, maybe a couple shifts until I got some sweat in them. While this really is a preference thing, these really fit my preferences. Mobility: 9/10 The longer cuff on the 15" model doesn't seem to restrict me in any way, deducting a point because I still can't play the piano and the gloves must somehow be at fault. Seriously though, the cuff is slightly longer than on the 14" model and the cuff is slightly longer than on some other gloves. They aren't restrictive in any way, but some people may think that the extra length is a negative. Protection: 10/10 Damn near bulletproof. I've blocked slappers and wrist shots, taken slashes to just about every part of the glove and never had an issue. Not even so much as a "stinger" while wearing these gloves. As I mentioned earlier, there are plastic inserts on top of the dual density padding. I like having the added layer and will gladly trade the minimal extra weight for the extra protection. The only glove I've ever used with more protection was a Sande Max pro, and those had thicker plastic inserts. There really are as good as it gets for protection. Durability: 8/10 I've been using these glove exclusively and the only visible damage is one small cut to the shell on one of the fingers and that came from being kicked by a skate. Yes, I said kicked and that's why I like the protection. The palms are holding up well, including the overlay on the palm. No issues with stitching or seams. They really are holding up quite well. Overall: 8/10 As much as I love the fit and feel of the gloves, I'm not a huge fan of the retro dot graphics. There are also a few aesthetic issues with excess material along seams, bit nothing that impacts the performance of the glove. I would strongly suggest them to anyone that likes that style of glove and even those folks that are open to trying new things and have never tried them. They're comfy, protective and should hold up well for any style of play.
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